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 Mad Men has 'The Great Information' on Mondays

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PostSubject: Mad Men has 'The Great Information' on Mondays   Wed Nov 24, 2010 3:41 pm

An instalment of a post-"Sopranos" quality cable series the lion king on dvdoften focuses less on the plot plus more on the psychology of its characters, the sociology of its setting, and a vividly evoked sense Hayao Miyazaki Collectionof place. For this reason, when fellow viewers ask me to name a "best" episode of such programs, I am often not certain how to say. On a show like "Mad Men", the personal chapters are most of a piece. They flow into each other, reinforce each other, and sometimes episodes where nothing happens show richly significant later. But you will find always exceptions, and last night's was one of these. The charitable Alien Force dvdmethod to summarize it might be to sigh, "Oh, well, they are unable to all be gems." But I'm not feeling charitable. The bad news about "The Great News" is that it's the show's first flat-out flop Doraemon dvdof an episode easily the best awkwardly written, clumsily paced and disposable hour it has ever aired. It felt like a rough draft that inexplicably made it to air, minus the customary toothbrush-on-the-tiles focus on family guy dvd setdetail which makes including the most outwardly low-key and uneventful hour of "Mad Men" worthy of exhaustive morning-after scrutiny....

Get Detail Please Click Mad Men has 'The Great Information' on Mondays

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Mad Men has 'The Great Information' on Mondays
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