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PostSubject: bleach:MOTIONBLUE   Sun Mar 14, 2010 5:37 am

[blockquote]For thousands of years, a war has raged between the forces of the Shinigami and the Hollows. Years and years they fought, getting into nothing but more turmoil. The Gotei 13 and its respected Taichō killed as many hollows as they could, saving the equal amount of lives. This was not enough, and with the rise of Aizen and his Arrancar forces, the fate of the Shinigami seemed sealed. Preparing themselves for a full-on attack, the Shinigami mustered every man and woman they had to protect Seireitei, to keep it alive even a little bit longer. However, Aizen was smart, and instead sent in his ten Espada to dispose of the Gotei 13's Taichô. With them gone, he would be that much more difficult to stop.

The Espada managed to infiltrate Soul Society, and each member engaged a Gotei Captain in combat. Each captain declined the aid of their squad, and as a result the mostpart of the Gotei 13 Taichō were slain by the Espada. The only surviving captains were Abarai Renji, Kuchiki Byakuya and Hitsugaya Toushiro, the first two of which were both wounded. It seemed Hitsugaya was the only able-bodied Taichô, and allowed the others to recuperate before planning the counter attack.

However, the counter attack on Las Noches wouldn't even transpire. Crossing the desert of Hueco Mundo, The three remaining Taichō and a small portion of the Shinigami were ambushed by hollow and arrancar alike, killed in a matter of minutes. The shinigami had another heavy blow dealt against them, and new captains would be re-instated to cater for the losses.

Meanwhile, on Earth, hollow sightings would begin to become more frequent: and Shinigami would regularly travel to earth to protect its innocence, via orders of the Central 46. With Soul Societys forces scattered, the remaining Espada would launch another blow: a direct attempt to assassinate the Central 46. The attack failed, and the Espada were wiped out by Quincies, who, despite their undying hate towards Shinigami, decided that the war had to end. Aizen, furious, began to plot and brood once again, making plans for his next, and final, attack.

... And thus a new chapter will begin.

Currently seeking Staff :]!
Pretty much Canon plot, though it then runs off into custom.
Espada positions, along with Taichō spots Open
Pretty much do what you like :]
NO canons ;[

... Yea. Just Join. :]


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