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 Anime Clash (linking back)

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PostSubject: Anime Clash (linking back)   Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:33 am

Anime Clash

Anime Clash is a site where Animes come together. Any character, any series, any place. Don't be alarmed if you find Sailor Moon walking down the trails of Inuyasha's forest, or Roy Mustang battling demons in a Dark Tournament. So what would happen if Hiei and Vegeta were to meet? What if Iscariot were to run into Diva and her Chevaliers? Would Alucard be able to stand his ground with Naraku? Will the alchemists of FMA get along well with those in Buso Renkin? Find out here.
Original Characters are accepted too. However, our Mods are very particular about two things more than anything else. The first, being, Do NOT screw with canon facts/events in such a way as to outright deny them. Example being: siblings that canonly are stated not to exist; children of a pair that is stated to not-get-together in the series (Child of Naraku and Kagome for example). The second, being, base it on a valid anime, not an anime you're making up on the spot.
The site is very active most days, with a fair number of members who pop in and out of the woodwork. Just because it says we're not online doesn't mean we're not just on another page or afk or lurking somewhere. All RPing types are welcome, and staff is fair and friendly. We have people for all your preferences, be them “crack threads” or serious plots, one-liners or Multi-paragraph. There is a place to plan plots and solicit thread partners if one wishes, and a Mainstream Board-Wide affecting plot that is starting to unravel, but you'll have to come see to check out it's details.

Canon Characters are heavily needed at this point, especially for unfolding coming plots.
So check us out, even if just to affiliate or hang around for general discussions in the OOC boards.

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PostSubject: Re: Anime Clash (linking back)   Sat Apr 03, 2010 12:14 pm

As a response to the the Affiliate we got earlier today, thank you <3. I've added your button to our link buddies list.
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Anime Clash (linking back)
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