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 important annoucement

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Motoko Kusanagi


PostSubject: important annoucement   Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:58 pm

Due to certain events I am considering no longer being here. A certain someone (Creedy) keeps twisting damn near everything I say and thinks it's all fun and game with no reason for me to get upset, Some people might agree with that but I do not. I am supposed to be a moderator and yet Creedy doesn't even attempt to show me much respect at all.

Now it seems I can't even ask questions since Sasuke Uchiha who may or may not be my friend right now told me asking questiuons is complaining and that I should stop my "constant complaining". If asking questions is complaining than I am going to leave this site since I won't be able to function as a moderator without asking questions/complaining. I might stay if enough people want me to, but I am probably going to avoid the chat box since I am sick of being harassed by people twisting my words around intentionally as if I exist for their amusement.

I hope Sasuke Uchiha still wants to be friends with me since I have no intention of tossing our friendship away over an idiot like Creedy or two individuals who he now has a valid complaint against. But I also won't accept the blame for something I did not start. I am fairly certain Creedy wants me to leave, but oh well. I am very much unhappy with this whole thing and want it resolved. But odds are I may be going away and not coming back. If I show up in the chat box and hear even one bitch about anything I will instantly leave and not come back.

My room mate who I helped for very 3 years died last December, his sons took off with a bunch of things that were left to me and a good portion of my things as well. I lost three utilities for awhile because I couldn't pay the bills, I have to deal with crap I have no idea how to deal with. I am under a ton of stress with real life crap and now idiots who do what they want and refuse to accept they are doing something wrong. I have emotional stability problems which Sasuke knows about, I also have a problem with being victimized which he also knows about. Yet two people gripe about something he did, and because it started after I asked a question he jumps the gun and says it is my fault people were griping about him. I never brought up the topic they were talking about. Yet I get blamed for it. Yes I pissed, but I am not going to accuse anyone of being a back stabber. If people want to ask questions that are valid I am not going to accuse them of complaining. I was asking valid questions and being told to stop complaining. I am fairly certain one or more individuals who read this will call this complaining. If that is what they think, they can fuck off. Everyone has rights, everyone except me it would seem.
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Shinru Henryugoku

PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:30 pm

I know how you feel.
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Ryoma Sakuraba
Captain of the Ninth Division

PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:44 pm

why would you do that Sasuke
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PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:10 am

Motoko, relax. Your being really emotional at the moment. Just take some time off from the site, then came back a new :). Theres no need to "jump the gun" and quit as such.

If you have irl issues, remember, IRL > RP...so just take time off. I'm sure everyone will be glad to see you back to normal. Plus, just ignore sasuke or creed, or avoid the c box all together when their present there.

All the Best;

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PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:11 am

4. Language
You may use whatever language you want, but not towards another member and no racial behavior. So no N words. o.e.

^-----Look familiar?

Let me start off buy saying,this is not an important announcement,As I recall Motoko this has happend before,and it's been pretty damn similar.Now you say Creedy is twisting your words,he denies it,so I would like to see some evidence,not some "well he said" bullcrap but actual solid evidence,and then we can solve that problem,and if you can't come up with any,then NO ONE will say that you were lying,we will simply leave the matter alone.Now ontop of this I believe the incident with sasuke was him reffering to the fact that some people have been complaining about some naruto content on here,well as there not being a rule against it I say....

DEAL WITH IT(and I say that in the least offensive way)

Now,there isnt a rule against it because it isnt a big deal,and im sure everyone can agree on that,if someone uses different techniques just because they want to,the site isnt gonna crash,no one is gonna die,its not like theyre impossible to beat.Now Motoko,im sure Creedy meant no harm and you never know if he feels like he is being harrased by you,so you may be taking things a little too far,I'm sure everyone here enjoys your presence,so please everyone,stop this senseless arguing,and end the topic,there is no big deal here it is just a big heap of people over-reacting to little things,and it needs to stop,alright?
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Yangu Mikoto


PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:07 pm

I'd rather you not leave motoko just try to ignore creedy and the other idiots, they act like my idiot little brother twisting words to make you sound stupid, truly they have no lives
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Kenpachi Zaraki

PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:01 pm

Well I am staying but I should state asking questions is not picking fights. And Akabane/Sasuke Uchiha, a moderator does have the right to tell someone to back off. Keep that in mind, especially when someone says something that is uncalled for.

But lets move, I am here to rp and do a job as a moderator. If I have to kick people for saying things that are uncalled for I wil no matter who it is. My rl problems haven't spilled out here,because if they had I would be being griped at on other sites as well. Which isn't the case. So drop the discussion please. This should be the last post needed as I am not wanting anyone banned. If someone gets banned it is because they will bring it on themselves. If I mess up enough that Byakuya-sama bans me it is my fault end of story. So please be polite as I am not trying to start anything, and haven't at any point in time.

