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 Our fight [Private, inv only]

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PostSubject: Our fight [Private, inv only]   Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:25 am

She stood her ground, as the Primera made his
pointless trip around their bodies, trying to show his supreme speed
but in reality it was relatively dull, child's movement one could
easily compare it to....though it was no way near as childish as his
rude tone and his retarded, circle-like talk, which was utterly
bewildering, especially to such an extent that she let herself laugh
out loud. Her demi cackle, blitz through the empty land, ruinning out
into the open ground and out of ear shot.

"Yes. A vizard and a human, a fine observant you have made there cero Espada, your intellect has surprised me"
She said sarcastically, her tone bored and irritated. The man, jamp
back onto a rock, as if anticpiating someone or something. She shook
herself, internally, preparing herself for combat when another arrival
swivelled into play.... She sighed once more.

The newcomer made
a show of himself, trying to explain himself, what he could do and what
he was willing to do- more than his master anyway, who seemed to have
taken a cowardly position; Ezekeil chuckled as she realised the
situation at hand,

"Oh I understand. The dog bites harder than his master."
She cuckled once again at her revelation, she was about to make her
move again, her foot softly landing on the sand, embedding it, as
reatsu flooded her foot for a "shunpo"...but another timely arrival
stopped her in her tracks as she turned her head towards
him...following by another sigh.

She said, sighing, while acknowledging the man before turning away,
though she felt his reatsu take a turn for the worse- it became much
more dense, thickened and was oozed in the pits of hell
itself...complete evil. She shot the man a quick look, only to find
surprise flickering on her face and a mask on the man she was gleaming
at; he stood tall, proud, with two blades slimed in purple reatsu,
while a good portion of his face was swallowed by a hollow like mask.

>>> Another Joins us huh? heheh... <<<
Her inner hollow, awoken once again by the reatsu surge, it sniffed at
the air, tasting it and liked what it smelt, the mingle of human and
hollow was too endulging... even Ezekeil felt saliva rush into her
mouth, like it usually did when a meal was before her.

turned herself, composing her body at the same time, looking at the
whip in the New Arrancar's hand; where it had come out from was beyond
her but she gave it no more of a thought, as she raised
her free hand, after she took a small step forward, aiming at the cero Espada and said softly,

"Hado 88: Hiryugekizokushintenraiho"
instantly in the palm of her hand formed an orb, as the orb began to
collect particles around itself, it became unstable, lashing out
electricty and reatsu alike at the hand, as more and more reatsu pumped
into the orb, it could no longer maintain its stability nor shape- it
fired, waltz as a GIGANTIC beam and it was a gaigantic beam, coated in
a blue reatsu, with sparks of electricty spiralling out of the centre
of the beam, ripping outwaards at anything that came within. Dust
particles were slashed away, the air itself was pushed aside, like a
king coming back to his kingdom, the weak moved, letting it do what it
desired.... to destroy the cero espada.

She forced reatsu into
her left foot; a proeficent shunpo user, she rarely needed to use both
feet and she wasn't going to use it in this case- the surge of g-froces
slammed at her, when she performed such manoeuvre, only to appear
behind the new Arrancar newcomer, slashing in a wicked arc at the man's
back, aiming to cleave the Arrancar's torso, while her blades took
formation around her and she collected water from the atmosphere, ready
to be used...at the same time, reatsu filled her right foot
automatically as if preparing for another shunpo.

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Aaroniero Arruruerie
1st Espada

PostSubject: Re: Our fight [Private, inv only]   Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:44 am

Aaron watched as the new arrival came, Aaron tasted dinginess, the late comer had too many things going on, Aaron was confused, that is until he saw the hollow mask form, lovely it was. Aaron liked this late comer, he had enough hollow in him to be useful. However, the one girl was perhaps a danger this this plan, she was strong, she had hollow in her, Aaron could taste it, and she was capably strong. She fired what looked like a giant beam of super charged particles, it was blinding to even sense it. It was much like cero in its raw power, but more refined and more stable, but it mattered not to Aaron, it was not fired at him.

