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 Recap - 'Desperate Housewives': 'Let Me Entertain You'

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PostSubject: Recap - 'Desperate Housewives': 'Let Me Entertain You'   Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:17 pm

The episode CSI New York DVD opens with Mary-Alice introducing us to Emma Graham. She explains that christmas dvd Emma was an ordinary woman who wanted her husband boxset4less review, daughter and neighbours to see her differently. Emma decides The wire dvd to hold a cabaret night at a local bar. The housewives attend, but one star trek voyager dvd of Emma's songs finishes with a scream as Gaby and Renee burst into the bar fighting each other Battlestar Galactica dvd. Renee punches Gaby in the nose.
The show Desperate Housewives dvd series flashes back to one week earlier. Mary-Alice says: "She knew what she was doing Walt Disney 100 Years Of Magic dvd was wrong. She knew it was very dangerous. She knew the risks if people the sopranos dvd found out. But Susan Delfino was determined to get back to Wisteria Lane. And that is how he r family guy dvd box set world began to fall apart." Susan is preparing for a private session with a client. However, she is disgusted Sex and the City dvd when the customer continually asks to see her breasts. When she refuses, he asks if she is CSI NY DVD lactating and Susan slams down the laptop lid in disgust, calling him a "pig". Later, Maxine arrives and tells true blood season 3 dvd her off for cancelling the session. She complains that Susan has cost them a major client smallville dvd and adds that the customer works at the city council and could spread bad comments about the The Lion King on dvd website. Susan apologises, but Maxine tells her she can't keep giving her Cold Case dvd box set chances. Someone rings Maxine asking for a session with Susan, but Maxine tells Lost dvd box set the customer that she doesn't work for her anymore.
Bree and Keith arrive home Desperate Housewives dvd box set from a date at a French restaurant and Bree apologises that it was so formal. Keith thanks CSI Las Vegas season 1-10 dvd her for helping him with the forks and kisses her on the cheek to say goodnight. Bree asks Entourage dvd why he isn't kissing her properly and he explains that he is trying to treat her like a lady. Bree tells him to stop Criminal Minds dvd box set and kisses him passionately. The next day, Bree tells Susan, Lynette and Gaby that she had sex with Bones dvd box set Keith three times. Gaby spots Renee coming and complains that she is self-absorbed, narcissistic and a diva, but Lynette The Apprentice season 9 dvd points out that she is too. Renee brings a bottle of champagne and announces that her divorce Ally Mcbeal series dvd settlement has been sorted. She invites them all to dinner and Gaby agrees to come Hustle dvd box set, but the others are unable to make it. "I guess it's just you and me," Renee says mi5 dvd box set. Gaby looks uncomfortable.
Later, Lynette is interviewing nannies but NCIS dvd set admits to Tom that they are all too inexperienced or too expensive. Tom explains that Battlestar Galactica season 1-4 dvd he has found another applicant and Lynette is thrilled. A car pulls up and Tom announces that Spartacus Blood And Sand box set his applicant is not only punctual, but early. However, he begins to look nervous and points Gossip Girl box set out that Lynette used to hate yams but gave them a second chance and discovered they weren't so bad. He adds Will and Grace seasons dvd that he likes yams. "Sometimes people are like yams," he says. Lynette suspiciously asks what he has done boxset4less review and looks out of the window, before asking him if he is insane. The new nanny knocks at the door and when Tom opens it, he welcomes one tree hill complete series her by saying: "Mum!"
Gaby and Renee are having their dinner together Friday Night Lights dvd release and Gaby congratulates her for getting rid of her husband, Doug. Renee explains that Gaby understands her because they are both mad men season 4 dvd/url] so beautiful, and the pair exchange stories about how they have used their beauty. Renee admits that she slept with [url=http://www.boxset4less.com/products/Man-vs-Wild-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Box-Set-DVDS-2127.html]Man vs Wild dvd box set Doug's divorce lawyer to reach a better settlement. Gaby promises not to say anything, and Renee asks for some dirt on her Dark Angel dvd release. She admits that she knows Gaby has had plastic surgery. Gaby denies it at first but eventually admits that Eureka season 1-4 dvd she had work done on her nose when she was 19. She explains that Carlos knows but begs Renee not In Plain Sight dvd series to tell the other housewives. "Of course you can trust me," Renee says. "I'm beautiful."
The next morning, Tom's mother - Allison – rushes Stargate Universe dvd box set around the kitchen getting him breakfast. Lynette is annoyed when Tom asks Allison to make him French toast and fill Woody Allen complete dvd up his coffee cup and tells him to do it himself. However, Allison is happy to pamper Mickey Mouse Clubhouse box set Tom, although at one point she calls him by his father's name Rodney. Allison goes to tend to the baby, and Lynette claims that 30 Rock box set when she is around Tom turns into a Neanderthal while Allison trips over her apron strings to dote on him. Allison returns Project Runway dvd series and Tom asks her to fill up his coffee cup again.
Meanwhile, Lee approaches Mike at the bank Trauma dvd and tells him that Paul and Beth are enjoying the house. He reveals that Paul wants to know if Mike is interested in selling the house, adding that Ugly Betty dvd series he is willing to make a very generous offer. Mike angrily refuses, and Lee calls Paul. Paul says that he is disappointed in Lee and insists that he needs boxset4less review the house. However, he claims that he has another way to handle the situation. Back at the bank, Mike pays in some money but Human Target dvd is shocked to discover $9,000 is missing from his account.

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Recap - 'Desperate Housewives': 'Let Me Entertain You'
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