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 Atamagaokashii (WIP)

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Kensei Kontan

PostSubject: Atamagaokashii (WIP)   Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:19 pm

Basic Character Info
Name: Atamagaokashii (Atama) Kontan
Age: 875
Visual Age: 20
Gender: Male
Ex-Division: 12
Appearance: http://fav.me/d2ih7xl
Personality: He is the most sadistic and cruel person alive, he has never been happy since his death, because of his brothers 'Betrayl'

Background/RP Sample
Background: He was born as Kensei's brother and loved his brother more than his own life. They were born orphans and as such had to steal food to survive. Atama was eventually caught stealing from a noble and put to death via public execution. His last words were "free my soul.... KAMI".
His brother soon sought revenge and was captured, but became the emporer's body guard himself. He had taught Kensei the basics of his style and was impressed he took down as many guards as he did. Right after Kensei agreed to the training from hte emporer a Shinigami appeared and used Konso on Atama.
RP Sample: (A sample of how you RP,if you want to be a Vaizard Commander, if not delete this.)

Zanpakuto Information
Name: (The name of your zan)
Release Phrase: (Your release command)
Element/Family: (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Ice/Snow, Metal, Shadow/Dark, Light/Holy, Poison, Plant/Nature, Neutral,Reiatsu, Void,etc.)
Manifestation: (what the spirit of your Zanpaktou looks like.)
Sealed Zanpakuto: (What your zanpakuto looks like when it isn't released)
Shikai: (What your Zanpakuto looks like while in Shikai.)
Shikai Ability:(What is your Shikai ability.)
[Bankai applies only for Captains, Advanced Vice Captains and Elite Vaizards]
Bankai: (What your Zanpakuto looks like while in Bankai)
Bankai Ability: (What is your Bankai Ability)

Hollow Mask

Name: (Name of your inner hollow)
Manifestation: (What your inner hollow looks like.)
Ability: (The name of your ability and its description when your mask is on. Elite Vaizards may have 3.)
Hollow Mask Appearance: (Describe what your mask looks like or an image will do)
Duration/Cooldown: (How long your mask can stay out, and how long until you can use it again. 8 posts is the maximum. Your mask's cooldown will be 2 more posts of the mask's duration, (i.e: if the mask lasts for 2 posts then it will be a 5 posts cool down, if it lasts for 4 posts then 6 posts cool down and so on.)

Name: (The name of your tech)
State: (Shikai Bankai or both?)
Description: (What your tech is, and what it does)
Duration and/or cooldown:
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Atamagaokashii (WIP)
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