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 Jinraiya 'Jin' Masuragi

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Captain of the First Division

Jinraiya 'Jin' Masuragi Empty
PostSubject: Jinraiya 'Jin' Masuragi   Jinraiya 'Jin' Masuragi EmptyTue Mar 02, 2010 12:47 am

Basic Information
Name: Jinraiya 'Jin' Matsuragi
Appearance Age: 16
Actual Age: 354
Gender: Male
Division: 1st
Jinraiya 'Jin' Masuragi Jin

He stands at 6'5" and weighs in at 205 lbs. With a slightly slender but muscular build. He has short yet spikey brown hair and wears his Zanpakuto upon his back. He has yellow eyes and wears white clothes when he's in his down time.

However if anyone is lucky enough to find themselves close to him would notice a thin yet deep scar leading from his shoulder through the lower part of his neck to the other shoulder from where he was once gravely injured protecting his little sister.

Rank: Captain

Background and Personality

Jin was born Jinariya Masuragi, and lived with his parents in Tokyo, Japan. He was a college student when he went home, While home he was out with his little sister who had a high Spirit Pressure due to her untapped potential, This however brought down the wrath of the Hollows upon his sister, He had always been able to see hollows and spirits, so he was able to push his sister out of the way when a hollow attacked her. This particular hollows name was Razor Wire,He cut directly into the skin of Jin and slashed him nearly clean in half, from his left shoulder to right below the neck to his rightshoulder. However Razor Wires cut melded itself into his soul causing for a permanent scar on his soul. He died on the spot only for Razor Wire to turn around and murder his little sister and devour her turning her into a hollow as well.

When he regained conciousness he had no idea where he was or who he was even. The whole event that transpired from his real life experience with Razor Wire had left his mind. He stood up and eye'd around himself before beginning to wander around Rukon District 3, He found himself wandering for a few years, upon which he came across a little girl who had recently died. He still had a soft spot for small girls like that even if he did not remember why.

So he took her in and for a few years took care of her, during this time he honed his abilities in swordsmanship. He begun to care for the young girl as if she was his sister....However one day his sister was out getting food when she came across some bandits who wanted the food, she refused to give them the food and they cut her down for it. Enraged after finding out, Jin hunted them down and slaughtered every last one of them. As he held his dying sister in his hands he let out a rage filled yell, As he did this his spirit pressure suddenly awakened and EXPLODED, revealing that even in death he was a spirit prodigy. After this day...He swore to never get close to someone again.

A few days after he enrolled into the Shinigami Academy. He showed great promise and slowly began to show expertise in swordsmandship and Shunpou, and a decent level of Kidou. During his years as a Student he stayed quiet and to himself, however never hesitated in any training exercise that had to do with slaughtering Hollows. He graduated obviously at the top of his class and was given his choice of which squad he wished to join, after thoroughly studying each squad he finally decided to join up with squad 1.

Years passed and he was sent on several missions, one mission exactly was in Tokyo, Where he once again met up with Razor Wire. However Razor Wire had a follower named Acid Flower, who was a female hollow. In the back of his mind he felt a familiar presence but in the end he slaughtered them both without mercy. He stoodthere contemplating exactly why he felt a familiar presence but was unable to put an exact finger on it. He returned to soul society without a second thought.

From then on he was completely loyal to Squad 1, And never strayed from orders. Which sometimes caused him to seem a little less then friendly. He didn't care, he felt it better that way no one would get close to him, as he prefered. This allowed him to have time training himself to achieve his bankai. Which as with all he did, he did quicker then most and achieved it at the 353rd year of his life. He's only had it for a year now, so he can not 100% Control it like the captains can or otherwise. Ever since then he had been loyal to The First Division, With little else to do but train it got rather boring.


At first glance Jin is rather calm and collective, as well as rather serious and cold, which also leads to him seeming uncaring. Which also leads to people at first glance taking a dislike inhim, He's very rough and very rarely gentle. However he truthfully cares deeply about the Seireitei and desires nothing more to make sure that it as well as the Soul Society in a whole is protected from the disasters.

He also has a large soft spot for children, particularly female children who range from the age of five to fourteen, For they remind him of something he once held dear, His Sister, This isn't to say he thinks of them in a romantic way. He just feels he should Protect them in some shape or form. He also holds a grudge against all hollows for some reason he does not know. Whenever he feels or sees a hollow for the most part he goes to kill them whether its against orders or not.

