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 Its over.

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PostSubject: Its over.   Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:16 pm

[05:12:09 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : every time Akabane shows and talks I am leaving until he goes away

[05:12:09 01/03/10] Layth :

[05:12:26 01/03/10] Layth : I'm sorry

[05:12:35 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : he is starting to abuse his mod powers

[05:12:36 01/03/10] Layth : I made it worse

[05:12:46 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : no he's just being a dick

[05:12:57 01/03/10] Layth : Just gonna idle and hide behind you

[05:12:59 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : it isn't your fault in any way shaoe or form

[05:13:07 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : shape*

[05:13:26 01/03/10] Layth : I just came to meet you

[05:13:29 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : he hurt me and thnks only he is hurt

[05:13:32 01/03/10] Layth : Not my plax

[05:13:39 01/03/10] Layth : Place to speak

[05:13:41 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : I know and he is hurting you to get at me

[05:14:19 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : his being 14 doesn't mean shit as far as not being responsible for his actions

[05:14:25 01/03/10] Urufu : Really? I was banned for trying to help out?

[05:14:38 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : hes a damned moderator he should fucking act like one

[05:14:48 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : yes he kicked you for trying to help

[05:15:06 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : I kicked him twice though XD

[05:15:25 01/03/10] Urufu : xD

[05:15:32 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : I just can't get it into his fucking head I dropped it

[05:15:55 01/03/10] @ Akabane : Sasuke said,If one more word is said on this matter the person who says is being banned,including me.

[05:16:04 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : he wants me to apologize for what he started/kick Akabane

[05:16:09 01/03/10] @ Akabane : And I can see what ya'll are typing ^^

[05:17:00 01/03/10] * Urufu is Disguested.

[05:17:05 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : .kick Akabane

[05:17:08 01/03/10] Layth : This reminds me of bleach online

[05:17:13 01/03/10] Layth : Good times

[05:17:19 01/03/10] Urufu : This reminds me of Ghey

[05:18:31 01/03/10] Urufu : w/e. ima watch some bleach

[05:18:37 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : he is ruing the environment in the chat box am I right?

[05:18:42 01/03/10] Motoko Kusanagi : ruining

[05:18:54 01/03/10] Urufu : Your not helping.

[05:19:00 01/03/10] Layth : Bye urufu

[05:19:04 01/03/10] Urufu : But yes, the two of you are causing negative environments.

[05:19:08 01/03/10] Urufu : Bye.

[05:20:04 01/03/10] Layth : Uh...

[05:20:14 01/03/10] Urufu : What just happened?

[05:20:58 01/03/10] @ Akabane : Like I said,sasuke said anything else on the matter the person is getting banned.

[05:21:05 01/03/10] @ Akabane : So go on,keep talking.

[05:21:40 01/03/10] Urufu : I like chicken, I like liver, meow mix, meow mix, please deliver

[05:22:08 01/03/10] Layth : I don't even know what's going on. I just hoed by to see mokoto and all heck broke loose

[05:22:22 01/03/10] @ Akabane : Ehem...

[05:22:26 01/03/10] Layth : Hoped

[05:22:55 01/03/10] Layth : But yes fancy feast or meow mix

[05:23:04 01/03/10] Layth : Both are good

[05:30:33 01/03/10] Urufu : well... I hate it when no one is on

[05:34:10 01/03/10] Layth : Poor urufu

[05:35:04 01/03/10] Layth : I heard you were an insanely funny guy on another site

[05:35:56 01/03/10] Urufu : Really?

[05:35:57 01/03/10] Urufu : From who?

[05:41:49 01/03/10] Layth : Gustav is the name I know

[05:42:51 01/03/10] Urufu : Funny how? unny like a clown? Like what, im here to fucking amuse you? Is that it?

[05:46:09 01/03/10] Urufu : I never heard of the guy.

[05:47:17 01/03/10] Urufu : What site, do you know?

[05:57:16 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : okay what the hell?

[05:58:00 01/03/10] Urufu : Whats the matter?

[06:06:10 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : hi Layth

[06:06:24 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : someone banned my Motoko Kusanagi account

[06:09:22 01/03/10] Urufu : Yeah, Sasuke

[06:14:00 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : it was Akabane

[06:14:39 01/03/10] Urufu : Like... your actual account?