Today is a new day and I am moving on with or without your friendship Sasuke Uchiha/Akabane. I'l leave that up to you. Ye si have changed, but in all honesty who are you to say I am casuing trouble? I support your right to use jutsu's moded into abilities, so please stop jumping on me okay?
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Rukia Kuchiki


PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:03 pm

Ultimately it's your decision... I'd prefer you stay, tho! We didn't get to talk much but you seem to be a person I wouldn't mind getting to know better... And RL issues always suck... One of the reasons I probably watch as much anime as I do... Real life is definitely not what they promised at our high school graduation...

A death that close to home will always affect you... I am not trying to say I understand but if you ever want to talk, I have an open set of ears and my shoulders are free. I deal with death sometimes on a daily basis, and it still affects me in a big way...

I don't know what all is going on with the chat box, because I either forget it's there or I'm too tired to do much more than post. The only thing I can say in that regard is that there will idiots wherever you go, and they can only "get" to you if you allow them in to begin with. If I am out of line, please feel free to tell me so, I just don't want to see you leave over something that can be resolved.
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Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
6th Espada

PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:07 am

[00:27:43] @ Akabane : .

[00:28:31] @ Akabane : Whew,hopefully I resolved that issue.

[00:30:47] Urufu : What happened?

[00:34:06] Kensei Kontan has joined the chat on Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:34 am

[00:35:00] @ Akabane : The big arguements in announcements.

[00:35:15] @ Akabane : arguement*

[00:36:08] Motoko Kusanagi has joined the chat on Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:36 am

[00:36:36] @ Motoko Kusanagi : well we still have to see what happens

[00:37:05] @ Kensei Kontan : it shall be interesting this time round

[00:37:13] @ Kensei Kontan : wait a minute e.e

[00:37:41] @ Kensei Kontan : ive been waiting for you for five hours and suddenly when i feel hungry and am about to leave you decide to show up?!

[00:37:54] @ Motoko Kusanagi : I just woke up

[00:37:57] @ Akabane : Who? me?

[00:38:02] @ Kensei Kontan : huh? O.O

[00:38:15] @ Kensei Kontan : where in the hell do you live china? o.o

[00:38:26] @ Akabane : Oh.

[00:38:27] @ Motoko Kusanagi : I went to sleep after 8 am

[00:38:56] @ Akabane : ANyway Motoko,what I said in the announcements was all true,so lets just drop everything.

[00:39:05] @ Motoko Kusanagi : k

[00:39:29] @ Motoko Kusanagi : I didn't read it yet

[00:39:31] @ Kensei Kontan : oh

[00:39:41] @ Kensei Kontan : ...i hate you T.T

[00:40:00] Urufu : xD Way to pray what you preach

[00:40:20] @ Kensei Kontan : whyd you go to bed so early... er... late... er... early?

[00:41:23] The Haitian has joined the chat on Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:41 am

[00:43:39] @ Motoko Kusanagi : I feel rather ignored if not only half listened to

[00:43:56] @ Motoko Kusanagi : I never said Creedy felt harassed

[00:43:57] Creedy has joined the chat on Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:43 am

[00:44:01] Creedy : Howdy do.

[00:44:16] Urufu : Speak of the devil, and he shall cometh :3

[00:44:38] @ Kensei Kontan : oh i read that wrong for a second XD

[00:44:41] @ Motoko Kusanagi : yiu git half of what I said completely backwards

[00:44:50] Creedy : Aye.

[00:44:51] @ Motoko Kusanagi : god dmaned typos

[00:45:19] @ Motoko Kusanagi : youg got half of what I said backwards

[00:45:31] @ Motoko Kusanagi : shit I fail again

[00:45:45] @ Motoko Kusanagi : can't I do anythign right?

[00:45:53] @ Motoko Kusanagi : apparently not >.<

[00:45:56] Creedy : Not that I am aware of.

[00:46:16] @ Motoko Kusanagi : Creedy back off

[00:46:18] @ Akabane : Look,point is,we need to end the arguement.

[00:46:44] Creedy : Cool off, Motoko.

[00:47:06] @ Akabane : Motoko,creedy plays rough.

[00:47:07] @ Motoko Kusanagi : hey I merely asked you to back off

[00:47:08] Urufu : Perhaps we should all sit in a drum circle and play Jambes... who think's that would help?

[00:47:17] @ Akabane : You need to know that.

[00:47:23] Urufu has been kicked by Akabane

[00:47:34] Creedy : Lmao, rough.

[00:47:36] @ Motoko Kusanagi : I never said back off or else did I?

[00:47:41] @ Akabane : Sorry,not in the mood.

[00:47:49] @ Akabane : We didnt say you did.

[00:48:00] @ Akabane : So stop the arguement.

[00:48:01] Creedy : You did say back off on the contrary.

[00:48:03] @ Motoko Kusanagi : he's acting like I did

[00:48:15] Creedy : I am ready to drop it if are willing.

[00:48:18] Urufu has joined the chat on Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:48 am

[00:48:20] @ Motoko Kusanagi : oh so that means the same thing does it?

