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 Soul Eater: Resonance - Reopened! [LB]

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PostSubject: Soul Eater: Resonance - Reopened! [LB]   Sun Mar 14, 2010 6:34 am

Soul Eater: Resonance [Reopened!]

After the Kishin Asura's release, many events have taken place. There are various sides with their own goals, each of which will do anything to succeed to see their dreams accomplished.

Shibusen, the forces of the God of Death, Shinigami-sama, are training constantly. The students under his watchful eye, are growing stronger everyday, vanquishing the evil souls all across the globe. Meisters wielding their partners flawlessly, and the weaponry themselves earning a single step closer to becoming a Death Scythe, the envy of all Weapons. Shibusen wishes to capture Asura once again, to seal him away so that he will never be able to see the light of day. The young generation is preparing for this, already.

On the opposite of the pure souls lead by Shinigami, the vile creates lay in wait, aiming to extinguish all that is good. Witches, pagan beings that gather together in secret metting places. Among them are Medusa and Arachne Gorgon, sisters, both with their own views and minions at their disposal. their full intentions are still unclear, however, what they do want, will not be good for anyone but themselves. Insanity itself is beginning to wreak havoc on the population, drawing out the inner most fears and anger in people, ultimately creating more and more Kishin eggs for Shibusen and those affiliated with them to bring down.

Also, a new threat has arisen. A lone man by the name of Noah, who has the book of Eibon in his possession. With an odd affinity for collecting anything unique, what cruel intentions he has buried within those pages are still unknown.

Resonance is a Canon and Original Character Soul Eater forum. We have recently reopened after a long hiatus.

We require a tryout to be posted before a character [Both Canon and OC] are accepted into the ranks. Please Tryout as a GUEST. We don't want people that cannot read the rules, or roleplay properly to join. We are, however easy going, and go mainly by the manga for canons.

Our plot consists of fighting, missions, and mixed events that take place in a sort of 'filler' place in the manga storyline. We want as many of the canon characters to be available as possible to ensure that everyone gets a variety of characters to choose from, if they want to be a canon character.

Again, read the rules, and tryout with a character template if you are interested. We allow original art, as well as art from other series, but please try to actually be original in your selection. If you have any questions or comments, create a name on the Cbox at the bottom of the main page, and talk to a member of the Staff, we are mainly around.

If you would like to Affiliate with our forum, please place our mini banner on your affiliate list and make a note to us that you did so, so we can do the same with your mini banner. Be sure to give us the proper code as well.


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Soul Eater: Resonance - Reopened! [LB]
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