(Saving Sasuke's life, smart girl you are)

However, she moved, insanely fast, in a fury of movement, she was behind Aaron, and already slashing at his back. Perhaps too late for the safety of his clothing, Aaron sonidoed away from the group with a shallow slash across his back, his clothing torn, what a bother. Sensing the girl, he looked at her and flickered away once again with sonido, as if to say, come follow me. Which was his intention, while he would have liked to see his cero espada fight, it seems the tango was thrust upon him.

The whip in his hand quickly changed, almost melding from a whip into a sword, slashing it once for good measure, the sword which was once a whip was out of his hand, it appeared that Aaron was finally ready to use his zanpakuto, and not his other... more dangerous ability.

He now waited for the girl to come, the shallow gash across his back had already healed, but the clothing was still torn, bother.

He said aloud, just once in a clear voice. "I would rather meet your hollow, as they seem to be much smarter than the host" Aaron mused, his voice playful and full of arrogance.
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PostSubject: Re: Our fight [Private, inv only]   Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:07 am

He moved, with equal speed, while his reaction were sluggish at the time, though his sonido was perhaps one that was on equal parring, if not exceeded that of the primera (having witnessed his capabilites momentarily before); she grinned to herself, while her inner hollow relished the scent of a foe that was undoubtedly more powerful than he appeared,

>>> About time too! <<< he roared, the chance for a fight had him pounding in the little cage, within Ezekeil, wanting to ravage at the man was his desire, cut his throat and wallow in his reatsu slimed blood. She shuddered at the ectasy thought that rushedthrough her body, adrenaline and endorphins smashing through her system as her heart race began to pick up; her eyes dilated, her senses hieghtened- the hunt was beginning.

She saw him flick his whip, it swivelled and was replaced by a prominant sword; zanpakutou material, no doubt, as she nodded to herself, confirming with her theory. The arrancar swung the blade in the air, cutting the particles while causing them to vibrate at the same time...letting loose a low whistle that fluttered to her ears and felt music to her, the sound of a fight...

"Those who ask, shall receive" she recited with a cheeky tone, pulling the hand over her face and when she removed it, a hollow mask, semi formed, stood on her prominant features. She felt her inner hollow slide next to her, they became one, their thoughts, strategies, ideals now became alligned... she felt like nothing could stop her..

"Ahahah!! This is what you wanted!!" she roared, following by a cackle of laughter- she used shunpo, appearing behind the man, coating her zanpakutou with compressed, yet highly pressurised water, except for the tip, where she tried to slash out at the man's small gash, hoping to make it deeper...in fact she was aiming to sever his spinal cord; how much more enjoyable would it be if the Arrancar watched, powerless, while she fed upon his body...bit by bit...she snickered at the thought, while her mouth was flooded with salvia for the meal to come.

Her swords, fell into place once more, ready to stop any attack, while her free hand, collected particles inwards, her reatsu now fully hollow like, she felt a whole new surge in potential especially with the desert full of dense spirit particles- the orb glowed jet red, with particles swirling in....forming the so called "cero".

(not firing the cero, just forming it. Also, if it i okay with you i'm extending my mask time by an extra 2-5 posts, you choose. As its HM, there is -alot- more particles and its hollow like, with ichigo he went from 10 second mask to like forever mask duration here...so i'm going to use that here. If its not okay with you, then I will keep normal duration)
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Aaroniero Arruruerie
1st Espada

PostSubject: Re: Our fight [Private, inv only]   Thu Mar 04, 2010 6:38 am

Aaron watched as the woman under went a change, her reiatsu,
her temperment, even the very dense spirit particles around her changed.
However, Aaron simply studied, watching like a hawk watches its prey, or he
perhaps was the snake and she was the hawk, both waiting for an opportunity to
strike and receive. However, Aaron wasn’t foolish to assume he could fight her
with simply what he had, he needed an edge. She had said something about “About
time too” or whatever, Aaron used that as an opportunity to, release something
from inside a cage as well.

“Rankle the Seas and the Skies” He said, calmly and quietly,
fights weren’t about loud and obnoxious, but rather they were a slow inevitable
march towards death and beyond. As he said those words, she as well release her
hollow, taking the form of a mask, interesting indeed. So, here it stood,
Aaron, a mighty trident in his hand, water pouring from all around him, and
she, mask on.

