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 Hanshou Kurohi

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PostSubject: Hanshou Kurohi   Hanshou Kurohi EmptyFri Nov 16, 2012 11:34 am

Basic Information
Name: Hanshou Kurohi
Age: 231, but looks 19
Gender: Female, duh
Arrancar or Espada: Espada
Number: Primera, One, 1 (hopefully)
Looks: Hanshou Kurohi 0112000 Hanshou is of medium height, about 5' 10" when barefoot. In her usual footwear, white boots with a black stripe, she looks about 6'. She has waist- length golden blonde hair, with a jagged cut at the ends. So she has a bunch of split ends. She is an expressive Espada, unlike some. She is slim and toned. Her muscles are defined under her uniform, which you can see below. Two black belts cross on her chest, making an X, which holds her zanpaku-to up. Her mask fragments are on the top of her head, shaped like cat ears. Her hollow hole is found in the direct middle of her ribcage.
Her eyes are larger than normal, which gives her a doe like appearance. Her right eye is dark crimson red, which turns lighter when excited or happy, and turns darker when angered, almost to a burgundy. Her left eye is golden, and shines. When she becomes happy or excited, this eye seems to sparkle and shines, but when she becomes angry, it loses it's sheen and has a fire design. Her eyebrows are arched perfectly, not too high. Her cheekbones are high and her lips are not plump, they are average.
Her fingernails are painted black, with a purple smoke swirl on each nail, carefully painted. She has a heart-shaped face, and her bust size is a medium size C. There are two black stripes on her face, starting on the edge of her jaw going to the bridge of her nose. Her teeth have two sets of canine teeth, causing a cattish look to her teeth.
Also if Hanshou gets to be Primera Espada, her number would be on the small of her back.

Resurrection Information
Name: Sacrifice Death, Humo Tigre! Hanshou also has to cut herself on the scythe- causing blood to seep from her fingers.
Represent: A Tiger-Wolf Animal
Family: Shadow/Dark
Looks: During Hanshou's Ressurrección, a cloud of smoke envelopes the surrounding area. The temperature and light output drop to almost zero, causing almost complete darkness and temperatures at almost zero. After the smoke haze clears, the temperature and light output raise slightly, causing the light output to be about 27% and the temperature to be 27 degrees. Hanshou's mask fragments now cover her right side of her face, causing a wolfish/ tigerish appearance on one side. Hanshou's eyes are now completely golden, with flames dancing around inside of them. Her body is now more fit and toned, with smoke covering the ground around her, tendrils wavering. Her clothes have changed- instead of a uniform, she is now wearing a pair of clothing like the one below. Her hair has grown longer and is a darker blonde. A black stripe from her regular form is still there. She also now has paws with 6 inch blood red claws, and she also has a seven foot long tail, tipped with a long black spike filled with poison.
During her Resurrección, she moves extremely fast- she can easily surpass a normal Arrancar's Resurreción's speed. Her techinque she made in the fight with the Hollows, the golden tiger, is now advanced and she calls it Muerte. It is now a smoke tiger-wolf animal. It's power is devastating and can kill humans easily. She can use the smoke as a shield to protect her from attacks. She still carries her scythe zapaku-to, unusually.

Techniques (Optional, but good to have)
Name: Muerte (Death)
Description: It is now a smoke tiger-wolf animal. It's power is devastating and can kill humans easily. She can use the smoke as a shield to protect her from attacks.
Strength: 80
Speed: 100
Accuracy: 89
Stamina: 70

History and Personality:
History: Hanshou Kurohi was born into the World of the Living on January 15th. Even though she doesn't remember most details, she can remember vague important things. At the age of six, the day before her 7th birthday, her parents mysteriously disappeared. No one remembered them- no matter how hard she tried. She can remember vaguely an orphanage, where her spiritual energy brought Hollows to the place, and mysterious figures in black fought them off. Hanshou knows know they're called "Shinigami", but at the time, Hanshou knew them as "Killers". She also remembered the day of her incident. It was an autumn day, and she was nineteen at the time. She was walking along the main road, with a brand new kitten called Ka Ryu. She was carrying it, petting it as it was about to go to sleep. Then there was a sudden change in atmosphere, like something was pulling her to the ground. A Hollow attack! She dropped the mewling Ka Ryu to the ground and copied the defensive moves she had seen from the Killers. Even though she didn't have one of those swords, she could fend it off. She summoned all of her strength for a blow that would be devastating. Something inside her seemed to awake, and as she jumped in the air to kick the Hollow in the mask, gold spiritual energy flowed under her. A tiger form appeared under her and slashed at the Hollow's mask. The Hollow disentigrated, and she yelled, "Go! Run!" to the passerby. Where are the Killers? she asked herself. Suddenly, something grabbed her around the throat, choking her, slowing her life force. The Hollow transferred her and changed her into a Hollow. She had made a sacrifice to save people.
As she grew stronger by eating Hollows, she realized death was a sacrifice. She also realized she loved power. Soon, she became an Adhuchja and ate many other Adhuchjas. On becoming a Vasto Lordes, she was recruited by Aizen. She is now known as Espada Tres, an honor. Her Fracciones, Akumate and Taket, were chosen by her and have different powers. Akumate has demon powers and Taket has griffon powers. She takes them everywhere.

Personality:Hanshou is an expressive Espada, and her attitude tends to get in people's way. She has an unusual craving for candy, in which she has secret stashes of hidden in her bedroom. She is cruel and merciless, which doesn't fit her overall appearance. She is always hungry, and is aggravated very easily. Her loyalties are usually never compromised, and she hates change.

Role-play Sample: Hanshou Kurohi stood on the Las Noches terrace, looking upon the quiet sands. Footsteps approached her from behind, but were cut off by heavier, shorter. Taket, whose footsteps were heavy, had stopped the unknown figure. Frivolous whispering went on for about 30 seconds, until Hanshou, who was tired of the conversation, stood up. "Akumate, who is there?"

Akumate, who had been observing the two from the roof, jumped down with a loud thud. "I believe I do not know, Master Hanshou. They must be new. Do you wish to see them?" she asked in a seductive voice, her usual tone. "Sure. Let me see them." Hanshou turned and to her suprise, a small Arrancar girl stood there. The girl had a menacing look on her face.

"I hate you. You're Tres Espada, aren't you? Oh wait. You are. The stuck up Tres Espada." she sneered. She took a step towards Hanshou, causing Taket to step forward also. Hanshou waved her off with one hand, a gesture that meant "get lost". Taket quickly turned and jumped on the roof, a pissed off expression on her face. Hanshou turned on the little girl, facing towards the sands again. "What makes you hate me? No. You don't deserve to answer that question. You think you can barge in here and bring me down?" Hanshou pivoted on her toes, and bent down to the girl's level. "Sacrifices. Deal with it." she then tapped the girl's nose, turned and gave a two finger signal to Taket to take the girl away. SHe stood up slowly, savoring the girl's sour face. "And I am Primera Espada.

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Hanshou Kurohi
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