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 Kimiko Ishoda [Viazard]

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Kimiko Ushoda

Kimiko Ushoda

PostSubject: Kimiko Ishoda [Viazard]   Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:58 am

Basic Character Info
Name: Kimiko Ishoda
Age: 200 Years
Visual Age: 20 Years
Gender: Female
Ex-Division: Division Nine
Appearance: The Profile Picture
Personality: Kimiko is a spontaneous type of girl, often not scared to do many embarrassing things in public. She often drinks sake whenever bored, tired, angry, or sad. Kimiko also doesn't get drunk as quick as other people she hangs around. Kimiko acts cheerful, positive
and a little bit childish. Surprisingly, Kimiko is secretly sadistic, especially in battle, she gets bored often when fighting a weak opponent and only fights with a blank look on her face (when bored). But when interested in her foe, she attacks wildly and no matter how many times cut her attacks never stop (similar to Kenpachi Zaraki).

Background/RP Sample
Background: Approximately 110 years ago, when the viazards were still shinigami. Kimiko was the tenth seat of squad 9. Kimiko's life seemed perfect for her, she had a nice house, She was a talented Shinigami (And Still One). All was well, until her loved brother Hachi disappeared. Torn by his disappearance, Kimiko quit her perfect life, and searched for Hachi for years, and years. After 50 years of searching. Kimiko has lost hope for her resolve to find her brother. Kimiko soon began getting the symptoms of hollowfication.
One day when fighting with a rouge shinigami in the outskirts of Rukon District Kusajisji. He taunted her about her brother. Enraged, Kimiko's inner hollow awoken. After Becoming what seemed to be a hollow, she killed the rouge shinigami with ease, then she attacked Rukon District. After being restrained by seated officers Kimiko was imprisoned. Kimiko realizing what she had become, broke out of her cell and disappeared.

Zanpakuto Information
Name: Kōri No Tsubasa
Release Phrase: Rain! Kori No Tsubasa!
Element/Family: Ice, Water, Lightning
Manifestation: Kimiko's zanpaktou manifested, takes the form of two girl that seems to be the same age as her. One of the girl wears a black frilled dress with white outlining the bottom, her skin seems pale and her eyes turn to a lavender color. The girl has long black hair that reaches to her knees. The curvy bangs that cover her right eye have white streak that seems to glow. The girl is also wearing glowing silver chains the wrap around her arms, a large white moon shaped scythe is strapped to her back. (this is often thought of to be Kimiko's sadistic side's spirt) The other girl has the exact same look as the other girl except for her hair is all white with a streak of black, and she wears a white frilled dress like the other girl, and it has a black lining. A scythe (except its black) exactly the same is also strapped to her back as well. (this is though to be kimiko's nicer side)
Sealed Zanpakuto: When sealed kimiko's zanpaktou is a normal Nodachi with a heart shaped gaurd.
Shikai: When released, it becomes two oversized Tantos. The two tantos one has a tint of light blue while the other has a tint of yellow. The bluish tanto has the words Water & Ice written while the other says, lightning & thunder.
Shikai Ability:( Kimiko's shikai's ability is that its able to shoot water and ice out of the bluish blade in compressed blast or in a blast that covers a large area, its also aloud to shoot lightning out of the yellowish blade. When the lightning is fired, a deafening thunder roars through the air.

Hollow Mask
Name: Hikimo Shoda
Manifestation: She looks like an exact twin of Kimiko except her hair is black, her skin is paler, and her eyes are hollowfied. But the hollow wears a traditional edo samurai's uniform.
Ability: With a hollow mask on Kimiko is able to do a move called Bakuhatsu. She shoots both of her zanpaktou's blast at their limits causing it to turn black with a dark green lining. This explosion can erase a 5 radius area to dust, but it automatically tires her out so its usually used as a last resort.
Hollow Mask Appearance: (shown in profile picture) Kimiko's hollow mask is a fox shaped mask with red markings.
Duration/Cooldown:Kimiko can use her hollow mask in 4 posts and her cooldown is 6 posts.

Name: Water Cannon Shot
State: Shikai
Description: Water Cannon Shot makes Kimiko's bluish zanpaktou become a cannon attached to her left arm capable of shooting multiple burst of water enough to crush bones.
Duration and/or cooldown: It Lasts for 3 posts and its cooldown is 5 posts.
Name: Lightning Cannon Shot
State: Shikai
Description: Kimiko's yellowish zanpaktou becomes a cannon on her right arm that is capable of shootings multiple lightning bullets at a time. (It moves her a few feet back after every shot.)
Duration and/or cooldown: It lasts for 3 posts and its cooldown is 5 posts
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PostSubject: Re: Kimiko Ishoda [Viazard]   Fri Jan 14, 2011 5:26 pm

It lasts for 3 posts and its cooldown is 5 posts!!
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Kimiko Ishoda [Viazard]
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