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PostSubject: chizuru   Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:42 pm

Basic Information
Name: Chizuru Honshō
Age: 15
Gender: female
Grade: unknown
Looks: http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/File:Chizuru_2.png

Special Ability (Only if you have a special Ability.)
Description: has no special ability!

Background and Personality
History:Not much is known about young Chizuru. She is a classmate of Orihime and Ichigo, a proud lesbian, and Orihime's #1 fan. She is absolutely infatuated with her "hime"(her own little nickname for Orihime), but does not close herself just to one girl! She hits on every girl she meets, even going as far as to ask little girls their cup sizes.

When we first meet her she has very little or no spiritual power. She is present when the Numb Chandlier attacks Orihime. She was hit on the shoulder, and was used to choke Orihime. This may of kickstarted her spirit energy as after this event she seemed to become more able to sence spirits.

When she is not perverting on her classmates or innocent women she is often being ran out of local shops for peeking at the adult sections. She also spends time looking over her own body in the mirror and wishing she had the curves of Orihime...in more ways then one.

Just before the Espada attack Karakura town she came to Urahara, following Ichigo. There she was explained about the big wide world of Shinigami and Hollow...but most of it went over her head. Before leaving Uruu made her a special outfit to wear, instructed by Urahara. She would use this outfit when she joined the Karakura riser team as Karakura Erotic! She joined in on an attack on a hollow fortress commanded by an unknown arrancar female. Her suit allowed her to enter Hyper Erotic Mode which gave her great strength and speed, and allowed for the use of the most perverse and kinky techniques ever used. She stalled the unknown arrancar female long enough for Karakura Riser to destroy the core. She was then put to sleep by Urahara.

After the failed attack she returned to normal life. She seems to be in the very early stages of developing her spirit energy, but as of yet nothing has manifested beyond knowing when spirits are near.
A proud and open lesbian. Huge pervert. Lover of all things Orihime. This is some things to descrive Chizuru. She is mostly always in good spirts. While Orihime is her number 1 crush, she finds time and energy to perverse any girl who she comes in contact with. She has a never give up spirit, and wont let being turned down get in the way of her perverse intentions! She is very protective of Orihime. She often gets upset whenever anyone picks on her.


Hair: Short (neck length) and red.
Height: about 5 foot even.
Weight: 110
Is listed as 31st in her class.
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PostSubject: Re: chizuru   Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:50 pm

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