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 Awesome Part 2

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Nadeli Hime

PostSubject: Awesome Part 2   Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:54 am

She landed softly onto the sandy ground below, cushioning her approach as she made contact with the granulated ground, spewing up some of the members into the air and displaced them from their original position. She cursed the dumb hollow that opened the garganta so high up, she hadn't expected it but her keen training and innate instinct proved helpful in a situation such as this.

She sighed, dusting off any unwanted sand particles that managed to mingle onto her clothing; her perfected ninja outfit took her ages to prepare and she didn't want any part of it ruined. She internally cringed at the feeling she got when it occured to her as what would happen if she said such things aloud back in the 2nd Division, surely a thrashing or maybe a month guarding the Maggot's nest.

The hollow, hiding in the sand below her, made his move, wanting to catch the Vice-Captain off guard; an easy meal, was what crossed his mind, especially when shinigami were so rare to come by. He smashed outward from the sand below, only to find the prey gone, little did he realise she appeared above him, with her fist raised high. A quick blow and it smashed into the creature's head, spewing out blood, that coated the sandy ground making slightly runny and deep red. She gave the creature no time to understand it's pain, she flickered from sight, appearing again, her blade flashing in the dim light, cleaving the creature two...

She flicked her blade as she began walking away from the sizziling corpse of the creature, plastering the blood off her sword and spamming it onto the already blood filled ground.

she said with disgust as the corpse finally disintegrated; she knew this would attract attention and released her zanpakutou into it's inital, shikai state. She felt more secure as the warm, hum-like feeling from her zanpakutou rippled through her body...letting her knew she wasn't alone.
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Yu Kanda


PostSubject: Re: Awesome Part 2   Fri Mar 12, 2010 4:06 am

A think shape could be seen on the horizen... it appeared to be a girl... kind of strong... not a captain. "What a fool. In my domain you are nothing but a little fly waiting to get smashed. What have you come for? Surely not a tea party." In less then a second he closed the 45 foot gap between them and was now standing 9 feet from her small frame. Sometime during his dash he had the time to draw his blade and when he stopped he pointed it towards her body.

He began to observe her motions. The rise and fall of her breaths and the small motions that she made. Swaying back and forth as if pulled by a small and invisible force. Soon she would understand the nightmares that small humans often told to each other. The things that hide in the shadows as some would say. He smiled at the thought of tearing her limb from limb and making her regret her short,small, and meaningless life. "You will have a hard time living through your visit." With that he only smiled and awaited her move...
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Nadeli Hime

PostSubject: Re: Awesome Part 2   Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:37 am

So the prophecy she predicted indeed came true, while she had not noticed the human like creature, she did now; his elegant appearance, formable words and intelligence she had only heard about., this truly was an arrancar of quality.

She smiled softly at the upcoming Arrancar, he was watching her, his eyes trying to calculate what she was capable of doing; a pointless feat, he was trying to see patterns in her movement that she rarely used, she had never been in that situation with a hollow brizzling out of the sand like some over grown vermin. She sighed as she noticed that the Arrancar was speculating, trying to win something over her before the battle really began but it seemed that he had not noticed enough to realise that the data he collected was rudimentary.

"Well. Arrancar, you all talk big but..." she half shrugged not even wanting to waste her breath on the creature as she spoke softly;

"Issuei" and out screeched a very high pitch blast of reatsu that scampered across the floor, vaporizing sand granules as it arched it's way to the Arrancar, while leaving a trail of reatsu in it's formed path.
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Yu Kanda


PostSubject: Re: Awesome Part 2   Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:18 pm

Yu knew what the shinigami was going to do far before she actually did it. He could see the slight movements and stresses of the girls body and could see that her body stopped its uncontrollably slow movement and just began to move slightly forward. He pulled his sword and pointed it towards the sky in a defensive stance. He could also feel the forceful movement of the air as it fought to escape the blasts speedy approach. "You would attack me before understanding my true strength? Maybe I was wrong about the shinigami's supposed strength in combat." With a small flick of his wrist he fired a cero at the oncoming blast and sonidoed 10 feet behind Nadeli and with another sligh flick shot a second cero towards her back. "Your attack did nothing but annoy my ears like a little fly caught in a web. A web that will be its grave." Slowly he began to bring his breath to a steady in and out relaxing his muscles so that he gave nothing away with his movements. With a small movement he began to funnel a small reserve of energy to his hand to prepare to throw his next cero as fast as possible...
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Nadeli Hime

PostSubject: Re: Awesome Part 2   Sat Mar 13, 2010 2:34 am

Her reatsu blast smashed into the upcoming cero, smashing one and other into bits, leaving a residue of particles that lingered heavily in the air, as a thick burst of dust and smoke issued out from the explosion and masked her appearence.

The Arrancar truly intimate on his own performance to realise that Nadeli was using the smoke as a means of screening to turn the tide against the foolish man. She heard him speak and while he did so, she summoned her shield, a small pinky, red cube that orbitted around her; she pushed reatsu through her feet, just as she took a simple step, G-forces smashed into her body as she rushed past the Arrancar, appearing 2 feet behind him, just as he sonido'd and prepared to fire another cero.

His cero fired right into the smoke, smashing into her shield, that formed at her command, absorbing the cero and exploding outwards in an overlarge beam of cero's match (this transaction happened more or less in miliseconds of each other when the cero hit her shield); Nedali, fired her own energy blast, this time, setting it to "High Pen", enabling it to move at twice the speed of bala. This made her attack incredibly dangerous, a speedy powerful attack hitting him from behind at this low range, while she would surprise him by throwing in her own reverted attack from the smoke.

(OOC: This happened BEFORE you collected particles in your hand for another cero, so you wouldn't be able to use it)
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PostSubject: Re: Awesome Part 2   

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Awesome Part 2
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