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 Tenka Inugami

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Urufu Tatsumaki


PostSubject: Tenka Inugami   Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:37 am

aName: Tenka Inugami
Age: 16 ///160
Gender: Male
Personality: Tenka is your classic White Knight. Hell-bent on protecting everything and all, he will let nothing stand in his way. Incredibly selfless, it is his major downfall. If one knows him, even through reputation, it would be incredibly easy to exploit this.

Tenka's name means "Descent from Heaven". He took this name after being accepted into the Shinigami academy, forgetting his old name. Once a gentle spirit, he took the name when he found out he was going to have to fight. He originally thought fighting was for the barbaric, the Hellspawn.

He feels differently now. He enjoys fighting, not because he is barbaric, but because of the actions. It's like a smooth dance to him. He hates Killing, but will not hesitate when it means protecting his loved ones.

Tenka loves eating Chicken and rice. Some would say it his favorite food, but the ones that know Tenka know better. He has no favorite. He can just devour and devour and devour..Wink.


Tenka is 5'6, and wears the standard shinigami uniform. His gray, shaggy hair cascades over his face in a messy manner, him never caring enough about his appearance to brush it. His eyes are a dark shade of blue almost gray. Instead of wearing it at his hip or back, Tenka wears his zanpakuto in front of him. He is very lean, and his muscles are small but incredibly dense, giving him the appearance of a scrawny fool when he is in fact very strong.

Zanpakuto Spirit: Hitsubatsu is a mishmash of constantly rearranging limbs. His skin is covered in some red liquid, and he has several extra mouths, each fitted with wicked looking teeth. He appears to have a spiderman-esque symbiote attached to him, peeling off to show his true pink skin. This symbiote provides several of the extra mouths and sharp appendages he has.

This is Hitsubatsu. He is a very.. interesting Spirit. He looks as if he is in pain, but has told Tenka thousands of times that it is not his fault. Tenka doesn't believe him, but Hitsubatsu is telling him the truth. The only reason he is in pain is because Tenka has yet to release him. When he does, and he gets his chance to finally Devour, he will be fine.

Hitsubatsu loves Games. Mind games. He enjoys taunting the enemy and making them squeal before finally finishing them off. In the beginning, this put Tenka off, but after a while of getting to know the real Hitsubatsu, he doesn't mind anymore. It's just his way.

A genius Tactician, he agrees with Tenka's White Knight ways, and is the brains to help him out. Originally, he thought that his powers would only Hinder Tenka from helping people, but Tenka and he figured out a way for them to work together.

All in all, their Best Friends.

Zanpakuto Spirit World

The inner world of Tenka's mind is a decayed area, with a murky water surrounding it. The area in question is in resemblance to an old Church steeple, with several tree's surrounding it.

Sealed Zanpakuto:

His Sealed Zanpakuto is your basic Katana, roughly two and a half/Three foot blade with a black sheath and white lace.[/blockquote]Shikai Description: [blockquote]
Release Command:
Musaborikurau, Hitsubatsu
(Devour Greedily, Hitsubatsu. Hitsubatsu itself means "Inevitability of Punishment")
The released form of Hitsubatsu is something akin to a Mage's sword. It has a hexagonal sigil crisscrossing the lower half of the handle, The handle itself has shrunk in width, { it's now much thinner) and in length, becoming a one handed sword. A strange piece of art descends from the hilt to act as a hand guard, metal crisscrossing itself in an intricate weave.

The blade has become much thinner and ends in a straight point now, as opposed to the slight curve edge of a Katana. It is also double edged. A piece of metal runs up the blade from the hilt now, with runes engraved to it, and a blue jewel inlaid with the star of David.

The sword is the same length as the Unreleased State.

This swords basic ability is the Ability to Devour.Shikai Abilities:

Name of power: Reikou (cold Light)
Description of power: The Blade devours the light that would bounce off an object to create an image in the immediate vicinity, causing invisibility.
Range of power if applicable: This technique only covers Tenka.
Limitations of power: Even though it is his technique, even Tenka cannot see himself. Because he is out of practice with this and with all of his techniques, it takes him a few moments to reco-ordinate himself. This technique can last for 3 posts. 3 post cooldown.

Name of Power: Ripper
Description of power: The blade devours solid objects one atom at a time, creating jagged edges in the remaining portions (if there is any)
Range of Power: Only what is touching his blade.
Limitations of Power: Can only devour one corpse-sized object per hour (or three posts, depending)

Name: Ascent to Heaven
Description of power: The blade devours gravity around him, allowing for flight.
Range of Power: merely Tenka
Limitations of Power: This attack only works if Tenka has enough Reiatsu to stimulate it.

Name: Basic Reshi absorbing
Description of power: Tenka can absorb many basic attacks (by people of his own power level)
range of power: Only what touches the blade
Limitations of Power: he can only absorb attacks that are from people of his power level. He can only absorb one attack every two posts.

Name: Portal
Description of power: Tenka can devour a hole between dimensions to create a portal that will allow him to travel through them.
Range of power: roughly one meter squared for the portal
Limitation of power: One every second post.

Bankai Description: Hitsubatsu transforms into a monstrous thing. Unlike a regular sword, Hitsubatsu is covered in large scales that shave or shred any surface instead of cutting it, much like a shark's skin - hence the name, and has a small skull at the tip of the handle. It is usually wrapped in bandages. The sword is able to stretch and bend, allowing Tenka to swing it at his targets like a flail.Tenka can unravel the bandages around the blade to reveal Hitsubatsu's true form: the scales grew longer and opened outwards, the hilt elongated itself, and the weapon opened a razor-teethed mouth at the end. The more reshi it absorbs, the larger it gets. Roughly 3 feet tall (blade) and one foot for the handle before it absorbs anything. A foot and a half width, and half a foot width.

