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 Capital Wasteland

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PostSubject: Capital Wasteland   Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:19 pm


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HELL-O Capital Wasteland! How are you this wonderful day!

"But Three Dog, a Raider just stole all my belongings and sold me to the slavers at Paradise Falls to be a slave..."

Well that should teach you to think a little faster, grab a gun, and shoot next time, if there is a next time. Ha Ha...

But in all seriousness, today is the one year anniversary of, you guessed it, the Lone Wanderer.

Who's the Lone Wanderer you ask? Well... one year ago, a guy named James crawled out of Vault 101 from the smell. Imagine, that, a guy leaving the nice shiny spiffy vault to help us, the denizens of the wastes. Anyways, he talked to me to see what was what, a good guy. Well. His daughter followed him out and talked to me the day after, during the night. Looking for her Dad, the girl. or as I called him back then, Mrs. 101, traveled the wastes doing good deed after good deed. Her dad, was the scientist that was behind the Jefferson Memorial facility, the giant water purifier. Well when they finally were prepared to get the Purifier working, the Enclave, those dastardly demented D**chebags, came out of the wood work and killed her father.

With the help of the Mrs. 101, Good Ol' Doctor Li from Rivet City escaped with several other workers to the Citadel. Hot Doggie! Love those Boys and Girls in Gray! With the help of the Lone Wanderer, the Brotherhood and Doctor Li had their eyes set on taking the purifier back and restoring it. After securing the Garden of Eden wastawhosit from Vault 92 the Enclave ambushed our Guardian of the Wastes captured him and took the GECK. After breaking out of the Enclave Raven Rock Installation -blowing it up in the process- she rushed back to the Citadel to organize an attack on the purifier in the process. The Lone Wanderer fought his way past numerous Enclave forces and activated the purifier, which miraculously saved our asses from a life of drink this nutsy water.

"But Three Dog! What in the name of Harold, the almighty tree ghoul does this have to do with us now?"

I'll tell you children. Though it was believed that the Lone Wanderer perished in the purifier Severe Radiation emitted from the thing after activation, there are some rumors circling that he might still live. Crazy, I know!

But then there's the bad new children. Even though he destroyed Raven Rock, the Enclave still exists under their new 'President', Autumn. Now Autumn was allowed to live due to the Mrs. 101's mercy, probably the one mistake of his career as savior of the wastes. So be weary of the Enclave children. They are ready to punish any wastelanders or other members of our little community severely in order to take control of the wasteland. To take freedom from you the people of this fine wasteland.

If you find yourself in a tight spot, like a vault dweller with a sudden influx of births, just head on over to the Brotherhood of Steel who's main concerns are to protect you. Their very wise leader Elder Lyons will usually help a frightened, puny, little thing like yourself.

Or if you find yourself always collecting tons of technology be it whatever it is you can make a pretty shiny cap by selling it to the Brotherhood of Outcasts. Those people will buy anything as long as it can help them with their technological advances and sciences.

Be weary of raiders, slavers, and the feral ghouls of the dark, damp underground. They'll haul you off to god knows where. Just remember the normal ghouls have feelings too. They're just like us who had too much radiation and haven't had the good fortune to die.

Well before I turn on some music, I have been informed of weird radio signals in the wastes these days. Keep your eyes and ears open Children.

Three Dog. Out!

*Music Plays*


Register for Rp today.


Comments and feedback welcome

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Capital Wasteland
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