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 Aoide Sato

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PostSubject: Aoide Sato   Aoide Sato EmptySat Mar 06, 2010 5:49 pm

Basic Information

Name: Aoide Sato

Age: 400

Gender: Female

Division: 8th

Looks: Aoide is a slender young looking girl with large doe brown eyes. Her hair is dark brown, thick, with a crop of bangs that go across her forehead at an angle. When she’s not in battle and just working on her Squad responsibilities she likes wearing her hair up in two elaborate pigtails. Her lips are soft looking and positioned under a straight rounded nose. Her eyebrows are a little overly bushy, which she likes to waggle at people she likes or is trying to be comical. She’s pretty good looking when she’s trying to pull off being serene, but she looks frightening when she’s angry. Her face usually takes on a gentle look, though her mouth can also turn into a large pointed grin against an opponent. She has a medium sized bust, though has the tendency not to have any clue on how to use it, let alone anything sexy. From her many battles against hollows as well as other Squad 11 members Aoide back and shoulders are criss crossed with many scars, she is both proud as a warrior but ashamed as a woman of these scars.

Aoide Sato Magna_Carta_by_peaceupkstreet

Aoide Sato Magna_1_1024

Aoide Sato Magna-carta-sample-2

Aoide Sato Juclesia

Aoide Sato 4e732ced3463d06de0ca9a15b6153677

Rank VC

Background and Personality


Aoide Sato grew up in Feudal Japan, her parents were well to do pottery makers. She learned the skill as well, but not to the skill of her parents due to at a young age she was arranged to be married to a distant well to do fighter for the Lord of the land. Even knowing this Aoide grew up a happy child, her parents loving her as much as possible. At the age of fifteen she left her parent’s workshop and went to her future husband’s lands. Unfortunately, it was a time of war she never met her husband nor married him, there was just never a chance For two years she was in charge of his lands and household, until the message from the Lord came. Her to be husband was killed in battle, while the rest of the household wept, Aoide was unsure what to do, how could she cry for someone she never knew. Arrangement were made to return her home, and the night before she left Aoide was awoken by the sound of part of the household being torn apart. She ran outside to see a huge creature munching on the soul of one of the servants. Aoide picked up a nearby Naganita, then threw a rock at the creature. A short lived battle began, only for Aoide to be badly beaten. As she lay on the ground the Hollow laughing over her, a black figure flew at the creature slicing its mask in half.

This man was a Shinigami, one of Squad 13, ordered to find Hollows and destroy them in the human world. Akeno Yuu, of the lesser of the noble houses, but still a good Shinigami none the less. As Aoide laid on the ground her eyes dull and gasping for air, he walked over to her. Slowly, her eyes looked at him, that’s when Akeno knew he had to take her with him, she had potential, the Soul Society would need someone like her. And so Aoide’s soul was adopted into the Yuu family. For while she stayed with the family, learning about the Soul Society and how to act. It was a great deal of time before she actually enrolled into the Shinigami Academy and began her studies. Long years went by as she struggled through school. Finally, upon graduation she was actually accepted, to her dismay, to Squad 11. Other then Yachiru, she was the lone female in this squad, and in one of the last positions in the squad. Her skin thickened with the rumors of being a whore and other nasty things being said.

Aoide worked hard on her training and was soon recognized as being able to sense other Shinigami by their Spiritual Energy, what she called, 'their song.' Yamamoto seeing potential that wouldn't grow in an all fighting Squad moved Aoide to Squad 8.

Aoide, once upon a time when she was much younger was considered a terror to the Soul Society. She was a young, spontaneous creature with the tendencies to bring back very odd trinkets from the human world. Being a dreamer, and unable to focus her mind on her studies in the Academy, it took her a long time to graduate then. Now at and older and riper age she’s able to control her dreaming, and is less of a terror then more of a calm, influencing force on her Squad. When dealing with her Squad she tries to remain patient and do what she can for them, even if she feels like she’ll explode from frustration. With the other Shinigami she a little different, willing to show her temper, her frustration, and her habit of jumping the gun and wanting to fight. She’s all to willing to object to authority if she feels like it’s not the right course of action, let alone if she doesn’t like the guy.

Being clever in nature she enjoys just letting someone run around in circles in an argument. Even so, she’s a fun loving woman, with a pretty good heart, who loves to drink Sake, and dream when she has the time. Though she appears cheerful at most times, Aoide is a deeper person, letting her worries and fears be held inside, less they be considered a form of weakness and used against her. Aoide is a little confused on the being sexy department, usually having no clue or failing horribly if she tries. She also hates people who gossip and spread rumors often smacking the back of their heads when she catches people doing so. She also has put in much of her money into a few rice patties where she plans to make her own sake and sell it to the local taverns.

Techniques (Optional, but good to have)

Name: The Song


Currently Aoide has been able to use her voice and mix it to Reistu to try to get those with low or no Spiritual Energy to bend that what she says. She's still not very good at this technique and often fails at it. She also been training herself to mimic other people's voices, though this is mostly for her own amusement.