[00:48:31] @ Akabane : MOTOKO

[00:48:38] Urufu : What did I do?!


[00:48:44] @ Motoko Kusanagi : its a valid question

[00:48:56] @ Akabane : Im sorry Urufu,but I dont need jokes right now.

[00:48:56] @ Motoko Kusanagi : its a question?

[00:49:03] Urufu : I apologize.

[00:49:05] @ Akabane : No it isnt.

[00:49:14] @ Akabane : So do I.

[00:49:20] @ Motoko Kusanagi : if I was p[icking a fight it would be in all capitals

[00:49:36] @ Akabane : Mhm,sure it would...

[00:49:37] Creedy : No it wouldn't.

[00:49:40] @ Motoko Kusanagi : got I'll h stfu and never talk again

[00:49:46] @ Motoko Kusanagi : happy?

[00:49:50] Creedy : Still, I am ready to solve this problem if you were.

[00:50:12] @ Akabane : So you'll threaten us with your existence on the site?

[00:50:26] @ Akabane : Creedy is willing to resolve it.

[00:50:27] @ Motoko Kusanagi : it has been made clear if I talk it is nothing more than picking fights

[00:50:32] @ Akabane : Which is what you said you wanted.

[00:50:44] @ Motoko Kusanagi : there fore the answer is I stop talkiong

[00:50:56] @ Motoko Kusanagi : problem solved

[00:50:59] @ Akabane : Ok....you know what.....are you fucking trying to be dramatic?

[00:51:03] Motoko Kusanagi is Disconnected on Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:51 am

[00:51:15] Creedy : I suppose she is.

[00:51:16] @ Akabane : Whatever.Site continues.

As you ca see I never said A moderator has no right to tell someone to back off,your the one twisting my words,or maybe you just didnt understand,but there's what happend,feel free to comment everyone,oh and if this post gets deleted,I'll just put it back up again and again.
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Kensei Kontan

PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:35 am

merely by posting in this topic you are ensuring a never ending arguement. this is just a warning, this will go on until we lose alot of members because of one arguement, so people just calm down and get along, others.... loosen up period.
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Motoko Kusanagi


PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:38 am

I had stopped the argument by stating that what ever happens is what ever happens. But since you want to push I will make one last comment, I am not trying to be mean about this. But the whole thing started when you accused me of intentionally trying to turn people against you. That statement basically called me a backstabber, it also makes me look completely dishonorable. When you did that you really hurt a lot. For you to continue acting like I started it hurts me more every day. I know you are not a jerk, I know that like everyone else you are capable of over reacting. We all do that, and I admit I am capable of doing so as well. I am not any better or any worse than anyone else here, so understand I am not against you. Even now I can't stay mad at you no matter what you have or may do to me.

Yes I am colder and less happy, but I was never as happy and energetic as you thought I was. The reason you remember me being is because you were able to help me happier when you were around. You lifted me out of bad moods by talking to me, helping me and understanding me. That is why we became friends. When you jumped on me I lost that friend, ask Mearii how long she talked to me yesterday telling me I am not useless even though I still feel that way. You don't even know what I was contemplating doing either, nor will I state what it was since your likely to say I am trying to be dramatic. I do not want sympathy, I want this situation to end. I do not care if people like Creedy like playing rough, disrepect is disrespect.

I don't expect people to listen to everything I say, but I also will not tolerate anyone not listening to anything I say. If I ask someone to back of I making a request for them to stop being mean, if I am going to do something because they are being mean I will literally say back off or else. If do not say or else than it is a polite request not an attack.

You of all people should know I dislike attacking people, how many times have people attacked me over stupid crap that was pointless? You were there to see it and stand up for me. Only now your one of the attackers. If you wish to end our friendship than it is your choice. Just remember if you do, it will further hurt me. But that is not my choice, I will respect your wish to end the friendship if that is what you want.:(
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PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:17 am

mokoto as your former captain toshiro hitsugaya i order you to stay
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Rukia Kuchiki


PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:32 am

Like I said in my last post, there will always be people who attempt to ruin your day... I really hope that a few don't dissuade from staying here....
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Yangu Mikoto


PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:42 am

why am i never on when this shit happens, from what i read you people took what she said the wrong way and jumped on her for it,
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Aaroniero Arruruerie
1st Espada

PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:57 pm

Hi, as a new person this is something I, a newbie love to see... in house fighting over nothing...

But something caught my eye... so I would like to point out the lolz's of it.

Now,there isnt a rule against it because it isnt a big deal,and im sure
everyone can agree on that,if someone uses different techniques just
because they want to,the site isnt gonna crash,no one is gonna die,its
not like theyre impossible to beat

I lol'ed at that, because if Sasuke does actually kill someone... your entire argument goes to pieces... and if the site does crash... can we solely blame Sasuke?

I think not... so why even put it out there like that.

Oh well, I'll just leave it like this, if you have an issue, take a tissue, wipe it away, and start a new day.
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PostSubject: Re: important annoucement   

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important annoucement
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