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 Crystal Clear

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Señor Nachos

PostSubject: Crystal Clear   Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:11 pm

General Information
Name: Gabriel Leore
Age: Unknown
Visual Age: Mid-Twenties
Doll's Name: Accursed
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Switzerland
Natural Race: Bountou
Family/Relatives: None
Appearance: A flashy Hawaiian Shirt, printed with the most vibrant and eye-catchy designs and a pair of wheat brown Bermuda's and a pair of beach sandals. Though he usually doesn't accessorize, he does occasionally wear a Sea Shell necklace. Occasionally, he might wear formals if the event calls for it, though he'd prefer not to given the discomfort he feels in them.
Coming to his physique, he is quite a well built man; broad shoulders, towering at 6'1", semi-muscular with quite a a few tattoo's on his back, and one of the Uroboros symbol on his left shoulder. Quite tanned, from many hours spent surfing at the beach, hair cut short and a goatee, covering the area below his lower lip and his entire chin with a stubble of a mustache emerging from its sides.
All in all, he covers the image of a typical surfer from Hawai, if not for his European decent, and his Storm Gray eyes.

Personality and Biography
Personality: The first thing you'd notice about him is his passive, yet quirky attitude. He is quite a quirk, famous for doing the unexpected, although he isn't loud like some would expect. He stays calm. Well, he tries to anyways though he always ends up at the butt of physical abuse in a comical situation, mostly by some or the other woman he was with some night and forgot to call back. The Sarcasm doesn't help either. While he is a bit quirky, he is also quite militaristic; a very strange combination. Very commanding, authoritative, and charismatic. Perfect for a leadership position. His physical presence is quite imposing and has a strange feel to it, and his actions rarely make sense. It seems like he works for his own ends, rather than for the Soul Society. But at the end of the day, he gets the job done and thats all that the higher ups care about, no matter how unconventional his methods may be. But no matter how important a job is, it is always a difficult task to convince him to do it. He is quite the procrastinator and lazy for the most part. He likes to call himself Layed Back; which he is. But lets face it. There's a line between Relaxed and plain old lazy. He is sometimes arrogant and playfully manipulative, not to mention adaptable; always one step ahead of his enemies. He always behaves in a rather peculiar way, and talks a bit funny, almost like a pirate. He tends to be flirtatious and more often than not, succeeds. One can call it a part of his charismatic nature. Aside from these things, he's pretty intelligent. Not as smart as the 12th Division Captain of course, but he is still pretty well educated. Following Logical and Deductive Reasoning over blind faith. More of a Fact and Analysis person. He admires anything mysterious. Perhaps his death will be his own curiosity, though not to likely because contrary to his devilish charm and layed back look, he is quite dangerous.
Biography: When was he born? Where was he born? These are things, that even he does not clearly know. All he knows is, that his first memories, were when he was 4 and lived in pre-industrialized England. While he did not know what he was, or why he was on this earth, he knew one thing from the day he was born, and that was that he was different. He could feel it. Even if he couldn't, he could see ghosts, and that was more than enough for him to know that he was different, and it didn't take long for him to become, out casted by society as a sorcerer or a Devils Child. He grew up, lonely and like most lonely children, he didn't grow up properly and got involved with people he shouldn't have been with. From there on, it was a life of crime for him. Joining up with those men, he was taken aboard a Pirate Ship, to help clean up. It wasn't the life he wanted, but he didn't complain either. He was a Pirate and life was exciting. Thats all he wanted at such a young age. Eventually, he grew up and became one of the more important members of the crew of one of the most feared Pirates. He soon rose to first mate, and eventually after the captains death, took his place. He was one of the most fierce Pirates of those European Oceans. He was responsible for many robberies and thefts, though not murder, but that was because no one ever found any proof. Eventually, the English made a pact with the Spanish. Using one of their merchant vessels as bait, they had an entire Armada of ships waiting for them. They were finally caught, and he was thrown into Jail for a many number of years. Then about 10 yrs later, his prison sentence ended and he was let go. His crew was gone and his life was purposeless. He had nothing left to do, so he decided to disappear from the eyes of the world in search for the truth behind his existence. During this time, he discovered his everlasting youth. He realized that not only was he eternally Youthful, but he had special powers as well. During the time, he slowly learnt to control these powers [not the doll, his Spiritual Powers]. When he returned from his seclusion as a wandered almost 100 years later, he found out that England had become industrialized. Seeing as he was never the sort to like a job that didn't offer its share of excitement, he became a part of the Military. With his prior battling experience, and knowledge of killing, he was made a Spec Ops Agent. An assassin. He lived for sometime as an Assassin, his Identity always hidden. Lurking in the dark, waiting for his next prey. Then, a few years later, he was moved to the Navy. He was swiftly promoted to the Rank of Captain due to his prior knowledge, owing to his days as a Pirate. He was the most free-lancing Commanders; a Loose Cannon if you would. He was swiftly moved from that Position to a more authoritative one, to prevent him from starting a war due to his style of finishing a job. It was the position of a Colonel. He was often sent to the front line, where his experience, and his liking for what he did; killing, was needed. Then came the first world war. Colonel Roy Mustang; his Alias. A war Hero. Responsible for the death of many, many Germans. But what did it matter? Germans, French, Italian or English. It was all the same to him. He didn't care either way. All he cared about were the women and the Rum. 'Savvy?'. The war ended. Longest one he'd been in. Lasted 4 years. Time for another Seclusion Period. He resigned his post, took up another Alias; Victor Hughes. He went to Italia, Rome. He worked there in some big Industrial Corporation. After working their many years, shifting job from job, he finally began getting tired of this life. Why was he like this? What was the reason? He wanted to know now, more than ever. So, he joined the Military yet again, but this time as a German. In the navy, he met someone similar to him. Who was it? None other than a man called Muller. That was all he was known by. He was just like him. Eternally Youthful and Able to see the dead. It was this time of his life that he spent learning the secrets of his origin and how he had the power to control these things called Dolls. He took the book on how to get a doll from this 'Muller'. Soon after the war, he left the Navy, and the unit of his Commander, Muller. He left and decided to find out more about these Dolls and the Soul Society. After many years of training, he finally managed to get his doll. He trained hard with it, and mastered its power in the next few years, joining back with the English Navy, often facing of against Muller, Surviving every time, but how many times he won or he lost, no one really knows. Later on, he left this life, finally consumed by the need to find a real purpose for his long yet meaningless existence. Wandering off, he reached Karakura Town, where he has remained hidden under a new identity, and has been there since.

