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 Kashamaru Goukashi

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Kashamaru Goukashi

Kashamaru Goukashi

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PostSubject: Kashamaru Goukashi    Kashamaru Goukashi  EmptyMon Jul 02, 2012 4:44 am

Basic Information
Name: Kashamaru Goukashi
Age: 500 (looks 19)
Division: 11th Division

My profile pic is his gigai. His shinigami form looks like that, except in a shihakusho, and both forms have tattoos all over the body in addition to scars. He is six feet tall.
Rank: 4th seat

Zanpaktou Information: His sealed sword is a larger than average no-dachi, but otherwise looks like a normal zanpakuto. His spirit is tall and very muscular man with long red hair. He wears old beaten up samurai armor on his chest and thighs, along with beaten up armored boots. he also wears a long cloak of thick red fur. He has scars on his body and several arrows sticking out of his side and back. He looks down on Kashamaru as weak and will almost never offer him words of advice. Kashamaru is fine with this because he likes to rely on his own power. Kashamaru's inner world looks like an infinitely long battlefield of sand soaked dark red with blood. Many weapons are strewn about, sticking out of the sand or lying on the ground, all are old and worn. Here and there there are old suits of armor on the ground though anyone who would have been in them has decayed and turned to dust ages ago.
Zanpaktou Name: Shikai: Gunshin (god of war) Bankai: Gunshin Yoroi (god of war armor)
Zanpakutou Appearence
Shikai Appearence: a large double ended black version of the iron club carried by oni in Japanese folklore. Each club is three feet long and connected by a one and one half foot long handle covered in dark red cloth like the kind on Zangetsu's handle.
Shikai Ability: It is very large and heavy and can smash stuff, but Kashamaru wields it as though it was weightless.
Bankai Appearence: Black full body armor. His head is covered in a black helmet with black bull-like horns.
Bankai Ability: His strength/striking power is greatly enhanced (to the point where he can punch enemies through buildings), and his resistance to damage is also greatly increased (to the point where he could probably block a shikai level getsugatenshou with one hand and deflect it)
Zanpaktou Release Phrase: Crush all enemies, Gunshin!

Choose one of the following for each. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Kido/Ginto: beginner (like most members of squad 11 he doesn't bother with it)
Zanjutsu/Marksmanship: advanced
Hakuda: Advanced
Hoho: intermediate

Background and Personality
History: Kashamaru grew up in the slums of Kusajishi (if Kusajishi has anything besides slums). He never new any family, or anything from his former life in the world of the living (if he had one). He had to learn to fend for himself from an early age. He also learned to fight. He soon came to an interesting realization: the only time he ever felt truly alive, was when he was about to die. He noticed the humor in this and realized something else: life is one big joke. So Kashamaru decided to make the most of his life by continuously putting himself in mortal danger in order to truly feel alive. He made the choice to become a shinigami so he fight on a whole new level of danger. Upon entering the shinigami academy, Kashamaru soon became famous for two things, his incredible skill with a sword, and his lack-there-of with kido. He didn't do well with kido because he had no gift for it and no interest in learning, because, according to him "If you just shoot at your enemies from a distance there's no danger in that, so what's the point?" His skill with a sword was so great that in one of his sparring matches, his opponent said he fought like a man possessed, and the only way he would die in battle was if a demon himself came out of hell and scorched him with the dark fires of yomi. This stuck, and so Kashamaru decided to name himself Kashamaru Goukashi (since he had had no family, he had no name before now). Upon graduating the shinigami academy, Kashamaru was sent right off to squad 11 and he was a natural fit there. It didn't take him very long to rise to 4th seat. Within just a few months of joining squad 11 he had mastered his shikai, and by the time he was 4th seat, Kashamaru had learned bankai. However Kashamaru rarely uses bankai because to quote him "When I use bankai I encase myself in full body armor that makes me almost impossible to damage; where's the fun in that?"

Personality: Kashamaru is a daredevil who believes that the only true way to validate his existence, is to continuously put his life in mortal danger so he can be reminded of how precious it is. When he was growing up, Kashamaru didn't have anything, not even a name, save for his life. This being so, he is constantly trying to prove the value of his own life. Because of this he hates people with superior attitudes, or those who look down on others (cough Byakuya Kuchiki cough). Despite all this, Kashamaru still loves to laugh and makes almost everything into a joke. He also drinks and smokes a lot, though for some reason no one has been able to figure out (himself included), he doesn't seem to get drunk no matter how much he drinks. Though he is always trying to validate his own existence with death-defying stunts, Kashamaru also will fight like the demon he named himself after in order to protect his allies, because he believes that their lives are no less important than his own, and that they have every right to have their existences validated as well.
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Kashamaru Goukashi
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