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 Hiraiyomi Rael

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Hiraiyomi Rael

PostSubject: Hiraiyomi Rael   Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:12 pm

Hiraiyomi Rael

| Arrancar |

2501 [physically 24]


Captain of the First Division
Captain-Commander of the Gotei Thirteen
"Sword Devil" of Hueco Mundo

Unlike his predecessor Yamamoto Shigekuni, Rael has been dubbed "the quiet shadow in
any meeting"; he generally has little to say beyond work-related issues. Even then, he is
unlikely to reiterate something already commented on, lest it becomes redundant during
his turn to speak. Well-informed of past and current worldly affairs, he is more than
knowledgeable enough to hold a meaningful conversation, despite finding little interest
in doing so. Hence, his genuine disposition can be difficult to paint at times. However,
Yamamoto clearly found something honorable about the Arrancar-anomaly, otherwise he
would not have shouldered such responsibilities onto him.

Physical Appearance

Sharp features; not entirely unpleasant,providing one can turn a blind eye to his general
lack of expressions. Redefining the term 'white as a sheet', getting a healthy tan should
be somewhere high on his list of immediate priorities. In contrast, Rael's irises are an exact
shade of onyx, with flecks of grey scattered in-between. Raven-colored hair of medium
length is arranged into a neat ponytail, held via a simple red ribbon. He does not possess
any mask fragments or other glaringly obvious traits that would suggest Hollow origins.
His only accessory is a fang-shaped earring on the left earlobe, suspiciously genuine-looking
upon closer observation. His attire resembles a black variant of the Arrancar uniform, greatly
similar to the one worn by former Primera Espada, Coyote Starrk.

Hiraiyomi Rael, born in 140 B.C. as Huo Qubing is the youngest chief commander in the history
of Ancient China. Beginning as a rank and file soldier at just thirteen, his prodigious talent in military
strategy, swordplay, archery and horsemanship garnered attention from his uncle (the emperor) and
his court officials. In 123 B.C., already a captain at this time, he demonstrated immense leadership
qualities while leading a regiment of 800 cavalrymen against the numerically-superior Xiongnu
tribes, whose surviving' descendants would come to be known as the Huns. Promoted to 'Grand Cavalry
General' in 121 B.C. and ‘Supreme Commander’ two years later, the general populace believed that,
under his command, the Sino-Xiongnu conflict would be resolved once and for all. Therefore, it came as
an enormous shock when, in the fall of 117 B.C., Huo Qubing died from the effects of plague, the Xiongnu's
first attempt at primitive biological warfare a success.

His transformation into a Hollow was not at all pleasant, to say the least. Spiritual beings seemed
incapable of sensing him, including the monstrosities which stalked the others day and night. Over
the span of a full month, Huo Qubing watched as the chain protruding from his chest slowly eroded
itself, until finally, he too became one of the masked horrors. However, he was different from the others
in that, from the very beginning, he preyed exclusively upon other Hollow. Existing without fear, he
consumed innumerable legions of them while roaming through Hueco Mundo, evolving approximately
once every century before reaching the pinnacle of Vasto Lorde. A timely transformation, as towards the
end, more and more of these ‘Shinigami’ were spawning from somewhere called “Soul Society”, and they
never met the Menos peacefully when running into him by chance in the living world. He always spared
their lives, reserving himself to taking their zanpakutō and snapping them between his fingers as

When the year 527 came around, an unforeseen encounter with history's Bodhidharma would change
everything. A mortal of tremendous spiritual awareness, the Buddhist monk somehow managed to look
past his warped countenance, just as the Vasto Lorde perceived he was no ordinary human. Before
departing, Bodhidharma imparted him the knowledge of <<易筋經>> ("Body-Altering Classic") and
<<楞伽經>> ("Lankavatara Sutra") through verbal dictation. Immersing himself in both Zen and Taoist
knowledge, along with the principles of internal energy and qi, his mask completely disintegrated
upon mastering the two classics. Twenty-five years after their meeting, the original “Rael” was no more,
replaced by something neither pure Hollow nor Arrancar. Even now, he is still uncertain where he stands
in the taxonomy of spiritual entities.

Perhaps it was some hidden desire to continue Bodhidharma’s legacy, but in the following millennium,
Rael dedicated himself to training and enlightening those of Hueco Mundo that showed promise, and
was thus known as “The Teacher”. These ‘freed’ entities, now capable of higher reasoning, would
eventually comprise a significant portion of the rebels opposing Aizen Sōsuke. However, a
misunderstanding between himself and one of his students would eventually prompt the pseudo-
Arrancar to abandon Hueco Mundo, leaving behind the rest of his disciples as he made the living realm
his new domain.