Jinraiya likes to read, For the most part romance novels and action novels. He spends most of his off duty time sitting under a nice tree with some nice shade reading. When on the job he gets serious and as stated above can seem rather cold hearted at times. He also enjoys swimming when he is alone, which he goes off to do every now and again. All in all he is hard to get along with but once you do you have a loyal and compassionate friend.

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name: Debiruzubein (Devils Bane)
Zanpakutou Appearence

His zanpakuto is a Six foot long large Nodachi that he wears on his back. The blade is marked with his age all the way down the blade. At the hilt the blade is engraved in japanese 'Yami no Ejji Anatanotame Kuru' (The Edge of Darkness Comes for You). The blade has dried blood from his enemies that she killed. The tip is diamond encrusted to make it more deadly when impaling someone.

The guard is a metal cat head and is made from silver instead of gold, It is in total 5 Inches in diameter. The hilt is black with yarn engraved purple diamonds on the hilt up each side. The hilt is also about a foot long. The butt is also silver compared to the normal gold. On the back of the butt is a Japanese Symbol for Informative.

The Scabbard of the blade is long, Six feet to match the blade. The Scabbard is made from light red wood. It has a rubber line against the top where the blade goes to make sure the guard doesn't scrape the top. The Scabbard has engraved in it three japanese symbols Destruction, Death, and Curiosity. The Scabbard for the most part is well taken care of for the most part.

Shikai Appearence

When released Devils Bane forms into a large scythe, The pole is about 10 feet long, and the blade is about 3 feet long giving it quite the ferocious looking appearance. The black pole is made from granite backed with steel to make it almost indestructible. The blade is red and marked with flames up and down the blade while the edge is pure black to give it a menacing look. On the bottom of the scythe there is a sharp pointed blade, which is covered with dried blood. The blade is about a foot long and the point is diamond encrusted to make it even more deadly then the scythes blade.

Shikai Ability:

Name: Debiruzu Itami (The Devils Pain)
Description: Jin leaps high into the air and begins spinning his scythe around at breakneck speed. The Friction from the blade hitting the atoms and such in the air causes it to begin a powerful lightning storm that causes lightning bolts to slam across the whole battle field hitting enemies and allies that don't dodge alike. The lightning bolts each hold his full power behind them causing massive explosions each time it crashes into the ground. Along side that it leaves him vulnerable while inside that massive vortex of lightning, He is unable to move, dodge nor block. So if someone could get inside that massive vortex of lightning then he would be done for.

Name: Akuma Ha Ikari (The Devils Wrath)
Description: This ability is used to release all restraints on the body, this causes the user to have a powerful reiatsu that is so thick that it can be used to attack the enemy, or even guard against the opponents attacks. However high grade attacks can cut through this with a bit of trouble.

Name: Akuma Ha Namakemono (The Devils Sloth)
Description: This ability uses the Devils Wrath to cause the opponent to slow down exponentially, The Reiatsu slams down on their body so hard that it brings them to a near crawl. This is one of the most powerful abilities that he has as it could render weaker opponents into seizures if used correctly.

Name: Akuma Ha Puraido (The Devils Pride)
Description: Another powerful ability of Jin's, This he uses his zanpakuto to erupt into nothingness, once nothing the Sword reflects the users vanity, depending on the users vanity the sword can reflect damage that the opponent attempts to do upon Jin. This attack doesn't effect anyone who has a pure heart.

Name: Akuma Ha Donyoku (The Devils Avarice)
Description: Using this ability Jin can draw in reiatsu from the land and the opponent, to increase his abilities to twice fold for a total of three posts. After that he must rest this ability for five posts, then he may use it again.

Bankai Appearence

When in his Bankai form, which he can not completely control yet. His scythe splits into two five feet long poles with 1 1/2 foot long blades. He holds one in each of his hands. The blades are no longer solid however, They are now pure energy. The blades are made of electricity and the electricity is colored green to give off a soft glow. The poles now have small metal circles jutting out from them all over so if someone tries to grab his weapons they will get a terrible shock. As a note only he is immune to the shock that comes from touching the weapon.

Bankai Ability

Name: Akuma Ha Shi (The Devils Death)
Description: A far more advanced attack of Debiruzu Itami (The Devils Pain), Instead of going in the air he can do this on the ground if he desires. He holds out both scythes to his left and right and begins spinning them as violently as the Debiruzu Itami does. Causing a powerful electrical barrier around him that sends out powerful shockwaves of electricity that shock anyone it comes in contact with on the ground. If used in the air it attacks anyone that is below it with powerful lightning bolts made of green energy. The drawback of this attack is that he is weak against long range attacks that are not deflected by lightning. So people with long range attacks can hit him quite easily as he is unable to move like the ability before it.

