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 Ichimaru Gin

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Ichimaru Gin


PostSubject: Ichimaru Gin   Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:50 am

Basic Information

Name: Ichimaru Gin (市丸 ギン)
Age: Late 200s [physically in his early twenties]
Gender: Male
Division: Third Division (former)
Rank: Captain of the Third Division (former)


Height: 6' 1" [185 cm]
Weight: 152 lbs [69 kg]

He tends to have his eyes closed, always carrying that sly smile on his face,
though it sometimes fades to surprise, annoyance, or confusion. In fact, his eyes
have been only opened twice, but once they do, it's shown that he has crimson-colored
eyes. Physically, Gin is rather lanky, and has a skeletal appearance to his body.
Also, his hair is silver, which is where he gains his name from.


Hidden in each word, or phrase, that the proclaimed “fox face” speaks, lies
such a sarcastic tone that can only be cruel and twisted. He is one
that will toy with your emotions when you are in tears, simply to make
it worse. Keeping a smile upon his face, he seems to enjoy others'
misery. Gin’s voice is one that is polite, but indirect; one might say
it’s considered improper, as it lacks formality. His appearance,
sinister smile, and slanted eyes are enough to give you the impression
of fear. Our dear Kuchiki Rukia once stated that she felt as though she
was being strangled by snakes through his stare alone. He's known to be
a "genius", surpassing his academy classes and graduating in just one
year, proving the magnitude of his intellect. Simply put, he is someone
that can easily be described as deceiving and sadistic.


Turn Back the Pendulum

Not much is known about Gin's prior history, except that he once saved Matsumoto
Rangiku's life when they were younger. When he asks for her birthday, to which she
replies she never really counted days until she met him, Gin tells her that the day she
methim will be her birthday. They have been friends since then. Hence, Matsumoto is
one of the few people Gin seems to somewhat care about.

Approximately 110 years ago, Gin graduated from the Shinōreijutsuin after just one
year, and was given a seated position in the 5th Division. When he met Aizen for the
first time, he'd already killed the division's third seat. Even as a child, Gin's powers already
approached Lieutenant level. Aizenimmediately gave him the 3rd seat of the division
after the incident, which they both kept secret.

Soul Society Arc

Captain Ichimaru Gin

After Kurosaki Ichigo and co. defeated Jidanbō and the latter opened one of Seireitei's
gates for the them, Ichimaru Gin was found waiting for him on the other side, where he
purposefully exerts just enough effort to keep themfrom entering instead of killing them
as he should have. Later, a meeting of the thirteen division captains is called for him to
explain his suspicious actions. As a captain, he should have had no trouble destroying
them. Gin merely chalks it up to a mistake on his part. The next day, Aizen's impaled body is
discovered by Hinamori Momo, who immediately suspects Gin is the murderer; his
appearance at the crime scene and carefree attitude despite the situation only seem
to confirm this. Hinamori subsequently decides to attack Gin in a rage but is intercepted by
Kira Izuru. After both are subdued by the 10th Division's captain, Hitsugaya Tōshirō notes that
Gin was preparing to kill Momo. Gin calmly denies it, and Hitsugaya threatens to kill him should
anything happen to his childhood friend.

Hitsugaya Tōshiro vs. Ichimaru Gin

When Aizen Sōsuke is finally revealed to be the mastermind behind the entire conspiracy,
Gin is shown to be nothing more than his subordinate and decoy. After Aizen extracts the
Hōgyoku from Rukia's body, Gin's order to kill her is interrupted by Kuchiki Byakuya, taking
the hit in her place. Follow suite, Aizen Sōsuke, Ichimaru Gin, and Kaname Tōsen are
cornered by most of the other lieutenants and captains. However, the three of them manage
to escape with the help of the Menos Grande, and are thus deemed traitors to Soul Society.
Before leaving, Gin tells Rangiku he would have liked to be held by her a little while longer,
and apologizes to her before departing.


