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 Makoto Chiyo

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PostSubject: Makoto Chiyo   Makoto Chiyo EmptySat Mar 06, 2010 4:49 pm

Basic Information

Name: Makoto Chiyo

Age: 300

Gender: Female

Division: Fifth

Looks: Makoto is a slight woman of 5'0, her body is lean built with a thin layer of muscles. Her face is thin, her chin comes to a point giving her a rather magical, elf like quality. It doesn't help that her black hair is worn short in a jagged pixie haircut. Her hair is never in a neat due to her always running a hand through it, particularly when she's stressed or nervous. Her bust is enough for her frame, and she prides herself on her delicate hands. A long jagged burn scar runs from her left upper arm to her back where she was burned by oil.
She has dark purple eyes that seemed to study everything with a bored aired. Her eyes don't give away any of her emotions and when someone looks into them all they see back is their reflection. Her eyes seem a little too big for her face and a little too far apart.
Her lips are too large, settled underneath as small nose and high cheek bones. She often has a mocking smile on her face when she talks to someone, just to annoy them.
Makoto Chiyo Blood1

Rank Vice Captain

Background and Personality

HistoryThe youngest of 17 children, Makoto had always been a little spoiled by her family. They were traveling performers, moving from one district to the other, taking over the square for one night to entertain the masses, and of course rob them blind. Each of the children had started their training at the age of four, starting with pick pocketing, then moving on to tumbling, acrobatics, and other performances to distract the audience. Of course not all of her family's money was made out of such small petty theft. Uncles and aunts staked out in the districts, finding the riches houses and during the performances would break in and steal the valuables.
So from the tender age of four, Makoto was recruited into the family business. As soon as she turned seven her performing training began. Excelling at tumbling, acrobatics, when she grew old enough her parents deemed that she would learn to fire dance, a rare and dangerous profession. For several years she did these dances until finally her families deeds caught up with them.
For some reason, Makoto's family, had been able to work for years, never being caught. the connection was never made between the gay performers and the missing items. But something was different that night, perhaps it was the blue moon, or that the Shinigami in that area had finally pieced together the crime. In the middle of Makoto's dance the square was raided, sending the entire family into chaos. Makoto was able to keep some of the Shinigami back with her fire meteor, but in the end Makoto was taken into custody with the rest of her family, those who survived.
She had been in jail for many months before going on trial. She would have gone to jail or hanged like other members of her family if the instructor of the Shinigami Academy hadn't interfered and given her the choice of becoming a Shinigami or death. That was an easy choice.
When Makoto entered the Shinigami Academy she was always borderline failing. Though brilliant with her control over her Zanpakuto, the lessons she failed at. Intelligent to get the lectures, she could not finish the assignments, more the extra reading. Though she managed to cope on some levels and learn how to read and write, her level was still on that of a child. She managed to keep this secret to herself and then graduate the Academy. Because of her seclusion in school she didn't gain many friends, but that didn't really shock her, considering they just labeled her as a thief and nothing more. Once graduating, like a joke on her fate, she was placed in Squad 5.

Personality From a young age, Makoto had always been known for her fiery temper, disregard for respect, and doing what she wanted, when she wanted. High spirited, she's self entertained, and is use to depending only on herself. Though she usually takes a casual air when meeting someone new, she often has an almost paranoid suspicion of the person until she learns to trust them.
She appreciates the nicer things in life, and can easily gauge how much something is worth just by looking at it. It takes a lot of self restraint to keep her from picking someone's pocket, or causally slip off a piece of jewelry. Makoto takes pride if she's able to lift something from a person without them knowing. How much she actually likes the person is depending if she gives the item back.
Makoto shows affection and attraction easily, though love and a relationship is something foreign to her. Due to her unwillingness to trust strangers, and deeper relationships are hard for her to accept.
She hates to read, the fact that she didn’t learn the basics of reading until she was in the Shinigami Academy makes anything that involves reading a writing a long and difficult process. Though, she's not stupid in anyway, her focus has always been on street smarts and not academics.

Techniques (Optional, but good to have)
Name: (Name of your tech)
Description: (What your tech is, and what it does)

Zanpaktou Information

Zanpaktou Name: Dengaku Saru

Zanpakutou Appearence Makoto's sealed Zanpakuto takes the form of a Uchigatana which she wears on her back because it's too long for her to wear on her waist. The blade is kept in a black sheath, it's guard is a slanted tear shape. The hilt wrappings are dark purple the same color as Makoto's eyes. Makoto's Zanpakuto's spirit takes on the form of a male Kabuki actor. He's dressed entirely in black, though his robes are as elaborate, and bulky as his human counter parts in the Kabuki plays. His skin is a light blue color covered in jagged red tattoos, though the opnly visable tattoos are on his face. His face is that of a mask, depending on the tilt of his head is on what emotions can be seen. Oddly enough, though dressed like the heroes of Kabuki, the two protruding horns on his head might say otherwise.

