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 Leina Karasu {Done}

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Leina Karasu {Done} Empty
PostSubject: Leina Karasu {Done}   Leina Karasu {Done} EmptyFri Mar 12, 2010 10:10 am

Basic Information
Name: Leina Karasu
Age: 503, Appears 20
Gender: Female
Division: 9
Leina Karasu {Done} 1171755092_rlsGirl103
(Please ignore anything not mentioned within the written looks below)
Leina is about five feet and three inches in height. She weighs approximately ninety-eight pounds. Around her right hand is a glove that shows the reciprocate part of her palm, and has the fingers cut off, and an armband aound her muscle. Spiraling below the glove is a long silver bracelet with a heart at the end. Around her right arm is a long purple, velvet sleeve with a studded bracelet around her wrist. She wears a small vest-like shirt that is black, along with a gray undershirt.

She wears a plaid skirt with two belts diagonally wrapped around her waist, one is black and the other is gray. Near the ridges at the bottom of her skirt are black, and grey crosses. She has an orange tinted hair, similar to Ichigo's, that lengths to the back of her knees. Her left ear is pierced, and her eyes are black.
Rank Vice Captain

Background and Personality

History: Born in Rukon District 78 Inuzuri, life was rather hard for her as a child. Many men had found her attractive and had abused her at a very young age. Years and years it went on for, so much that she stopped her pleas for help and underwent a state of no emotion. Finally, one day a shinigami had arrived on patrol to see if there was hollow attacks, and helped her escape. She never remembered his name, but did vow that one day she would become a shinigami. After years of self training she joined the academy to further hone her abilities.

Her natural talent was noticed almost immediately, and it was Zanjutsu. After that she trained with her kido, after learning her zanpakuto's name. After that she trained her Shunpo with her philosophy being 'if they can't catch me I win'. When she graduated she was in the highest class, making her lieutenant material. That was exactly what happened, she became the lieutenant of Squad 9. She was so excited to finally have her name known, as well as finally having the ability to fight back.

She routinely made trips to the Human World as well as the Rukongai. A few months after she became a lieutenant she went back to Rukongai and to Inuzuri. She found the men who had abused her so many years ago, and emotionlessly killed them. The feeling she got from it was so exhilarating, but she hasn't told anyone about that and doesn't plan on it.

Personality: Despite her appearance Leina is a rather playful and energetic woman. She loves her duties as a shinigami and would never give it up. She is very flirtatious and will often show skin 'accidentely'. Although she is playful and fun, she hates rule breakers. If the crime was serious enough, she might execute the person.

She loves to train and better herself in combat. Although Tosen's motto was to take the path of justice, she thougght that it was complete bull. In her opinion, justice cannot be found without there being fights to find it. She has a rather hard extewrior to others, but that is untrue. She only acts like it, in truth she is very insecure and at rare times will she ever actually show it.

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name: Kashu Sakebigoe
Zanpakutou Appearence Her sealed zanpakuto has no guard, shape or form. Her hilt and sheath are a matching jet black. Her blade lengths at twenty-one inches and is three inches wide. Near the bottom of her sheath is a pink ribbon.

Shikai Appearence: When she releases her zanapkuto she pulls at where the guard should be and the top half of the blade raises, revealing a pink, flesh looking substance. This lengthens her sword to about twenty-seven inches.

Shikai Ability: Kandakai Houmon za Karite {Shrill Call of the Reaper} - By lifting her sword above her head, and spinning it a sound begins to emit. Since she is so attuned to her zanpakuto's abilities it doesn't bother her, but to others the sound will be rather annoying and a slight bit painful. When her opponent(s) hear this their ability to see is slightly hindered. They will begin to see doubles, and maybe even triples of her. They will have to rely on their other four senses to find and attack her.

Gasshoutai Ato Ikusen Dokuro {Chorus of a Thousand Skulls} - Again, she will lift her sword above her head, and begin spinning it. This time, however, a red reiatsu will begin to leak out of her blade. After she calls out the name of her attack seven skull shaped reaistu blasts will emerge, and swarm toward her opponent. Each 'skull' is able to do decent damage to her opponent(s).

Bankai Appearence: N/A
Bankai Ability: N/A
Zanpaktou Release Phrase: Assault, Kashu Sakibigoe

Kido/Ginto: Advanced
Zanjutsu/Marksmanship: Advanced
Hakuda: Intermediate
Hoho: Intermediate
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Leina Karasu {Done} Empty
PostSubject: Re: Leina Karasu {Done}   Leina Karasu {Done} EmptySat Mar 13, 2010 11:43 am

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Leina Karasu {Done}
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