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  Halo 2 - XBOX

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 Halo 2 - XBOX  Empty
PostSubject: Halo 2 - XBOX     Halo 2 - XBOX  EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 8:03 pm

[SIZE="4"]Halo 2 - XBOX (Release Date:November 9, 2004)[/SIZE]

 Halo 2 - XBOX  Halo2-cover

I just noticed that this game hasn't been reviewed yet, I mean why review Halo 1 and 3, and not 2? Well I decided to complete the unfinished puzzle that is this amazing game.

Following the MASSIVE success of Halo:Combat Evolved (or Halo 1), this game was also commercially successful and well received by gaming critics, and gaming sites such as IGN, and the latter, so without further a do let's get into this shall we.

Halo 2 is a first person shooter, bordering along the lines of RPG that greatly follows the story of it's predecessor where Halo is this massively built ring that harbours around the galaxy that can obliterate multitudes of planets if activated. If you followed the original story of the game (THIS IS A SPOILER WARNING IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED THE PREVIOUS GAME) you find out that Halo was built by the forerunners to wipe out the flood (which are a mutinous race) and get rid of all living things in the process within the galaxy.

 Halo 2 - XBOX  Halo2

You play once again as a super soldier known in the game as "Master Chief" accompanied by his sidekick and best ally Cortana (Who is an A.I. that is usually within his interface). As cool as he was in the previous game, this time around he is more kick ass than ever.

Halo 2 brings around a few major changes to the game, you can now duel wield weapons, carrying 2 weapons at a time, and you can also ride a few more vehicles from the covenant side, such as the Wraith and awesome abilities such as jumping onto a vehicle and destroying the person in the vehicle therefore making it your own.

The covenant world is introduced to us in this Halo, which explains about their great journey regarding the destruction of Earth and Halo the ring itself, and introducing a new race of aliens known as the Brutes, who are a big ape like enemies that are brought in to replace the elites as the key protectors of the covenant. This is where we're introduced to "The Arbiter" who is a special Elite chosen to do crazy ass missions that would most likely result in his death, due to his failure to destroy the Pillar of Autumn in the previous game. We are also introduced to the leaders of the covenant world known as the prophets, there are numerous prophets but the main 3 prophets are known as: The prophet of Truth, The Prophet of Mercy and The Prophet of Regret. You can also play as the Arbiter which means you can play as a Covenant in this game, how neat

 Halo 2 - XBOX  Halo-2-forest-screenshot

There are also new weapons introduced, such as the Brute Grenade Launchers, A seeker Rocket Launcher (if the target glows red, it will lock onto them), the M16 rifles, a battle rifle and various others.

There are also some characters that are back, such as Sgt Johnson and still to this day we don't know how he survived =/, we're introduced to a new sergeant in charge and a new captain Miranda Keyes, any relations?

Also forgot to add that the health bar in this game, is a whole lot advanced where the health is instantaneously recharged the minute you stop getting hit.

 Halo 2 - XBOX  1176852099

As usual with all Halo games, the multiplayer is awesome, with various maps to use, and many different ways to have fun.

Sadly the annoying 343 Guilty Spark is back, but on who's side is he on, well you're going to have to play to find out.

I don't really need to mention the gameplay or the graphics do I? because as usual it is very good, and gameplay is twice as better than the original.

 Halo 2 - XBOX  1176852052

Let's re-cap:

- This is definitely an awesome game from the Halo series, for anyone who is a fan of FPS.
- The scenery within the levels were awesome such as the environment, the skies, the beautifully drawn surroundings.
-Introduction into the new weapons gives it a fresh new look, as well as more fun to use them.
- Multiplayer is still kick ass.
- This Halo was more longer in the campaign level.


I don't there were any downfalls, but I think there were some really boring parts such as riding the Gondola that just took forever, but no game is perfect and this is me just nitpicking just incase people think I'm biased :p

Halo 2, is an awesome game and is well worth the buy, so if you don't already have it, do pick it up as it is truly a gem.

[SIZE="4"]Rate: 9/10[/SIZE]

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 Halo 2 - XBOX  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Halo 2 - XBOX     Halo 2 - XBOX  EmptyThu Jan 06, 2011 6:22 am

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Halo 2 - XBOX
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