Name: Akuma Ha Katsubou (The Devils Lust)
Description: This ability uses the power of illusion to force the opponent to see something they desire more then anything. By doing this he can distract the opponent long enough to Strike them or prepare for another ability if he desired to.

Name: Akuma Ha Urayamashii (The Devils Envy)
Description: Using this ability he can summon up three minions that can fight along side him, each minion is about half his size and each have half the total power of their master. Once destroyed he must cool down for three posts before being able to summon them up again.

Name: Akuma Ha Taishoku (The Devils Gluttony)
Description: A more advanced version of Avarice, instead of increasing his powers twice the amount it increases it thrice the amount. This ability lasts for 4 Posts, and can only be used again after 6 Posts.

Name: Akuma Ha Deifaiansu (The Devils Defiance)
Description: Using this ability, Jin can recover from fatal blows to his body. However he can only use this a total of twice before exhausting his reiatsu and dying from using it. His Reiatsu for the most part covers his body and recovers all damage including on the inside.

Name: Akuma Ha Torinitei (The Devils Trinity)
Description: This is jins most powerful ability, He releases all limitations on his body like Wrath and causes his reiatsu to grow. He absorbs all forms of Reiatsu from the area before releasing a catastrophic explosion from his body that kills him, but incinerates anything in its path and near instantly. This only goes for about 20 miles and then is rendered harmless. This attack can only be used if the battle goes past 5 pages, and he must build up for 5 more posts after that.

Zanpaktou Release Phrase: Show them the True Devil, Debiruzubein.

Kido/Ginto: Advanced
Zanjutsu/Marksmanship: Advanced
Hakuda: Advanced
Hoho: Advanced

RP Sample

Jin heard a scream and turned he felt a slight confusion and then a slight wave of fear as he recognized the Scream. "Shiana!" he cried out as he ran out of the house only to find the groceries that his sister had been carrying a little less then a moment ago. He looked up just in time to see the bandits making away with her. "GET BACK HERE!

Almost immediately he took off after them sword tapping at his left hip. After a bit of following the Bandits arrived at their hide out, with Jinraiya right on their heels. Before they knew it the first bandit was cut down blood spewing from his chest as Jinraiya slashed him harshly against said chest. "You bastards let my sister go!"

The Leader looked at the others and chuckled a bit "Kill the fool men, I'll continue with the girl". The Men nodded and all began to attack Jinraiya, While the boss ran into the base. One after another they all fell as Jinraiya Slaughtered them, blood spewing in every which direction. After finishing he charged inside after the boss.

Eventually he caught up with the boss. The boss had her against him with a knife to her throat. "Take one more step and I'll kill 'er" Shiana looked scared out of her mind "Onii-chan...p...please help me...". Jin in a rage yelled, "I TOLD YOU LET HER GO!" and foolishly took a step toward him. "I warned you boy..." and the man slit her throat, only to be almost instantly killed by a decapitating slash from Jin's sword.

Jin turned and almost immediately dropped his sword and dashed to his sisters side picking her up and looking down at her, tears coming from his eyes. "Shiana...No..." Shiana was unable to talk or respond but she did mouth the final thing that he would ever hear from her. 'I love you...' And with that she died right there in his arms. He would stay quiet for just a moment before holding her close and screaming out in a rage. "RRRRRAAAAAAAGGGGH!". During this his spirit pressure erupted into a massive explosion causing the building's roof to almost explode....

"....I swear....I will never let another suffer...like you did..."

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Captain of the First Division

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PostSubject: Re: Jinraiya 'Jin' Masuragi   Jinraiya 'Jin' Masuragi EmptyTue Mar 02, 2010 1:33 am

Ready for Review *Salute*
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Byakuya Kuchiki
Captain of the Sixth Division
Byakuya Kuchiki

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PostSubject: Re: Jinraiya 'Jin' Masuragi   Jinraiya 'Jin' Masuragi EmptyTue Mar 02, 2010 3:58 am

Good job. Approved.

Here, right now, I'll stand my ground and never back down! I know what I believe inside, I'm awake and I'm alive!

Jinraiya 'Jin' Masuragi Byakuya1

Jinraiya 'Jin' Masuragi ByakuyaJPGGG-2
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PostSubject: Re: Jinraiya 'Jin' Masuragi   Jinraiya 'Jin' Masuragi Empty

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Jinraiya 'Jin' Masuragi
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