[06:14:50 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I am going to copy and paste that part of the chat log and send it to Byakuya Kuchiki (Sarah)

[06:14:57 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : yes he banned my account

[06:15:20 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : good thing he forgot I have 7 accounts each with a differenbt e-mail address

[06:17:00 01/03/10] Urufu : xD

[06:17:14 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : pm sent with the proof of Sasuke Uchiha/Akabane abusing his status

[06:17:47 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : he'll be lucky if Mearii lets him stay on her site now

[06:18:44 01/03/10] Urufu : Yup

[06:19:29 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : what Sasuke Uchiha/Akabane is doing goes beyond abuse, it is blatant disrepsect and sopiteful behavior

[06:19:58 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : he hurt me and my response hurt him back, yet he won;t admit he started it

[06:20:22 01/03/10] Urufu : Most don't.

[06:21:54 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I try to be repsonible for what I do, not to say I don't fuck up on occasion though

[06:22:14 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : like everyone else I fuck up and miss the fact I do wrong sometimes

[06:22:31 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : but when it is proven I try to make things right

[06:22:41 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : i can admit my mistakes

[06:23:52 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : at least this I was prepared for his crap

[06:23:57 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : time*

[06:27:23 01/03/10] Urufu : Yeah, I understand.

[06:32:01 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : well it could jave been worse

[06:32:25 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I could have been unsepecting like when he jumped on me 2 nights ago

[06:32:57 01/03/10] Urufu : Thats true

[06:33:43 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I'm going to wait and see what Sarah says though

[06:34:15 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : she doesn't want me leaving and I am sure Sasuke Uchiha/Akabane is going to throw a fit

[06:34:44 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : personally I wish he would realize we both did things to hurt the other

[06:35:09 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : but I am going to be damned if I have to apologize and not be apoogized to as well

[06:35:31 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : if he weants an apologu he has to give me ine also

[06:35:33 01/03/10] Urufu : I tried to get him to apologize earlier.

[06:35:36 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : apolgy

[06:35:49 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : he won't do it, I know he won't

[06:36:21 01/03/10] Urufu : Thats too damn bad xD

[06:36:51 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : well I think I may have seen the real him this time

[06:37:15 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : if that is who he really is I am better off not knowing him at all

[06:37:41 01/03/10] Urufu : and aint that the truth

[06:37:44 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I don't need childish pricks holding me back

[06:38:10 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I already have little or no real confidence, and my self image is shit

[06:38:33 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I need to improve those not get crushed because someone throws a temper tantrum

[06:38:50 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : at this rate I am getting nowhere fast though

[06:39:11 01/03/10] Urufu : At least its an opportunity to weed the garden.

[06:40:47 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : true, but if someone could help him learn to become a better man, he could actually be constructive instead of the detrcutive force we saw today

[06:41:28 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : although he is no longer my friend and I hate his fucking guts, I feel sorry for him and his lack of undertsnding

[06:41:51 01/03/10] Urufu : and g

[06:41:59 01/03/10] Urufu : how!*

[06:42:40 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : that is jjst how I am, I can;t help it

[06:42:43 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : just

[06:43:09 01/03/10] Urufu : its ok, im the same way

[06:43:23 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : he hasn't made grudge status, but if he bans even one more of my accounts than he will make my grudge list

[06:43:42 01/03/10] Urufu : lol

[06:43:43 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I am unable to drop grudges

[06:44:09 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I may forget why I have a grudge, or what the grudge is, but I can't drop it

[06:44:46 01/03/10] Urufu : excellent

[06:46:04 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I wish I could change that though, it vauses me no end of stress seeing someone on permanent grudge status causes me tons of stress

[06:46:13 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : causes*

[06:46:33 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : it makes me feel sic wthout getting sick

[06:46:37 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : sick*

[06:46:45 01/03/10] Urufu : thats painful

[06:47:03 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : yeah I know

[06:47:11 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I don't handle stress very well

[06:47:42 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I think stress might be a trigger for one of my other ptsd's

[06:47:51 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I have at least 3 of them

[06:48:14 01/03/10] Urufu : ouch

[06:48:14 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : one is yelling, and now I think being over stressed is another one

[06:48:35 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I am starting to feel the same way I do when around yelling

[06:48:49 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : so I think I have found another trigger for sure

[06:49:09 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : it is either a 2nd ptsd, or a 2nd trigger for the same one idk which yet

[06:49:23 01/03/10] Urufu : well, at least your aware, if anything

[06:49:26 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : both are highly possible though