Techniques and Skills
Doll Ability: The doll has an ability that could be considered quite unique amongst others of its kind. The doll is primarily centered on the ability to create crystals through the body of the bount within which it is seals. The crystals are built in a structure similar to Graphene, extremely powerful and difficult to break without sufficient force. Simple sword attacks would fail to do enough damage to cut through. But this isn't half of it. While he can merge the crystals with his skin and muscles to increase his strength and hardness, he can also form weapons and shields from the crystal in a close proximity.
The main ability of the doll though, is to expel crystalline dust and shards around the entire battle field, a process which takes the entire first post, but once complete, it creates an inescapable cage, of his special crystals which have the ability to refract and alter the course of light, creating visual images or allowing the user to go invisible, though when invisible, it is not possible to attack using any technique that directly uses Reiryoku, since it would reveal his position. Attacking physically would reveal his position once the attack connects. The refraction of light to go invisible can be done even without the use of those crystals, but is much more difficult to maintain.
Finally, said crystals have the ability to change the form, frequency and effect of the Reiryoku of the user to create certain effects, able to fire off blasts of Rei at will similar to cero's or Bala's, as well as absorb any Rei dispelled in their presence, making Cero's, Kido, and Quincy weapons effectiveness drop like a boulder.


Smite: A Cero like blast fired, with particles of the Crystal present within the body of the user altering its effect. Instead of actually causing destruction as it is supposed to, it acts like a beam of light, encasing whatever it touches in solid Crystal. Once caught, it is impossible to break through as the victim have their reiatsu sucked out of their bodies, slowly yet steadily. It can be broke by an outside force, though it would require a considerable amount to do so. It could also be broken by Gabriel, if he so wills it.

Rp Sample:
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Señor Nachos

PostSubject: Re: Crystal Clear   Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:23 pm

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Byakuya Kuchiki
Captain of the Sixth Division

PostSubject: Re: Crystal Clear   Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:22 am

Another Bount, great. XD You'll have the shinigami wiped out in no time. Approved ^^

Here, right now, I'll stand my ground and never back down! I know what I believe inside, I'm awake and I'm alive!

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Kensei Kontan

PostSubject: Re: Crystal Clear   Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:01 am

denied the ability to make an attack like that invisible is downright godmod and oped, no wait its OMFGodmod
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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Clear   

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Crystal Clear
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