The eighteenth century was fast coming to an end when Hiraiyomi Rael accidentally happened
upon then-Commander General Yamamoto Shigekuni; actually, it was more the other way around.
Unable to confirm his origins, aside from previous verbal accounts, the Soul Society’s head captain
nonetheless met him with violence, to which the Arrancar-anomaly responded in kind. To summarize
a long story, one filled with much arguing and non-consensual bloodshed on both sides, the
Commander-General finally recognized him as a potential asset, bringing the reluctant Hollow back
with him to Soul Society. From there, Rael answered to him alone, working behind the scenes
as an interrogator and assassin, with the blokes from Central 46 none the wiser to his
existence. He is not especially proud of his part during the later Shinigami-Quincy war,
bumping off a vast majority of their unsuspecting patriarchs simultaneously in a classic
decapitation maneuver.

The second time Rael was unexpectedly discovered, it was by none other than Urahara
Kisuke and Shihouin Yoruichi; given, at the time, both were still practically ankle-biters.
However, he found them amusing enough, and even paid some attention when the girl
showed him ‘shunpo’. Despite her age, it was already near expert-level, which succeeded in
culling his interest. Having gone without a student for decades, he instructed the future
22nd generational head of the Shihouin Family in the art of ‘sonido’, including how to substitute
its footwork into flash steps. With Urahara Kisuke, he drilled the Shaolin Monastery’s fighting
style of <<龍爪手>> quite literally into his head. As a result, the young genius would take to
wearing a hat whenever they met. Though he refused to meet them on a regular basis
afterwards, the Arrancar was secretly quite fond of the two, watching them flourish and
eventually settle into their individual roles in Soul Society. When Kisuke left the Onmitsukidō
to become Captain of the Twelfth Division, Rael put in a request to Yamamoto for the
now-empty position of third seat, which was immediately granted without assessing any other
potential candidates. From non-existent to third seat overnight, his inauguration into the
Shinigami ranks took many by surprise, including the less savory ones.

1897: the year Hollowfication first came into effect, according to Soul Society’s archives. Shadowing
his former pupil and Tsukabishi Tesssai as they left the former’s division compounds, he remained out
of sight as the pair confronted Aizen Sosuke, witnessing their brief clash before the Captain of the
Kidō Corps teleported the newborn ‘Vizards’ and themselves back to Urahara’s lab. Forgoing the
opportunity to pursue Aizen and snuff out his life, along with those of his lackeys, Rael returned to
the Second Division and informed his student-turned-captain of what had transpired. Following the
newly-turned traitors’ escape from Seireitei, Rael made known his intention to stay behind and continue
monitoring this realm’s proceedings. Opening a garganta for them and watching as the eleven outcasts
departed, he knew it would be a long time before either parties met again. The same year Aizen
Sosuke and Ichimaru Gin became captain and lieutenant of the Fifth Division, respectively, he too was
approached by Yamamoto Shigekuni and offered leadership over the Second Division. Knowing that
his own promotion would only further instigate Aizen’s suspicions, he declined, recommending Yoruichi’s
bodyguard Shaolin Fon for the position instead.

Truthfully, the ryoka disturbance based around Kuchiki Rukia’s execution did not interest him nearly
as much as it should have, considering Soul Society was practically thrown into chaos over this
incident. Still recovering from grievous inner wounds at the time, he could only Listen as the true felon
from a hundred years back escaped via negación, his plan to overthrow ‘God’ ringing in everyone’s ears.
Unwilling to risk exposing himself, Rael kept a low profile throughout the entire Winter War, only surfacing
once more at its end to follow through with Yamamoto's request for him to become Captain-Commander.

Power & Abilities

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Soul Society's foremost H2H combat specialist. Emphasizing the aspect of
'ying' over 'yang', few of his techniques assert brute force to defeat the
enemy, as he prefers to manipulate an opponent's strength against them.
Accustomed to fighting multiple adversaries at once, he is capable of
taking on even the likes of Shihouin Yoruichi and Urahara Kisuke
simultaneously, providing both parties are unarmed.

龍爪手 | 'Dragon Claw'
六脈神剑 | 'Six Meridian Swords'
九陽神功 | 'Nine Yang Skill'
九阴真经 | 'Nine Ying Skill'
乾坤大挪移 | 'Heaven and Earth Reversal'

Master Swordsmanship Specialist
Reputed to have attained the philosophical state of "swordsmanship without
a sword". Transcending the need to carry weapons, he is able to achieve the
same results with a tree branch as with his sealed zanpakutō, despite no
one ever seeing the latter.

Flash Steps / Sonido Master
The secret to Shihouin Yoruichi's debut as "Goddess of Flash"; he has fully merged
shunpo and sonido into one art, replacing specific steps from one technique with
those of the other. Because of his former position, it is assumed that Rael is familiar
with all of the Onmitsukidō's speed-oriented techniques, and over these many
years, developed several of his own.
Mimicking something akin to 'Gemelos Sonido' is
not particularly difficult in his eyes.