[06:49:31 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : true

[06:49:54 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I feel like throwing up, which doesn't happen with the one caused by yelling

[06:50:03 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : it's adifferent ptsd

[06:50:06 01/03/10] Urufu : That may just be nerves

[06:50:20 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : no nerves does that almost instantly for me

[06:50:30 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : this is creeping up on me slowly

[06:50:35 01/03/10] Urufu : thats horrible

[06:50:42 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : now that I am calming down

[06:50:56 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : well I have learned something which is important

[06:51:12 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : I know more about myself than I di before

[06:51:19 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : did*

[06:51:37 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : now I can try to get better instead of run around wondering

[06:52:00 01/03/10] Urufu : And knowing is half the battle!

[06:52:11 01/03/10] Urufu : Sorry... I resort to human in stressful or negative situations

[06:54:47 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : well we are all diferent so no problem

[06:54:55 01/03/10] Urufu : ALright

[06:54:58 01/03/10] Urufu : Hey Ezekeil

[06:55:16 01/03/10] Urufu : Are you joining Mine and Kensei's Organization?

[06:55:23 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : Kabane/Sasuke Uchiha is going to get an earful for banning me

[06:55:33 01/03/10] Urufu : We were hoping you would be the third part of the triumvirate

[06:55:34 01/03/10] @ Urahara Kisuke : Akabane

Listen, I thought I ended this friday night when I took the chat box away. It was over then. I'm not taking sides, but I am going to Ban Motoko's I.P adress when this is through. At first, it was a simple argument that was supposed to be solved friday night. Obviously it wasn't. Motoko, first of all, I'm not Akabane. Get that through your head. You don't seem to get that alot of us here are kids, not 38 year old men who like playing as young little school girls. Okay? For everyone reading this. Your wrong. Motoko is the on bringing this back, my friend Akabane tried several times through PM to end it in the most peacfull way possibal, yet everytime new PM started up again. Here are most of them.

Motoko: That is what I was doing and you called it picking fights so make up your mind about it. Either it is picking fights or I am doing nothing wrong. And I never said I would let moderators walk all over me, I would like some respect from everyone. Not tons of respect, just a bare minimum of respect. I still consider you a friend, but you did hurt me badly when you accused me of trying to turn people against you. When you made that comment I had idea what abilities you since I did nor read your bio. I did not know you had Sharingan until you told me you did. I thought they were saying things because they were upset, I do not believe everything I hear. Although an ability like amaterasu I would call op'd even on a Naruto site. But if someone can play it well and not abuse it, I have no problem with it being on any site. So please understand I honestly do not have a problem with the abilities you have. I know you aren't going to one hit kill anyone, so this whole argument thing never even needed to start.

Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:32 am Topic: [No title]

Uhh,I never said any of those things.Your taking what I said and twisting it,so in other words your doing to me what you accused creedy of doing,which I still do not know is true or not.Also I cant delete your accounts,and you need to calm down,no one ever said you were useless or anything else your saying that yourself.Im not gonna speak of it anymore until I get the orihime that I knew back,that orihime was:

I'll leave it at that,Idk what happend,somethings changed with you,along time ago you wouldnt care if naruto content was on here,and you wouldnt twist my words,which IS what you did on the chatbox.I hope you don't leave,I hope my friend comes back....but for now farewell....


Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:31 am Topic: [No title]

Thank you for taking one aspect of what I had said and jumping to conclusions. You have proven that asking questions is arguing since every question I asked was shot down as arguing. That means I am not qualified to do anything since everything requires asking questions. It so nice to know that the victim can be legally attacked and victimized for being a victim. I did not start it, but what ever. Just delete all of my accounts and posts since apparently I am nothing but a problem. You read that I am having rl problems and automatically assumed I am dumping on people. If that was the case than why isn't it everyone? I am obviously wasting my time trying get this ended since no one but Byakuya seems to be taking this seriously. if you read the god damned chat archives you would know I want this solved without banning anyone, if I was dumping on someone I would want them banned. But I want no one banned. Not that expect you to believe that after basically accusing me of attacking people. But again what ever. Just know you have proven I should leave since I can't do the job of moderating with out talking, I can't monitor the chat box since that requires being in it and talking, and I can no longer post since it is technically talking. There fore I can't do anything even this pm is talking. Which is obviuosly picking a fight since you stated I am just a jerk who picks fights. Your entitled to your opinion and I accept that. I hope you find someone who can tyake over because I am obviously 1. a failure, 2. a waste of space, 3. unimportant, and 4. completely useless.

Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:20 am Topic: [No title]

The above is not advice is arguing. You told me several times that when I was asking questions, I was not asking questions but arguing. What you seem to think of advice is actually pushing your opinion on me. You accused me of doing something I did not do, that is what made me mad, Creedy merely stepped in and made it worse. As did you when you immediately thought I was mad at Creedy. I was mad at you not Creedy. You jumped on me and than left instead of talking it over, that was your choice not mine so do not talk about me being the only one going on about this. You posted in the topic after I said I was going to drop it and let Sarah deal with things as she sees fit, you are the one keeping this going. But hey what ever, I guess I should take this as your choice to no longer be my friend since you saw Creedy make a rude comment and backed him up. But again what ever, what does it matter if you turn your back on me. I'm just useless trash anyway. Who gives a fuck how I feel, I'm just a drama seeking useless waste of space right? Fuck me and everything I try to do because I have no fucking value and never will. That is what I am hearing from you. I do not count, I have no worth, I have no rights and should just die since I am the only one causing trouble right? That is how you are making me feel. Is that what you wanted? Is it? If not than your really being a great friend aren't you? Because I do not feel like I matter and every time you jump on me you make it even worse. Remember I do have a loaded gun, someone very close to me died not even 3 months ago. So by all means keep attacking me until you push me to the pint I take my life. Than see how you feel knowing you caused me to do it. I do not feel like dying over someone like you, get off your high horse and actually look at what is going on. Your starting to act just like Toshiba on Isshin's site. Your letting power get to your head and you are becoming a dick. If that is how you want to be, so be it.

Everything in Red is Motoko, everything in Blue is Akabane. As you can see he was just trying to help and get his friend back. The last one is why I'm going to ban her. "I'm just useless trash anyway. Who gives a fuck how I feel, I'm just a drama seeking useless waste of space right? Fuck me and everything I try to do because I have no fucking value and never will. That is what I am hearing from you. I do not count, I have no worth, I have no rights and should just die since I am the only one causing trouble right? That is how you are making me feel. Is that what you wanted? Is it? If not than your really being a great friend aren't you? Because I do not feel like I matter and every time you jump on me you make it even worse. Remember I do have a loaded gun, someone very close to me died not even 3 months ago. So by all means keep attacking me until you push me to the pint I take my life. Than see how you feel knowing you caused me to do it." What the fuck is your problem? Telling a 14 year old kid your going to kill yourself and blame it on him. Are you insane? You fucked up! Also, what makes you think you can cuss out staff members. You obviously thought that was me, when its not, its Kazu from our old site. I had Akabane get on the chat box to see if the argueing stopped and once again, you wouldn't shut up about it. Your turning this place into sotk with your complaining. Do you even know why your fighting? And if you do think about how stupid the purpose is. When Frank got on last night, you wouldn't shut up so I gave him direct orders from me to tell you and everyone else in the chat to shut up about the whole matter for good or the person who brings it up will be banner. As soon as he said that, you kicked him from that chat box. Which you've done several other times because you don't wanna hear it. Thats abusing your powers right? Another reason to ban you. You say I abussed my powers when i haven't been on since Friday night. You say Frank is abusing his powers when all he's trying to do is help you. He only banned you because you asked for it. Now, I have plenty of fair reasons to get you off this site. This is the final time. Everyone drop it or get out.

Red italics is me quoting Motoko. lol
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5th Espada

PostSubject: Re: Its over.   Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:02 am

y'all need to get a life and quit picking on each other, i don't care who started it who kept it going, this is the type of thing that should just be ignored i mean really this is just stupid.

like you said you are a bunch of little children if you cant let something like this go.
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Byakuya Kuchiki
Captain of the Sixth Division

PostSubject: Re: Its over.   Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:04 am

*sigh* Vengeance is right. But this really is over. Everyone who was fighting, stop. I don't care who said what. Just stop it now. It's messing up the site. Please just avoid each other and no more fighting. I don't want to have to ban anyone.

Here, right now, I'll stand my ground and never back down! I know what I believe inside, I'm awake and I'm alive!

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PostSubject: Re: Its over.   Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:47 am

I wasn't fighting. I've been trying to stop it but you people don't seem to get that she wont stop. I'm a little tired of the hate PM's. So, just message her personally or something. Idk. I'm not getting involved. So I'm out. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Its over.   

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Its over.
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