She flickered from existence, however Aaron would not be
fooled a second time, oh no. Calmly saying, so she could hear “Fool me once,
shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” as he simply flicked his trident tip
forward, raising the back towards her, a mighty wave of water rose from the
back, roaring as it went, he was after all, a former shinigami, or was that a
shinigami he ate, regardless consciousness merge, and he was one. The wave of
water would be enough to block her strike, so far it had seemed like she was on
the attack, Aaron would need to change that, but not in the way she played.

The tell tale sign of a cero was the massive vortex of
reiatsu it took, and then the distinctive red light, however, it lacked
something primal about it, and was instead of rage and emotion, was a
collective strike, something a true hollow would use. Smiling, Aaron simply
said “so you can use it” and quickly did a bit of math. The beam she fired
earlier was a kidou, extremely high level, dense and powerful. This cero was
weaker than it, Aaron would take a shot in the dark, or more precisely, split
the dark.

“Before you fire that cero, let me ask you one thing, those
two people, both of them aren’t like you, what are they to you?” Aaron said,
readying the kidou spell, eating a shinigami does have its benefits.
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PostSubject: Re: Our fight [Private, inv only]   Thu Mar 04, 2010 2:35 pm

Her aim was true, though, while her transformation took place, the Arrancar had utalised his zanpakutou, releasing it into it's initial state; it was strange to observe an Arrancar releasing without undergoing the usual physical modification. It was presumed when an Arrancar took human form, they sealed their true selves within a sword, though in this case, it was much different, was the water, the true form ofthe Arrancar or was this a portion of his release? Regardless, it was undoubedly irritating for a former Captain of the 12th Division to be able to understand such principles, while facing an anomaly to said facts.

Her sword, aiming to slice his spinal cord, instead smashed into a wall of water, stopping her sword dead on; the compressed, wall-like water, truly did it's job but it became a weapon itself for the demi-hollow- she cackled as she swung her sword at the wall of water, while sending a jolt of her reatsu into it, changing it's affliation to her's and screeched;

"Toko Mizu" instantaneously the water lurched in one big form, almost beam like, hilghy compressed, moving at super speed, she fired it, point blank at the man's back, while just as she touchedthe water with her sword, she used her amazing speed, combining shunpo and sonido to get an extensive reach of both mobility type manouvres.

"Merely accomplices!!" she laughed at out for his answer, as she fired cero (when she appeared above him, like 4 metres above him). As the stream of particles gushed out of her hand, she made herself fluid, light weight and collected air particles under neath her feet, confining them to a platform like structure, onto which she'd slide backwards on from the sheer force of the cero, while at the same time, the beam of water, she forcefully caused it to explode. The blast pushed her backwards, away from the enemy; she'd hope he hadn't died so early on...otherwise it'd be boring.
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Aaroniero Arruruerie
1st Espada

PostSubject: Re: Our fight [Private, inv only]   Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:29 pm

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink, pitiless, or pious it was, to think that water had domain here in the desert, but sadly, if it was anyone’s domain it was Aaron’s. The girl had touched the water with her sword, and shouted something, sending her reiatsu into the water, which seemed foolish to Aaron, as the wave of water was still crashing upwards, him using the end as a focal point, the trident still held dominion over the water, only when the trident wasn’t touching it, could it quite conceivably be used for her attacks. Aaron would of course have to be careful of that, and be aware that the reverse might be true as well, however for now, that wall of water was still connected to him, pity that her tactic fell through, it seemed like a brilliant one, she was an expert at the whole bait and switch, but this time the bait failed to go through.

She flickered above his head, quite simply carrying that cero charge around was like a giant sign of “I’m here, I’m here” and Aaron could read that sign better than any shinigami ever could, cero’s were a arrancar’s closest friend. Calmly, Aaron said “Bakudō 81, Danku” and a wall of quite possible light covered above his head, square, him as the center point. The wall reflected like a mirror the world above it, so all she would see was herself firing the cero, a mirror reflection. The cero would hit, energy would slam against energy, however, since the cero wasn’t nearly as strong as the beam she fired earlier, they would collide and Aaron was protected.

