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 Friday Night Lights Executive Producer Jason Katims on the Show's Final Season

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PostSubject: Friday Night Lights Executive Producer Jason Katims on the Show's Final Season    Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:19 pm

Our favorite more-than-a-football show Friday Night Lights dvd box set begins its fifth and final season Wednesday (9/8c, DirecTV; the show CSI NY dvd release will air on NBC this spring). Executive producer Jason Katims shares his Smallville dvd box set plans for the folks of Dillon, Texas, as they head toward the final down.

What are the main stories this season?
There are a couple. One disney 164 dvd is about the East Dillon Lions becoming a formidable team, to everyone's surprise. As the team The Lion King dvd collection begins to win games, success begins to breed problems. They start to win with a certain kind of swagger. This CSI Las Vegas on dvd is a team that challenges Coach Taylor [Kyle Chandler]. Another through line is that Vince's father Ornette [Cress Williams] arrives and Lost dvd release affects both Vince [Michael B. Jordan] and Coach. He wants to play a very direct managerial role in his true blood dvd son's football future. But he was in prison, and has a background of drugs and crime. He's really making an effort to come back and change his life Medium dvd box set. But that's easier said than done.
What's happening with the Taylor family-Coach The Apprentice season 9 on dvd, Tami (Connie Britton) and Julie (Aimee Teegarden)?
The big question that arises for the Taylor the sopranos on dvd family comes at end of the season. It involves Friday Night Lights dvd the future of the Lions, but also a very personal question about the Taylor family and some one tree hill season 7 on dvd fairly big choices they have to make. Without giving too much away, as wonderful as the Taylor marriage is boxset4less disney review, it's always been very traditional in the sense that Coach Taylor's career Felicity season 1-4 dvd has always led the way. This year, we're dealing with not only his career but Tami's career as well sharpe dvd. That creates a challenge to their otherwise seamless marriage. We watch them grapple with that toward the latter Frasier box set part of the season.
Now that she's been forced out of Dillon High, isn't Tami working at East Dillon?
Tami starts as a guidance Golden Girls box set counselor at East Dillon. She shows up expecting to do her job and quickly realizes that there's a michael jackson box set lack of resources for that school and a population of students shut down to the possibility of education.
What happens when Julie goes to college?
She hits a bump in the road South Park series dvd. She gets involved with a guy she shouldn't and that leads to her coming back home shipwrecked.
Is Tim (Taylor Kitsch) still in prison?
Yes. But he still leaves Brothers and Sisters season 1-4 dvd his indelible mark on the show. We see him in the first episode then he returns family guy season 1-8 dvd for the last four episodes.
How is Becky (Madison Burge) coping after her abortion?
Becky is basically trying Cold Case new release to throw herself into high school life. She winds up living with Tim's brother, Billy [Derek Phillips] and his wife, Mindy [Stacey Oristano]. She also slowly Lost complete series reconnects with Luke [Matt Lauria] over the course of the season. As soon as you feel like she's done that, Tim shows Bones season 1-5 dvd back up. And there she is again.
What's doing with Californication dvd set Jess (Jurnee Smollett) now that's she back with Vince?
Jess has a great story this smallville dvd release year. Following her dream, she becomes an equipment manager on the team. Having his girlfriend disney classic movie in the locker room leads to some tension with Vince. There's a nice bond that develops between Lion King dvd Coach Taylor and Jess as he supports this weird pushy girl trying to create a life in football.
Talk about all the characters returning for the final season.
It's so great. To be able to really track these CSI Las Vegas dvd release characters over time is fulfilling. Everyone's back for the holidays boxset4less weeds review. Jason Street [Scott Porter] is now a young upstart sports agent, who has a nice storyline with Scrubs complete series Coach. Tyra [Adrianne Palicki] is in Dillon for the holidays and reconnects with Tim at a time when boxset4less review he's going through a lot. And Matt Saracen [Zach Gilford] bonds with Julie when she's at her lowest. They wind up thinking about star trek voyager dvd box set bringing the relationship to another level.
It seems like everyone's storyline has a satisfying ending.
We wanted to give the show a real boxset4less smallville review ending and hopefully a great ending. We wanted to give resolution to all the characters. But in the spirit of the show Disney series dvd, we want to do that in a way that would not be sentimental or nostalgic. I'm really happy with the way it came out. I hope that people will respond to it that boxset4less csi ny review way.

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PostSubject: Re: Friday Night Lights Executive Producer Jason Katims on the Show's Final Season    Fri Jan 14, 2011 5:36 pm

very good, thank for your post!!
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Friday Night Lights Executive Producer Jason Katims on the Show's Final Season
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