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 In thought [Open]

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Ryoma Sakuraba
Captain of the Ninth Division

PostSubject: In thought [Open]   Sun Mar 14, 2010 12:57 am

-ryoma was just finishing his work when he then started to think about "kenji Hayabusa" the former captain of the 9th squad and was known as a hero to the Soul Society. ryoma just wished he was stronger that way kenji would still be alive, but it was not just that, he was feeling regret for not being able to even protect Sakura Hayabusa the he love so dearly. tears start to fall from his eyes-

I should have protected her, but instead she died protecting me. it's not fair, why did she have to do that she should have just not stepped that wa this never would have happened. i was so weak, that i could not even protect her and its just like how kenji saved me.

-ryoma continues to feel sorry for himself, since he has be carrying this burden for all these years.-
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PostSubject: Re: In thought [Open]   Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:08 am

Aoide Sato, Vice Captain of Squad 8 practically skipped down the hallways of Squad 9. True she had never met someone from Squad 9, but she figured that she had to be polite, they were neighbors of sorts anyway. That and she had accidentally hit that ball into the Captain's quarters when she was trying to teach her squad baseball. On retrospect, the little garden area behind their squad building wasn't the best place to play a game requiring room. In anycase, she was going to befriend the officers of Squad 9, whether they liked it or not. Of course a basket filled with pretty cakes and cookies she had made would help. I had been hell to try to keep Captain Kyoraku from eating the sweets. Aoide was sure there was a permanent footprint on his butt where she had kicked him out of the kitchen.

So ther she was dressed in her sleeveless robes, skipping down the hallway, little UFO machine prizes bouncing along with her pigtails. Surprisingly though, she held the little basket as steady as she could so the cake, cookies, and even a small pot of tea wouldn't be upset. "Taichou Kyuu!" Aoide called out cheerfully before throwing up the door and smiling holdig up the basket, "I'm Aoide Sato, Vice Captain of Squad 8, I bring tea and sweets to strengthen relations between our squ..." Aoide stopped in mid sentence looking at the Captain in front of her. "Eh, so sad," she murmured stepping into the room and closing the door.

"The burdens of a Captain must be hard, would you like to talk?" Aoide asked politely, her face etched with concern for this Captain she didn't even know.
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Ryoma Sakuraba
Captain of the Ninth Division

PostSubject: Re: In thought [Open]   Mon Mar 15, 2010 2:01 am

-as ryoma heard someone walk in he looked up toward the person, and was alittle shocked. since the the person who walked in looked just like sakura, but he know it was not possible for her to be alive. since he was there when she died protecting him. he wipes the tears from his eyes and start to give a small smile toward Aoide and says.-

hello, nice to see you and i am guessing that you heard about what is bothering didn't you. well if you want to know just tell me and i will explain it to you. it is just a nightmare thinking about it, and sometimes i see myself reliving it.
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Ryoma Sakuraba
Captain of the Ninth Division

PostSubject: Re: In thought [Open]   Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:29 am

-before ryoma started to tell his story, he looked toward Aoide and said-

sorry i must have forgotten, my name is Ryoma Sakuraba. also i forgot to ask but, earlier i was looking my vice-captain and i just wanted to know if you have seen her or not. cause i need her to sent these files to the captain of squad 6.

-ryoma picked up a large pile of paper work and placed it on his desk-
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PostSubject: Re: In thought [Open]   

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In thought [Open]
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