However, Aaron wasn’t going to let this just lie, he understood the needed ideal’s of protection, and also knew that this girl here was aggressive, offensive, and using various tactic’s to accomplish her goal, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Aaron’s trident was still touching his water, she most likely would have had him. But that gave him clues, she held dominion over water as well, used it in a similar manner he did. She attacked enemies’ blind spots, and used her speed to accomplish it, and if Aaron wasn’t such a genius, it might have gone poorly for him, but perhaps setting up a boundary or two would work beautifully.

Over the roar of the cero meeting splitting void, Aaron said an incantation, and activated a currently unknown Bakudō spell. It would be highly improbable that she would hear him do this, but Aaron wasn’t foolish either, and saying the incantation would ensure maximized power out of the spell when the time came. Once it was finished, along with the cero collisions, Splitting Void cracked and ceased to exist, Aaron twirled his trident, water rushed out from the tip and the end, creating this almost vortex of water around him, he was preparing for a variant stage, or move, from any view, it would appear that he was surrounded by water on all sides, crashing against each other, regardless, Aaron calmly said.

“Pity, the primera and cero espada were foolish enough to rush headstrong into danger such as that, but a hollow such as yourself should understand the concept of, us vs them” Aaron said, referring to the us as all hollow kind, or perhaps a us of like minded hollows, clearly them would be none hollows, as no one understood hollows like other hollows. As, for almost all of history, them had hunted and killed hollows, very few understood, the very survival of it all.
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PostSubject: Re: Our fight [Private, inv only]   Thu Mar 04, 2010 11:44 pm

(OOC: I stated, i made the water explode, its in one of my abilities for my first tech, when i place my reatsu in water, it causes a chain reaction...thus an explosion...so i'm going to auto hit since you ignored that, if there is a problem let me know by pm, i took your arm because i know you can get it back, though in your sealed state...if your trying to heal, it shouldn't be instantaneous)

His movements were fluid, instantaneous and above all, unpredictable- an Arrancar using a high level end Kido, was unspeakable, to reach the pinnacle points between Hollow and Shinigami was limited to them only remaining at Arrancar level...however, this arrancar was preasenting abilities that was far above the norm, making him exppressively dangerous. Though, balance still existed within the realm, while he was perhaps dangerous, capable of tapping into his shinigami side, though he compensated with his sluggish reaction time and awareness.

She gritted her teeth, as she pressed down on the air formed platform, her feet scarping against it, burning up and she winced as the heat got too much before she came to a full stop; she snickered once more,

"Well...now isn't that interesting?!..wo are you?! And how did you get soo much shinigami powers?!" she said, lashing out at him, her persona was swtiching rapidly from having fun, to wanting to eat the man to wanting to burn the knowledge and power out of him. For now, she was stuck with the "wanting to know how you got such power" part, it was longing at her, to be able to get best of both worlds, not realising that she was at such stage, to become more powerful...so that she could tear up soul society with her own bare hands. She aimed and fird one bala at his head.
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Aaroniero Arruruerie
1st Espada

PostSubject: Re: Our fight [Private, inv only]   Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:10 pm

Aaron smiled, she was perhaps worried, or maybe even excited, she was using emotions, a true hollow lets emotions rule there life, or so the legend went, however once you go beyond emotions, you get into a predatory state, this is what it means to be hollow, the things holding you back, are your own limitations.

However, Aaron didn’t want to answer her just yet, the spark of curiosity might come in handy sooner or later. However, surrounded by water, Aaron did not waste a moment in using that momentum, as he twirled the trident, he leaped into the air using the water as a giant torrent to catch the girl by surprise, it water wasn’t lethal, but it would serve as a distraction to foil whatever plans she was going to use.
(At this point, I’ll leave it up to you, if you fire the bala, you will be getting bum rushed by a giant torrent of water, of course I’ll get hit in the head with a bala.... but I’m sure I’ll survive one bala, as we’ve seen people take several, however it is to the head… hrmmm nah I’ll survive, your bala’s aren’t yammy strong)

As the torrent went upwards, Aaron said, with a grin on his face “Come now, an arrancar using kidou, a shinigami using bala, there must be come connection” He said, flaunting his knowledge.

He landed in the air, it was odd to see water act in that manner, he stood there twirling the zanpakuto above his head, waves breaking in circles around him, smiling he looked at the girl, and said.