Master Swordsmanship Specialist
Gin is a highly proficient bladesbeing, effortlessly fending off
Hitsugaya Tōshirō's Shikai with his sealed zanpakutō. Even as a child,
his potential was evident, easily defeating and killing the 5th
Division's former Sanseki, who by rank and age should have been
more powerful and skilled than him. He makes liberal use of zanpakutō's
special ability, allowing him to be quite deadly at a distance, which
is capable of killing a multitude of Hollows in one shot.

Genius Intellect
Hailed as a child genius in his early years, Gin graduated from the
Shinōreijutsuin in just one year, surpassing the previous prodigy,
Shiba Kaien. He emerges from just about any conflict unscathed due to
calm confusion he plays at, which is a testament to his overall
strategy. In his battle with Hitsugaya, Gin easily manipulated the
positions of three people, forcing the other Taichō to choose between
his own life or
Hinamori's without any visible effort.

Immense Spiritual Power
Without the slighest indication of any effort, Gin easily incapacitated Sado,
Orihime, Uryū, Makizō, and Ganju with his monstrous reiatsu, all done just by
facing the
direction they were coming from. Even Shihōin Yoruichi was
visibly fazed by the prospect of fighting
against someone of his caliber so soon.

Flash Steps Master
Though he's never shown using this in combat, Gin used an impressive
flash step to retreat
after his battle with Hitsugaya Tōshirō, the younger captain
unable to capture him. When he confronted Kuchiki Byakuya, along with Zaraki
Kenpachi, he was able to prove his speed by flashing around Byakuya, grabbing
Kenpachi, and tying him up all in one movement.


Name: Shins
ō (神鎗, Spirit Spear)
Release Phrase:
"Shoot to kill, Shins
ō" ("Ikorose, Shinsō")
Zanpakuto Appearance
It looks like a ordinary wakizashi. The hilt is light-blue with a tsuba made of two swirls
of metal looping around the blade to make an open oval, resembling an "S".
Shikai Ability

In its Shikai, Shinsō's blade glows white and extends at a high speed to impale Gin's opponents
from a distance. The blade carries tremendous force when extending, pushing both Kurosaki
Ichigo and the giant Jidanbō out from under the Hakutōmon, despite the latter being firmly
braced under it. In addition, Gin can maintain the extension and swing the activated
Shinsō in wide arcs, attacking multiple targets quickly and simultaneously.
Bankai Appearance
Bankai Ability

RP Sample

In all fairness, even Aizen hadn't expected the 6th Division Captain to come flying out of
nowhere, snatching Kuchiki Rukia from his grip and getting himself impaled in the process.
It took all of one and a half seconds for Gin's confused expression to change, shifting back
to its usual grin. With any luck, Shinsō might've pierced the noble sucker's heart, thus
removing an undeniable threat later down the line. From where he stood, Gin could only
see Byakuya's limp being cradled by his adoptive sister; was he dead or not? The
silver-haired man would have gone to see for himself, only their fearless leader beat him
to it.

And then Murphy's Law decided to be an asshat; weren't Shihōin Yoruichi and Captain Soifon
supposed to be busy killing each other? Even as reinforcements came in the form of Hikonyūtō,
Danzōmaru and Kaiwan, the last gate guardian and some handicapped lady just had to
come and ruin the fun. Amidst the wreckage they brought, he stood off to the side, as though
none of this concerned him in the slightest, idly commenting on the scuffle's proceedings.

"Hya, what immense strength! Whatever should I do?"

Just as he waved it off, as if to indicate he was only joking, a slender hand caught his
wrist in a deceptively firm hold, their zanpakutō angled directly across his neck. Without
looking, he immediately knew who it was, having listened to their voice on countless
occasions in the past.

"Don't move, please!"

Was that a note of hesitancy he heard in dear Rangiku's tone? Did she really have
the heart to cut down a dear friend, much less the very one that once saved her? His
mouth twitched once, then twice, as though debating whether to curve into a grin or
a frown. A brief moment passed, and the corners slightly lifted upwards as he called out
to Aizen in a singsong voice.

"Sorry, Captain Aizen! She got me.
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PostSubject: Re: Ichimaru Gin   Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:46 am

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Ichimaru Gin
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