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 No 'Mad Men'. No 'Glee'. I'm an outcast from the zeitgeist

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PostSubject: No 'Mad Men'. No 'Glee'. I'm an outcast from the zeitgeist   Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:34 pm

LET’S KICKJAG dvd season OFF with a pop quiz. WhenJAG dvd you see yet another feature about Don JAG box setDraper, do you think (a) “Isnfather ted box set’t he that controversial Fiannafather ted dvd Fáil senator?”, (b) “I knoSex and the City dvd box setw he’s in Mad Men , but I don’t knowSex and the City dvd if he is a real person or fictional” or (c) “La Femme Nikita dvd seasonOh my God, yet another piece about Mad Men that remindsLa Femme Nikita dvd me of my complete ignorance of a pop-cultural phenomenonHow I met your mother dvd season I’m supposed to be very exciteHow I met your mother dvdd about. And I’m still only half way How I met your mother dvd box setthrough season one of ThEverybody hates Chris dvd seasone Wire .”This column is Everybody hates Chris dvdmeant to be a sometimes semi-jovial Everybody hates Chris dvd box setattempt to put its finger on the Remington Steele dvd seasonscultural pulse. Usually, its creation Remington Steele dvdinvolves me searching around for that Remington Steele box setpulse. Is it under the chin of culture?Xena Warrior Princess dvd season On what part of culture’s wrist? Is Xena Warrior Princess dvdculture actually dead and I’ve just Heroes dvdnot figured it out? Eventually, I might torture a sHeroes box setimile until it coughs up a paraLost dvd box setgraph.Then it’s time for anotherLost dvdparagraph. But this week, having read yet another piece on Don Draper’s status as a pop-cultural icon of the moment, I decided to shout stop. (QuietlDark Angel dvd box sety. In my head. I was at workDark Angel dvd at the time.) Because, even though I’m regularly presented withDawsons Creek dvd box set pieces about Don Draper’s status asDawsons Creek dvd an icon of the moment – likewise with the Desperate Housewives dvd seasonMad Men actor Christina Hendricks Desperate Housewives dvd– I finally felt compelled to admit Desperate Housewives box setthat I really don’t care that much.No Scrubs dvd seasondoubt I will. Some day, in about three years, I’ll start Scrubs dvdurning to people on the train and saying, “Have you seen MadScrubs box set Men ? It’s genius.” And they’ll tut and ask meHouse MD dvd season what decade I’m living in.
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No 'Mad Men'. No 'Glee'. I'm an outcast from the zeitgeist
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