“Come now, this little invasion here, fighting the primera and cero, it was all a distraction wasn’t it, what is going on in Soul Society? What have you marauders planned on doing?” Aaron asked, it wasn’t for his love of Soul Society that he asked, but he knew that this little chargin into HM was about something bigger, a plan, a work around, something. Being a intelligent person, he figured it was all in SS.

“What is your tie to all this, why are you helping these people when SS is ripe for the picking?” Aarron said, his voice oblivious to the fact that she was his enemy, Soul Society was his enemy, not her.
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PostSubject: Re: Our fight [Private, inv only]   Sat Mar 06, 2010 4:43 am

The torrent gushed upwards at her, his words were drowned that waterfall like resonance that vibrated at her, blocking an sort of communication; her bala was half formed, it was too late to change it's principle in this late stage of it's development; the tactic on the Arrancar's part was exceptionally thought through, though her advantage exceeded his greatly, as the water rushed at her, her swords flickered in front of her- appearing instantly when they collided with said "torrent" of water, sucking the water into 3 different swords, infusing them with their powers and no remaining water was left on the trident, sucked dry like a run down well.

Thats when it hit, the bala, point blank, smashing into his face, while it was true her hollow abilities were just at their fetal stage, though it was at point blank nonetheless- a small dust cloud formed from the impact of the bala and the Arrancar's humane like features, she used this blinding moment to surge forward, brandishing her sword before her, ready to send the creature down into it'se depth, where it belonged; his words, deflecting off her, though just before she slashed down at him, she stopped, his words, speaking of soul society, relquinished her of her hunger for his blood.

She lowered her sword to her side, while take a quick leap backwards just before her swords flickered before her, acting as a shield, should anything come her way. Her face now splattered with confusion behind the mask, she questioned the man, curiousty lingering on every syllabal,

"Ripe for the picking? what do you mean?! I want soul society, crushed! tell me everything you know! NOW!" her breasts heaving, as she couldn't contain herself any longer, the hollow side of her made her irrational, predator like, acting more on her emotions and instincts rather than collected, calm Captain she once was...
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Aaroniero Arruruerie
1st Espada

PostSubject: Re: Our fight [Private, inv only]   Sat Mar 06, 2010 7:52 am

Aaron breathed in deeply, the bala was strong, perhaps stronger than he intended. He knew she was fast, but not that fast. Catching him off guard, it was his brain that saved him, not his power. He staggered back a ways, clutching the trident until his knuckles were white, he used it to prop himself up. Her voice changed, no longer was it, playful and almost antagonistic, it was down right full of hatred, of lust and greed, something Aaron knew far too well.

Taking a deep breath he said, “You coming here was no accident, or mere whim, Soul Society has been invaded, alarms raised, and such, I was sure you were aware of this” He paused to take another breath, his body slowly healing itself, he could feel himself become stronger and more tolerant to the slow ebb of pain.

“I didn’t think you were the type of person to be used in such a meaningless fashion, with Soul Society fighting its own battles, everyone here would be easy pickins” Regaining his composure was most likely the only thing on his mind, he swayed a little before finally releasing his grasp on the trident, it ebbed away, returning to a sword, and then finally disappearing all together.

“Crush Soul Society, now that sounds like something a hollow would say” Aaron said, however, he wasn’t one to let a simply thing like a battle ruin his fun, snapping his fingers a gargantua opened, directly into the Dangai world. Moving forward, he turned around and simply said.

“A quick look around might not be so bad?” Stepping into the gargantua, Aaron motioned for the lady to enter as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Our fight [Private, inv only]   Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:12 am

Ezekeil stopped, panting softly, trying to catch her breath, trying to regain control over her urges, desires, trying to remain sane enough so that she could here what the man was trying express to her. She looked stunned, well she would have, had it not been for the mask obscuring her face.

Her sharad shattered, much like her mask that crumbled and spewed down to her feet, shock, surprise and greed glittering her face all at once. She digested the man's words with great difficulty, trying to find the meaning of his words and understand what potential that was in stored for her long driven dream...

"Yes...how hollow like. I'll trust you on this Arrancar but be sure, if you double cross me. I'll feed you your own balls, mark my words" she spat with disgust before moving to the garganta and stepping through it, trusting the man completely...

---> [Exit I assume]
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PostSubject: Re: Our fight [Private, inv only]   

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Our fight [Private, inv only]
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