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 Dexter: Killer Instincts

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PostSubject: Dexter: Killer Instincts   Wed Nov 17, 2010 1:51 pm

If there were any lingering doubtsBuffy the Vampire slayer dvd box set about the quality of Dexter’ fifth seasonstargate atlantis dvd, Sunday night’s episode surely assuaged them. “Take It!” confronted the idea of primal selves, examining not only Dexter’s killer instinct, but also Deb’s and Lumen’s. Are we all capable, under the right circumstances, of taking a human life? Are we, as Jordan Chase suggests, animals who should “tap into [our] primal selves and seize the power of instincts”?Maybe. Maybe not. The episode didn’t give us any easy answers, though it did point to something fans stargate atlantis dvd box setof the show have known for years—Dexter isn’t as different as he thinksstargate atlantis dvd box set. We’ve all wanted to kill someone at one time or another. Hopefully none of us have acted on said urgessix feet under complete series, but the urge itself—that’s human nature. While I think Jordan Chase is largely full of crap, he has a point: We’re animals. Of course, humans have a sense of right and wrong, a moral compass that prevents us from stabbing any old stranger who cuts in line. Dexter is a sociopathThe Wire dvd. (Or so we’re told—I’ve never been 100 percent behind that diagnosis.The Sopranos complete series dvd But what about Deb and Lumen?“I always thought that if I landed a bullet it would bother meThe Sopranos 1-6 dvd, that it would be a burden,” Deb told her brotheThe Sopranos box set. “I don’t feel bad … I don’t feel anything.” And should she mourn the death of Carlos FuenteBoston Legal dvd box set? He was a serial killer. By shooting himboston legal dvd 1-5, Deb prevented him from murdering anyoneSons of anarchy dvd season else. Still, guilt is a natural reaction to taking a life, whether or not the victim Sons of anarchy dvd“deserved” it. The reason the Bay Harbor Butcher monk dvdwas considered a dangerous vigilante monk dvd 1-8is that he decided the fates of his victims without the benefit of the legal systemMonk box set. We know they were guilty, but how was their punishment Dexter’s choice to makeMad men dvd season? Just because killing Carlos may have been Deb’s only choice doesn’t mean she shouldn’t feel a twinge ofregret.But she didn’t. Perhaps DebMad men dvd has simply seen and been through too much: dating the Ice Truck KillerMad men dvd box set, watching Lundy die in front of her, letting an innocent bystander get his throat slitMacGyver complete series. She has been pushed to the breakingpoinMacGyver dvd, and maybe that’s enough to diminish the remorse she might otherwiseMacGyver box set have felt. Dexter was born in blood—murder is in his naturebleach box set. Can other people, “normal” people, be driven to kill?That certainly seems to be the case with Lumensix feet under complete series, who joined Dexter in taking down Cole. It was Dexter who plunged the knife six feet under dvd box set into his victim, but Lumen helped prepare the kill roomthe simpsons complete season. She watched with some surprise as Cole bled out—but not disgust. She even discovered the simpsons 1-20 dvd box setDexter’s true nature: “You said I’ve done this before,” he said. the simpsons box set“That’s true. This is who I am.” While she hasn’t fully committed to a life of vigilante justice, Lumen is on her way to becoming an equal partner. The trauma she experienced, which manifested itself again when she heard Cole having sex, has changed her. She can’t return to her old lifemash complete series, can’t even make a new life with her ex-fiancée Owen, who showed up in Miami mash dvdto win her back. Lumen has given in to her primal self, and now she is driven solely mash box set by her hunger for revenge.There were other, less obvious examplescold case dvd box setof animalistic nature that came into play in the episodecold case dvd. Crooked cop Liddy continued to stalk his prey—Dexter and Lumen—even afterQuinn suggested he back off. one tree hill dvd seasonLaguerta and Cira Manzon both betrayed Deb out of self-preservation, one of our most consistent instincts. And Angel, despite his marriage to Maria, decided to stand up for Deb because she’s family. Biological or not, he must protect his flesh and blood.I don’t think it’s as simpleone tree hill 1-7 dvdas saying we’re “Born Primal,” regardless of what Harrison’s shirt proclaimedone tree hill box set. Jordan Chase may think he knows what people are made of, but he also seems to be coolglee season 1 dvd box set with killing women and stuffing them in barrels. And even though Deb and Lumenglee dvdare, at the moment, fine with their version of justifiable homicideglee box set, neither is likely to move past these experiences unchanged. Carlos’ death Merlin series dvdwill weigh on Deb, and Lumen will come to realize a line must be drawnMerlin box set. She can’t simply go on killing alongside Dexter. After they’ve finished dispatching her former captorsMerlin dvd, isn’t it more likely that Lumen will step back and look at the carnage with horror?

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Dexter: Killer Instincts
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