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 Ask Before you Kill Rule

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Captain of the First Division

PostSubject: Ask Before you Kill Rule   Wed Mar 10, 2010 6:45 pm

As acting head admin as chosen by Zeek untill Sarah returns, I'm here by enforcing the 'Ask before you Kill' Rule. Sarah is free to remove this rule when she comes back but while I'm here any person who kills someone without the permission of the player can and most likely will be banned. There is of course some exclusions to this rule.

1: Fighting

When it comes to fighting All characters are able to die. However both people have to agree to the fight before doing someone can not just enter a topic and force a fight upon a player. This makes it less fun to the players who enjoy just Roleplaying and not DYING.

2: Plot Deaths

In Plots the Game Runner has every right to kill a person if it helps out with the plot. People who join plots understand that their deaths during the plot is possible.

3: Espada & Captain Spots

People who hold high ranking spots that can be gained by killing the former person, Are not allowed to refuse a challenge without a highly good reason. Atop of this if the person is gone from the topic for more then 24 hours does not die, But automatically gives up the spot to the person who challenged them.

4: The Not Responding Rule

If a Person enters a fight and does not respond for one whole week, The person can be killed. But they have a right to call a rematch once they return, If they return, However, If they are gone for a month they forfeit the right to call a rematch. The rematch must happen in a topic specifically created for the fight. If the person returns and the rematch is not called within 48 hours, Then that character is hereby renounced Dead.

5: The Retard Rule

If a person accepted a fight and then refuses to post despite being here, The person who is fighting them may call auto hits within 48 hours, and if their killing blows then to bad. The person will die and the person will not be allowed to keep the character or call a rematch.

6: The Retreat Rule

Like in Real life people will realize that they made a mistake, and will attempt to run away. There are several ways to retreat from a fight. I'll list them along side the rules to each retreat.

6.1: Senkaimon

Shinigami have the ability to use Senkaimon, This will take two posts to do and leave them open to attack if they don't have another means of weapon to guard against the enemy. As this takes their Zanpakuto to open up. Those people who have Two Zanpakuto (Shunsui, Juushiro, ect) are best at this rule as they can use one Zanpakuto to open it up and the other to defend from their enemy.

6.2: Garganta

The Garganta is the Arrancar equivilant of the Senkaimon, Like the Senkaimon this takes two posts to do and unlike the Senkaimon does not leave the Arrancar open to attack. As the Garganta opens up without the use of the Arrancar's Zanpakuto.

6.3: Shunpou/Sonido/God Step

These are the three extreme moves that are used by Shinigami (Shunpou), Arrancar (Sonido), and Quincy's (God Step). By using these the person can travel extremely fast for long distances. This takes three posts to retreat in this fashion, and if the person gives chase, Five posts. People like Yoruichi and Soi-Fon are particularly abled in this type of retreat. This type of retreat has to be approved by Admins as they decide who's the faster of the two people and if they can retreat.

More will be added later but that's the brunt of it.

Last edited by Chris on Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:51 pm; edited 3 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Ask Before you Kill Rule   Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:49 am

Freakin Approved! D:<
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Ask Before you Kill Rule
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