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 Arrancar: Leon

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PostSubject: Arrancar: Leon   Sun May 01, 2011 11:14 pm

Basic Information
Name: Leon
Age: He was 17 when he turned into a Hollow.
Gender: Male
Arrancar or Espada: Arrancar
Number: N/A?
Looks: He has medium length red hair and relatively tanned skin. The remaining part of his mask is half of a white small horned mask with two larger horns on top. His eyes are a dark red, too. His Hollow Hole is placed in his stomach, sometimes half hidden by his pants.

Resurrection Information: His Resurrection gives him a cat tail and ears. It also enhances his agility and stamina, allowing him to last way longer in fights. His strength and accuracy is also slightly enhanced, making him hit harder without losing accuracy.
Name: Corazón de Leopardo (Spanish for Leopard's Heart)
Represent: Leopard
Family: Poison
Looks: His hair becomes longer and wilder, and he gains a red cat tail and ears, his eyes remain the same color. His mask is also full, showing not only half of it, but the whole part. His Hollow Hole remains on the same spot.

Names: Flecha Del Veneno, Cero, Hierro
Description: Cero: Like all other Hollows, Leon can use Cero, but his is a white color.
Hierro(Metal): Like all Arrancars, Leon also benefits from a Hierro. Though his Hierro is just slightly enhanced, it proves to be usefull during fights.
Flecha del Veneno(Poison Arrow): Leon can shoot poisonous arrows that either severely injure his opponents or sedate them for a while.


History and Personality
History:Leon was changed into a Hollow when one killed him and his friends. A Shinigami led his friends to the Soul Society, but he was left behind to turn into a Hollow. Though, unlike other Hollows, Leon had a will of his own. Due to that, he was stronger than most Hollows and was hard to kill. He enjoyed having free time and spying on Shinigamis, but he'll be long gone whenever one sees him. Leon was the fighting one, but he always said that if people feared they would be weak, that was why he never feared anything. Soon enough he became a Arrancar.
Personality: Leon is a cold-hearted, sarcastic Arrancar. He enjoys scaring people and watching fear creep on their faces.
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Arrancar: Leon
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