Strength: 5
Speed: 8
Accuracy: 4
Stamina: 5

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name:

Yobirin Masurao(Bell Warrior)

Zanpakutou Appearence

A simple Wakizashi, with lacquered tang wrappings orange in color. The guard of the blade is a simple circle shape with music notes carved into the metal. The blade being shorter then most Katana’s has made Aoide have to concentrate on using the entire blade while she fights, such as using the hilt to jab an enemy in the stomach. Such a short blade has also made her quick with her movements, having to strike and move before her opponent with a longer, heavier blade can attack. Aoide has also trained herself in using the sheath of her blade in her attacks as well, including using it to block attacks. After all with having a small blade, she had to figure out someway to keep from being stabbed

Aoide's spirit takes the form of a larger burly man, who has gentle green eyes and his black hair tied back into a ponytail. The man is dressed in traditional japanese robes, mostly in yellows and orange. He has a Biwa in one hand and a large blade, roughly the shape of a meat cleaver in the other hand. He seems to love to fight more the Aoide, but only when Aoide herself has given into battle rage. In fact most of the time he is calm and relaxed, Aoide gets frustrated at him for not giving being more agreeable when it comes for him working with her. Except when it comes to fighting, Yobirin gives her little details on how to control her powers, and then laughs at her when she messes up.

Yobirin can be stubborn, rude, and prone to violence. Every time Aoide knows he's near she smell the very faint scent of roses. Aoide hates when he appears because he tends to sneak behind her and scare her. Unknown to Aoide is Yobirin is a shape shifter, but only takes this form around her.

Inner World: Aoide’s inner world appears to be a large forest made completely of glass right down to the small blades of glass. Only that path that leads up to her spirit is clear of such glass. In times of depression or when Aoide seems to crumble the glass seems to melt or shatter.

Shikai Appearence: A doubled ended bladed Naginata, with a string of bells winding down its shaft. Though it appears to be made out of wood, the Naganita is still hard to cut with a normal blade. When Aoide unleashes it, it seems to hum with excitement and sucks up the sound around it. Also Aoide has been know to bend her Spiritual Energy to go through a ‘Magical Girl,’ type transformation when going Shikai and Bankai.

Aoide Sato D__Gray_Man_Lenalee__Complete__b-1

Aoide Sato D_gray_man_Lenalee_by_Zoo_chan

Aoide Sato Magna_Carta___Adora_Colored_by_ItoM

Shikai Ability:

Cavatina, (Sing)- The area around the battle field will grow silent as the blade absorbs all the sound in the area. It will glow with a rushing white glow, then all the sound that it has absorb is released in a sonic boom type attack. Aoide’s speed and strength are heightened as well as when her blade hit another blade or the enemy it lets off smaller blasts of sonic pressure. She is able to hold the sound in her Naganita for roughly, twenty seconds before it has to be released, she then needs a full two minutes for the staff to reabsorb the sound again.

Soul Choir, (Follow)- The tips of Aoide’s blade will glow before shooting into the air, five mini sonic booms come crashing to the ground following the enemy by Aoide concentrating on the song that the person’s Spirit Pressure gives out. She must stand still and concentrate on the target to allow her blade the ability to zone in on the Spiritual pressure and follow their movements. Aoide is unable to move until the last attack is finish and even then she is slow and sluggish. This attack takes three minutes to charge and then ten minutes to recharge.

Bankai Appearence: Her Naganita turns into what looks like a bladed staff, which the blades fan out. At the end of the blades where it meets the staff is two large silver bells.

Aoide Sato Magna2004

Aoide Sato 254

Bankai Ability: Currently Aoide is only a beginner at Bankai, which is the most that her Zanpaktou thinks she had handle at this point and time. Aoide's powers still are taken from the sounds in the air, only at this point her body is directly absorbing the sound allowing her to be able to reach the level of speed and strength of a Captain. Her Bankai Reistu is orange and well as her clothing changing into an orange outfit.

Zanpaktou Release Phrase: “Sing”

Choose one of the following for each. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Kido/Ginto: Intermediate
Zanjutsu/Marksmanship: Advanced
Hoho: Advanced

Role-play Sample:

Aoide Sato stood looking up at the sky, the wind slowly brushing against her skin as she worked calf deep in water. The rice was coming along beautifully, the thin green stalks bent in the wind almost like they were bowing to her. Aoide could almost feel the energy coming off of these plants and if she concentrated she probably could see the weak, very weak light lime spiritual energy from them. Aoide had learned not to long ago that most things that were living had some sort of energy, and by concentrating by the song they gave off she could sometimes see the energy.

Wiping her brow, Aoide went back to work, enjoying the sun warming her back and bare shoulders. She would probably be tanned by the end of the day. A taboo, most women in the Soul Society preferred white, silky skin. But Aoide didn't really care, after all no one would be observing her, nor the criss-cross of scars on her shoulders and body.

Blowing a stray few hairs from her eyes, Aoide looked up in time to see a Hell Butterfly fluttering around her. She let out a sigh and rolled her eyes, it was her day off, shesh, Captain was a slave driver. She let the small creature land on her finger, and on receiving her message watch the butterfly disappear. Letting out a groan and making sure to move as slowly as possible, Aoide packed up all of her tools and then made her way back to Head Quarters.

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5th Espada

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PostSubject: Re: Aoide Sato   Aoide Sato EmptySat Mar 06, 2010 6:22 pm

looks good
Approved unless stated otherwise by an admin or another mod.
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PostSubject: Re: Aoide Sato   Aoide Sato EmptySat Mar 06, 2010 7:46 pm

Normal VC based kidou.
Sing tech: She can hold in sound for 5 posts, shes not affected by it, she can fire the sound = 1 post use and then followed by a 2 post cool down

Her bankai is immature, so she can use it for 15 posts followed by 10 post cool down before she can use it again. (This can change pending on admin's decisions).

All in All.


Happy Hunting
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PostSubject: Re: Aoide Sato   Aoide Sato Empty

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Aoide Sato
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