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 Sajin Komamura Request

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Sajin Komamura

Sajin Komamura

PostSubject: Sajin Komamura Request   Fri Oct 15, 2010 4:32 am

Basic Information
Name: Sajin Komaura
Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Division: 7
Rank: Captain

Name: Palm thrust
Description: Komamura builds a small compressed amount of reiatsu in his hand then shoots it at the opponent

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name: Tenken(Shikai) Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō(Bankai)

Zanpakutou Appearence

Shikai Appearence:
Shikai Ability: various phantom body parts that komamura moves, strength the same as bankai but not as strong

Bankai Appearence:
Bankai Ability:brings forth the entire giant, deals out more damage than that of komamura due to size
Zanpaktou Release Phrase: Roar

Kido/Ginto: intermediate

Background and Personality
History:One day, while sitting on a grassy area, Komamura was sensed by Tōsen, who didn't know where he was (due to his blindness). It was only when Komamura spoke that he realized he had talked in the wrong direction. Complimenting Komamura’s ability to hide his presence very well, Tōsen noted that he had never been able to not feel someone’s presence before, even though his eyes cannot see. Komamura was highly touched, for this was the first time that he wasn't looked upon as an outcast.
Although it is currently unknown where Komamura originated, Yamamoto gave him the opportunity to join the Gotei 13 even though he wasn't Human.
Komamura met Tōsen again during their time in the Gotei 13, and Aizen was introduced to Komamura through Tōsen.
In contrast to his physical stature, Komamura has a heart of gold, as well as being a loyal and grateful subordinate to Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, to whom he owes great gratitude for overriding the rules of Gotei 13 and taking him in; so grateful that he would even die for him. Komamura is also a serious man, deeply scarred by the times when he was spurned by Soul Society for his appearance. Like fellow Captains Jūshirō Ukitake, Shunsui Kyōraku, and Retsu Unohana, he isn't tough or cruel to his squad, preferring to lead with them impartiality.
An omake shows Komamura being pleased with the gift of a dog brush from the human world, as he finds brushes in Seireitei ineffective at brushing his fur. In addition, Iba imagines that Komamura will possibly use a dog Gigai if he were to go undercover in the Human World. He also likes dogs, especially ones of mixed breed, and even keeps one, whose name is 'Goro', in his squad's quarters; During his free time, he takes Goro for strolls. In a Shinigami golden segment, it's revealed that he likes the Human World's puppy shows.
His favorite food is meat but dislikes carrots, supposedly because his father once told him that carrots were "not for their kind."Komamura tends to growl when angered, and in an omake, Komamura responds to Wonderweiss screaming by howling back.
Despite being a gentle person, he is cold, ruthless, and calculating when fighting. Once he is done fighting, however, he reverts back to his gentle, giant self.

Role-play Sample:

Komamura walks around the soul society enjoying the sun warming his fur while walking his dog he got from the human world Goro.
" Ahhh what a wonderful day for a walk wouldn't you say Goro?" says Komamura as he takes a deep breath of fresh air. Komamura then looks down at his dog smiling, the dog in turn just turns its head and barks at Komamura happily.
"Ha ha ha yes I agree with you Goro there are some interesting smells in the air today" Komamura laughs again then lets out a deep sigh of regret wishing Tosen was still at the soul society and wish he hadn't betrayed them.
"I wish Tosen was here to enjoy this beautiful day boy" said Komamura as he thought back to when he and Tosen first met and all the other times they spent together. As Komamura is deep in thought a group of soul reapers pass by, that are from his divison.
"GOOD DAY CAPTAIN!!" the soul reapers yell together as they bow to their captain, Komamura then comes out of thought and quickly smiles at the group and nods.
"Good day everyone" Komamura replys back as the group bow again and keep walking joking and laughing with each other. Komamura looks at them as they leave remembering the few minutes of happiness he and tosen shared when he was still here, he then wonders how Hisagi was doing Komamura knew that he hung out with kira and the other lieutenant's, but he knew the betrayl of Hisagi's captain who Hisagi looked up to was hard on him. Komamura then heres barking and looks down at Goro barking at his master angerly because they weren't going no where.
"Oh sorry boy lets go see how Hisagi is doing then we'll head home." says Komamura as he and Goro walks towards the 9th divison barracks.
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Sajin Komamura Request
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