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 Star of "True Blood" Elisabetta Canalis and Mehcad Brooks find love

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PostSubject: Star of "True Blood" Elisabetta Canalis and Mehcad Brooks find love   Sun Nov 06, 2011 5:39 pm

George Clooney, who? Elisabetta Canalis has shifted once again hunky actor, HBO TRUE BLOOD DVDwho appears in the blood vampires real popular show.

Yes, his romance with Mehcad Brooks's official.

Us Weekly, a source said, "began [Elisabetta Canalis and Mehcad Brooks] see us after leaving Dancing with the Stars. She already refers to him as her boyfriend. They are very cute."

The relationship seems to be progressing well, with Italy of 33 years and spendingseason 4 true blood dvd 31 years in Texas, some time in Berlin last week, then go to Milan, where fans have seen the couple in the Italian capital of fashion walking arm in arms.

Paparzzi watchable, a couple is not afraid to show affection,new season true blood dvd kissing the cameras attached to this new pair of them as they ate Liplock. Two have much in common, including a career in modeling.

However, before Elisabetta Canalistrue blood seasons 1-4 dvd found her new boyfriend, she had great difficulty getting on his two-year collaboration with George Clooney. Interruption to the real discouraging to find true love.
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Star of "True Blood" Elisabetta Canalis and Mehcad Brooks find love
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