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 bleach endless summer

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PostSubject: bleach endless summer   Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:04 am

After the outrageous battle that took place in the fake karakura town the Vizards went back to the human world, Aizen defeated and everyone injured. Gotei 13 then went back into soul society, upon getting back they then sent Ichigo back with all of the humans, Orihime and everything. What was weird was that after teleporting that giant city the gates to and from the human world suddenly closed, noone could do anything about it. Captain Yama was severely injured and slowly died. Which meant that there was no Captain Commander, a service was held for him. The King called for a personal meeting with all of the people of Gotei 13, all of the Captain's assembled they had a discussion. One person was thought to be the next Captain Commander, and made it. Shunsui Kyōraku was now the newly appointed Captain Commander. He put all of the efforts in soul society, the gotei 13 was now trying to figure out a way to try and get back into the real world, to try and do there job.

When Ichigo arrived back it was peaceful, couple of weeks went by and the normal amount of hollows showed up, but he hadn't saw Rukia for quite awhile. That's when they attacked. 10 Arrancar came at them all. Very powerful people. Ichigo could only hold his own until Orihime came along and helped him, killing them but that's when something happened, hollows started coming more frequently to the point where Ichigo was almost on 24/7 duty to protect Karakura.

Hollows were spotted everywhere around the world, seems that the effect from bringing Karakura into soul society and back made spiritual energy move potent around the world and in soul society, soon enough cities were dropping off the map.

5 Years passed and everything was a desolate wasteland, the only cities to survive were 6, Karakura Town Japan, Moscow Russia, New York City America, Berlin Germany, and Florence Italy, and Sao Paulo Brazil. Strongholds were built around these cities with Vizards that came to help out the strongholds, defending them and the humans. Every Human could see what was happening because of the events that had happened.

Arrancar now rule over the world with the hollows that they command. Hollows evolving and spawning like babies. Only hope was that Soul Society would come soon and help.

The UN now the World Order is now trying to combat the hollows, making a organization called "HSR" Human Soul Resistance, this is a Elite group of people that go and hunt hollow that are out there and specialize in killing them.

In Soul Society there was then something that happened, after 6 years there was a Zanpakuto that was found that would reopen the gates and allow Gotei 13 to resume getting into the real world. When they get there, they discover, the Wasteland.

Which side will you choose?
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PostSubject: Re: bleach endless summer   Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:40 am

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bleach endless summer
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