Kidō Master
As Captain-Commander, Rael possesses considerable mastery over the branches of
demon spells. An exceptional degree of spiritual control allows him to perform all but the
highest level of kido without name or incantation; those above and including #70 require
at least a name. Rael's undefined background results in many spells producing abnormal
effects, which may or may not be a good thing.

Immense Strength
Deceptively slender, he rarely sees the need to demonstrate raw power, as it goes against
his principles of hakuda. Nonetheless, he is able to easily lift any one of Seireitei's four
gates with a single hand, despite having such a slender build.

Enhanced Hierro
Even by Arrancar standards, Rael's iron skin is highly resilient, once taking Yamamoto Shigekuni's
'Nadegiri' straight across the chest with only a minor cut to show for it. Its durability is largely
attributed to his mastery over the Ying/Yang manuals' contents, which have compressed his
vast reserves even further beyond the norm.

High-Speed Regeneration
More than anything else, this ability betrays his identity as a non-Shinigami, serving as one
of his trump cards. Under extreme circumstances, he can quickly regenerate any part of his
body aside from damaged internal organs, providing he has sufficient energy left. Having
gone without losing any of his limbs for well over a millennium, he is not especially eager to
test its reliability anytime soon.

Hidden && Overwhelming Spiritual Energy
Naturally exuding the same measure of reiatsu as a corpse, Hiraiyomi Rael passes off being
about as threatening as one, despite his status as Captain-Commander. The magnitude of
his reiryoku augmentation upon successfully combining <<九陽神功>>, <<九阴真经>> and
<<易筋經>> remains unseen. Even with superior regeneration capabilities and shielding,
the extent of his internal injuries from this chaotic blend required over a hundred years
to recover from.

Roleplay Sample

News of the 29th head of the Kuchiki clan's loss had reached him even at the farthest fringes
of Soul Society, where he confined himself within the immortal mountains to train without harming
the rest of Seireitei. For anyone else, Hiraiyomi Rael would have dismissed it, unsympathetic to
whatever fate had befallen them. It was only in light of his distant ties to Akira's mother that he
brought himself out from self-isolation. While the youngest Kuchiki was largely unfamiliar with
the Captain-Commander, the latter knew he was an invaluable asset to Soul Society. Callous
as he was, Rael was not so unfeeling as to let his subordinate's defeat go unanswered. Beyond
that, somebody had been talented enough to critically injure a captain-level opponent, a far cry from
the usual case.

The after hours' gloom was dispelled by the materializing Senkaimon, basking nearby waters of the
Karasu River in white before depositing its only user on the grassy banks. High and low, only the most
meager traces of his reconnaissance teams were detectable, signifying their compliance with his orders to
return to Seireitei. Despite being exceptionally skilled, as Rael only permitted the current Black Ops
Commander to enlist the very best, he wanted no unnecessary casualties this time around. Some with
families of their own, he had the responsibility to ensure as many of them survived as possible.

Before anything else, I need answers.

An eradicated bridge, more than just a little ruined landscape, and the distinct scent of aged
blood; fantastic. Oh, and what appeared to be a tree at some point, if that charred-looking twig
meant anything. If Kuchiki's opponent had suffered damages anywhere close to the extent of his
own, even should they return, he doubted they would be in such condition for an encore. While bits
of the noble's spiritual energy lingered in coagulated vital fluids, he could not detect any foreign
residue of the adversary. Rael was unsure exactly how this being's reiatsu should feel, but even so,
there should have been something to tip him off. Instead, there was nothing, as though their
departure had taken all evidence of them being here.

Hrm, just like the old days.

Though he was loath to sacrifice running time, Rael's pace remained unhurried as he began
progressing towards the remains of the bridge spanning the river's width. Even from here, he could
see numerous indentations and countless cracks blasted into the connecting platform, as though
something or someone had been used as a club and bludgeoned against it several times. The
atmosphere's ever-present reiyoku concentration was far more dense here, usually attributed to the
usage of kidō; perhaps Kuchiki Akira had managed to impair the enemy after all. For his own good,
he better have. The thought that all this was only done to the Captain was somewhat ludicrous, but still..

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Byakuya Kuchiki
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PostSubject: Re: Hiraiyomi Rael   Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:13 pm

You're an Arrancar so you can't be the Captain Commander. Besides, that spot's already taken.

Here, right now, I'll stand my ground and never back down! I know what I believe inside, I'm awake and I'm alive!

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Byakuya Kuchiki
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PostSubject: Re: Hiraiyomi Rael   Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:32 pm


Here, right now, I'll stand my ground and never back down! I know what I believe inside, I'm awake and I'm alive!

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PostSubject: Re: Hiraiyomi Rael   

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Hiraiyomi Rael
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