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 Guitar Hero: World Tour - Wii, Xbox 360, PS3

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PostSubject: Guitar Hero: World Tour - Wii, Xbox 360, PS3   Thu Dec 30, 2010 4:32 am

This review will take awhile, so here's the first half.

[SIZE="5"]Guitar Hero: World Tour[/SIZE]

The Boxart, which also avoids stereotypes by making the singer a woman.

Of all the games I’ve ever played, I’d never think this would be the most addictive. I absolutely love this game right down to the gritty toenails. If you wanted to review this game, don’t worry I’m only doing the Wii version, which has the most features.

Where to begin with this. Well everyone should have a clear idea of what guitar hero is, it’s pretending to have talent by flopping on plastic guitars. World Tour however includes Vocals, Bass and Drums.

Guitars are pretty straightforward, as the note come to the bottom you hold the note down and strum when it gets to the bottom. Completely whites note means you don’t have to strum but only use the frets. The new World Tour guitars are good but the problem is the new star power button. It is so misplaced it’s difficult to access it. As almost always new features comes new faults, new purple note are included were you can use the new touch sensitive bar. The whole point of the purple notes makes it so the alternative sounds are more realistic (somehow). The purple notes randomly decide to come out, the only way to actually get all the notes is to practice the song over and over and over again.

Bass isn’t exactly that much different to Guitar in this but Bass has an extra purple note where you just strum without holding any frets to hit it. The only thing I’m really confused about the purple notes are the ones were they’re completely white, now regular notes that are white means you don’t have to strum but only use the frets. But if you don’t have to strum the note and to hit it normally you need to just strum, then what the hell are you supposed to do? I didn’t have a very fun time figuring it out either.

Vocals are pretty good actually, I didn’t think I’d find myself using it much, but it’s just really, really fun. The lyrics to the song scroll across the screen and you have to get the right pitch and timing to get through the song. Access star power by tap the top of the mic. No major faults just happens to annoy me a bit when I have to sing a song I don’t like, well actually come to think of it singing actually makes some songs more fun to play. (Example shown below)

Drums are the reason the box is so big. I think you’ll get the idea first time on what to do. Hit the right pad to win. Access the star power by hitting both symbols, unfortunately you hardly have time to do that when you’re trying to keep a beat. There also purple notes where you must press the foot pedal, but this is… painful. Seriously it hurts my foot. There are free drum sticks included but they get damaged over a couple of months.

[SIZE="4"]So what did I do most of the time on this?:[/SIZE]
Here’s where I explain what I played on the most and the Top 3 songs I recommend you play for most fun and the song you should bloody well stay away from (for being boring/bad etc.)

The Instruments.

1st Guitar:
Nothing beats a good old guitar-shredding experience right in your hands, or in your laps if you can't be arsed to stand up. It’s in the ****ing title for god sake
Top 3:
1. B.Y.O.B - System of a Down
This’ll keep you going for a while, I certain didn’t want to stop playing it. Also quite a good song
2. Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne
This has got to have the best riff in the whole game, and as a special treat Ozzy Osbourne himself will be singing it for you, how could you want more
3. Stranglehold - Ted Nugent
Certainly a worthy challenge, though you may be put off from it for it’s length, but that doesn’t stop me

Stay away from: Beastie Boys - No Sleep till Brooklyn
Ugh. I’m not saying that this is a bad song, but it’s boring on guitar. You hardly do anything in it. You could literally play it with you feet. No exaggeration.

2nd Vocals:
This slips into 2nd because not only is it fun, but simple and no real faults
Top 3:
1. Misery Business - Paramore
Laugh all you want, but I sounded like a complete utter bitch singing this song and I liked it.
2. Freak on a Leash - Korn
The real challenge comes after the second chorus where must literally, go retarded.
3. What I’ve Done - Linkin Park
Naturally I really didn’t want to play this, as Linkin Park as just plain ****, but singing made this song more fun and worthwhile. Half the time you don’t do anything on the other instruments. But singing is more of a challenge with many long notes.

Stay away from: The Tool songs.
I can’t explain, you won’t like it for any instrument just singing made me cry. But why would you dedicate a whole stage to Tool. And why to you have to buy a gig for the 3 ****ty Tool songs?!?!?!

3rd Bass:
Loses to Vocals for being slightly confusing with the funny notes and being slightly repetitive. It was hard to choose the Top 3.
Top 3:
1. Obstacle 1 - Interpol
I find the bass really good in this song. I also choose it because, well I love the song.
2. Scream, Aim, Fire - Bullet for my Valentine
There were many, many, many, many notes which was really a good challenge
3. Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
Brilliant song, a song that’s doesn’t have that much of a repetitive bass line

Stay away from: Beat It - Michael Jackson
Believe it or not, this song is in this game. I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s repetitive throughout the whole song, I was bored

4th Drums:
The whole reason why the game cost that much and I hardly use them
1. Hot for Teacher - Van Halen
Obvious reasons
2. Obstacle 1 - Interpol
There’s this part of the song which is a weird combination of the drums, which I surprisingly liked
3. Assassin - Muse
Very Difficult and fun, I couldn’t quit until I mastered it, which to this day I still can’t do

Stay away from: Ugh… well, I can’t think of any, they’re all ok.

Next half coming soon. Includes Career mode, Character Customisation, Custom tracks, online mode and store.

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Guitar Hero: World Tour - Wii, Xbox 360, PS3
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