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 X-men Origins: Wolverine - Xbox 360

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PostSubject: X-men Origins: Wolverine - Xbox 360   Thu Dec 30, 2010 4:31 am

X-men Origins: Wolverine - Xbox 360 - Released May 1, 2009

The game at first is excellent, and remains to be excellent until you put it down, and want to play over and over and over again.


The game-play is excellent. When you first pull off a block, and it slows down, seeing Wolverine rip them to shreds is an amazing sight. Gory, but a beautiful one. The first time throwing someone on to a piece of the environment is fun... very fun. I'm not one for horrors much, even though last night I watched My Bloody Valentine with the 3-D Glasses, may make you question my beliefs, but hey, it's a film. Why not? The story mode is excellent. The way it goes back and forth really makes you want to know more about the story. About what happened after he escaped the Weapon X Facility, and such.


For a game of its type, it has great graphics, and it seems when it slows down you feel as though you really are ripping that Machine Gunner to pieces. I can't really say much about the graphics, other than it is visually superb. It has been a joy to play ever since I spent that £40 on it, and it doesn't make my eyes sore.


Wolverines regeneration is real time, so you if you've cleared all the enemies, and zoom in on his injured parts of his body, you can see the skin coming back. I find this great, but not so great when I'm dying and I gotta run away from someone causing area damage every two seconds! ARGH!

One More Thing...
Lunging someone then throwing them is also great. It may be EXCELLENT. God, I love that word. Ahh... Right. The controls are really easy to grasp, and the bosses are really fun to kill, but I find them too easy. When they run to you, dodge, they'll slam the floor leaving one arm useless, lunge on to their back, then just tap Y or X, and repeat this till you have killed it. Or you could use a good special ability, like Claw Drill.

[size="4"]Score: 9/10[/size]


Written by jedclark

altium designer training
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X-men Origins: Wolverine - Xbox 360
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