Makoto Chiyo 000

His inner world, of course, is that of a stage. ((The kabuki stage features a projection called a hanamichi (‰Ô“¹; literally, flower path), a walkway which extends into the audience and via which dramatic entrances and exits are made. Okuni also performed on a hanamichi stage with her entourage. This type of stage is very important in kabuki theatre. The stage is used not only as a walkway or path to get to and from the main stage, but also important scenes are also played on the stage. Kabuki stages and theaters have steadily become more technologically sophisticated, and innovations including revolving stages and trap doors, introduced during the 18th century, added greatly to the staging of kabuki plays. A driving force has been the desire to make manifest one frequent theme of kabuki theater, that of the sudden, dramatic revelation or transformation. A number of stage tricks, including rapid appearances and disappearances of actors, have evolved using these innovations. Hanamichi and several innovations including revolving stage, seri and chunori have all contributed to sophisticating kabuki play, by which hanamichi creates the second dimensionality (depth) and both seri and chunori gains three dimensionality (height).)) (Thank you Wikipedia))

Makoto Chiyo Fig3

The world other then the stage is black except for one seat where Makoto often finds herself sitting. Her spirit prefers to speak to her through singing and acting, often times with several acts. Though just to annoy Makoto, he'll use puppets and Banraku. He has a good sense of humor even if Makoto doesn't appreciate it, which sometimes makes him pout.

Shikai Appearence: When Makoto releases her Shikai her blade turns into a meteor hammer. The weapon is silver in color, the chain fifteen feet in length, the ball weighs 16 pounds. She uses the weapon swinging it around her body to build up considerable speed, before releasing the meteor to strike at any angle. Example of attacks in battle:
Throw: A meteor may be thrown, while holding one of the heads to enable its retrieval. This is a highly unpredictable form of attack, often used effectively to catch an opponent off guard. A throw can be initiated quickly and efficiently by a skilled fighter, with a simple pull in the correct direction.
Grab: A correctly placed throw can cause the meteor to wrap itself around an object and grab it. If done correctly, the meteor will wrap over itself and ensnare a weapon, an object or even an opponent's limb. Alternatively, if the meteor does not wrap over itself, it can be used to spin an object, providing a helpful way of swiftly disorienting an opponent.
Whip: a simple linear strike can be effected, as from a whip.
Slam: Sometimes referred to as "storm from above", this powerful attack involves a wide overhead arc, resulting in a vertical strike. Difficult to counter, but relatively easy to simply dodge, this attack can be repeated a number of times, similar to a techniques used with a Bō.
Swing: The swing is a simple side attack, capable of tripping an opponent. A basic move to learn, but a difficult one to master, being as a horizontal swing can very easily backfire and injure the one wielding the meteor.

Shikai Ability: Dengaku Saru is a fire based Zanpakuto. When Makoto releases it, it begins to grow hot, it slowly grow red, then white as the heat increases. The time it takes to warm up varies on if Makoto is swinging the weapon, or hitting targets. General contact with something will help the weapon heat up, or warm up as Makoto calls it. As she maneuvers it around her body the surface will actually sizzle as it burns the moisture in the air.
"Moetatsu!" Dengaku is able to fire off one fire attack, a 5x5 fireball. This attack is difficult for Makoto to do because it takes a considerable amount of time to build up the energy in her weapon to create the fire.

Bankai Appearence: N/A

Bankai Ability: N/A

Zanpaktou Release Phrase: "Enter the Stage, Dengaku Saru


Choose one of the following for each. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

Kido/Ginto: Intermediate

Zanjutsu/Marksmanship: Advanced


Hoho: Advanced

Role-play Sample: Makoto sighed, staring at the ceiling of her cell from the dirty straw pile that was suppose to be her bed she wondered when they would feed her. How long had she been in this cell? She guessed two or three months, how much longer depended on if she had been forgotten. The light in the cell was gray, so it was either early morning or dusk, hell if she knew. She sat up as the rusty lock creaked and the door opened. When she had first been put in the dirty, dank cell she had charged the door every time it had opened. Then they with held her food rations for a few days and she figured better to behave then to die from starvation.

"Come on then, your turn in front of the judge," the jail keep rasped as two of his workers grabbed Makoto by the arms and dragged her to a tiny room in the building across the street where a man behind a table sat with a file in front of him.

"Makoto Chiyo, seventeen child of the Chiyo family, you stand accused of robbery, aiding thieves, and attacking Shinigami," the man said.

"Aye," Makoto said only to be backhanded by the jail keep.

"Keep your mouth shut."

"Very well, guilty," the man said closing the file, "The rest of your brothers and sisters have either been hanged or jailed. Due to your attack on the Shinigami Patrol Guards your punishment..."

"Is either to hang," a voice said from the doorway, "Or attend the Shinigami Academy," a tall, thin Shinigami said stepping into the room, taking everyone by surprise. "Some higher ups were interested in the reports and thought she'd be more useful as a Shinigami then dead. But it's really up to you Ms. Chiyo."

"Is that really needed teh ask?" Makoto asked darkly.

"So a yes then," the Shinigami said, "Well then take off the cuffs we'll take you to your new home."
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PostSubject: Re: Makoto Chiyo   Makoto Chiyo EmptySat Mar 06, 2010 5:04 pm


5x5 fireball, takes 2 post to build up energy as you clearly stated it needs, you can use these fireballs for another 5 posts followed by a 3 post cool down and 2 post charge up build.
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Makoto Chiyo
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