Bankai Abilities:

Name: Regurgitate
Description: After Hitsubatsu absorbs a stronger attack, or devoured a lot in general, it has the ability to convert it to pure Reiatsu and fire it back at his opponents.
Range of Power: Depends on the size of the blast
Limitations: Blast can't be controlled/condensed. It would just be one large burst of Reiatsu. One post usage, three cooldown.

Name: Recharge
Description of power: The Reshi/Reiatsu it absorbs can heal what are otherwise fatal wounds, which can also be used to give its wielder (Tenka) near limitless stamina. Besides leeching the Reshi/Reiatsu of his opponents to keep his strength in proportion with their's, it also helps to keep him fresh and focused.
Range of power: Whatever is touching the sword can be used to recharge him.
Limitations of power: Two post usage, two cooldown.

Name: Consume All
Description of power: The sword can be used to absorb whatever it touches, be it flesh, wind, fire, earth, water, trees, etc. Regurgitate and Recharge can be used with this technique as well.
Range of power: Whatever touches the sword.
Limitations of power: Must use Regurgitate eventually, lest the blade explode. Must use regurgitate within two posts. Three post cooldown.

Name: Erase
Description of power: The Blade devours the light that would bounce off an object to create an image in the immediate vicinity, causing invisibility. It also devours the sounds he makes, any leaking reiatsu he is giving off, and any scent he is giving off. He is essentially not there.
Range of power: Only Tenka and the sword.
Limitations of power: One post usage, Four post cooldown.

Name: Valley breaker
Description of power: Tenka slams the sword into the ground and shunpos with it, dragging it through the earth, absorbing as much of it as he can, creating massive trails in the ground. Can also be used on people (or anything else), if he gets the chance.
Range of power: If regurgitate isn't used within three posts of this, the blade explodes and sends the scales/spikes scattering everywhere, most like impaling Tenka and killing him.
Limitation: Three posts usage, four cooldown.

b]Skill Level: Kidou[/b]: Beginner
Skill Level: Swordsmanship: Advanced
Skill Level: Shunpou: Advanced
Skill Level: Hand-to-hand: Beginner

Tenka was born to two very Loving, Christian parents. Unfortunately, they didn't have much money and lived in a bad area of town. Which Town? Karakura of course. Having to move many times, Tenka never really grew up to understand the meaning of Stability. He didn't need it though, his Parents were amazing.

As he Grew older, he learned how to entertain himself. Picking up Reading at a young age, his Parents taught him everything they could, but since he moved a lot, he never really did the whole Schooling thing.

Around this time, his parents started Home schooling him,as mentioned previously. They were very good teachers, knowing just how to teach him in a way he would understand. This only made him love them more.

Surprise! When Tenka turned 11, his parents were killed brutally in a mass shootout. They were at the bank, about to cash a cheque they had gotten from the government to help turn their life around. Unfortunately, Tenka was with them. Fortunately, he wasn't injured, and was one of the few "lucky" survivors. Having to go live in an Orphanage, He fell into a Depressed "coma", not doing anything, not speaking, barely even eating...

Nightmare Plague
For many months, no, years after that, he was plagued with Horrible Nightmares. These nightmares nearly drove him onto the brink of the precipice of Sanity. Eventually, he was given sleeping pills to make him have dreamless sleep, but even they couldn't take away the pain.

After a while of that, a new boy moved into the orphanage. At this time, Tenka was roughly 13. The boy, whose name was Vincent, was in the same boat as he. The two eventually became acquainted, and grew close. Through therapy and a rising confidence, the two quickly became more open, and learned to smile again.

And then he died. One night, a Hollow appeared and was too fast. It had managed to Kill Tenka and several of the boys from the Orphanarium before being dispatched by several Shinigami. Thankfully, they brought him to Rukongai.

Getting used to the way Rukongai worked, he started Growing stronger each day, and he was eventually discovered and enrolled in the Shinigami Academy.

Shinigami Academy
Quickly rising through the ranks, he graduated in between the Top and High Middle of his class, showing great potential but very lazy with Homework. During Graduation, he was brought into his Spirit world and introduced to Hitsubatsu.

Discovery of Hitsubatsu
At First, Hitsubatsu scared the crap out of Tenka, and vice versa. Eventaully though, the two got along, and learned they were very similar. Now his Spirit world isn't a place to be scared of, but a place to go to forget the Horrors he had lived through, with Hitsubatsu there to comfort him.

The two became best friends very easily. Not much else can be said for the two.

They discovered they have the same goals. Protect everyone. No one should have to go through the pain he had to go through. Smile through the tears! Protecting Everyone was their goal from day one, and still is today!
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PostSubject: Re: Tenka Inugami   Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:16 pm

Okay, first off, you got TOOOO many techniques and your cool downs need to be increased, excessively;

I'm going to tell you which ones to remove and which to modify.

Portal = big no no. If you want to use the portal technique, it will need a charge up time of 3 posts and cannot be moved, this is shi kai we're talking about, I don't want a garganta type tech, where someone fires a technique at you and you just revert it. When you can only create 4 portals at a time.

Your anti gravity tech doesn't enable you to fly, it just stops you from falling down, you'll just be hovering really, you fly, you'll need an opposite force to propel you along. Like Astronauts, when they remain in a fixed position, they just hover, they need to use the walls to push themselves along. It could work if your running and use the tech, but you'd just be flying into the person with no real control unless you use something else.

Your shikai absorbing tech only absorbs roughly upto kido 58 and low end ceros, big end ceros can be absorbed but your sword will shatter and its bye bye for you. In bankai your tech can absorb up to 78s and high end cero, it can also absorb a small portion of GRC or equivelent but if it absorbs any more...then bye bye sword In bankai the cool down goes upto 5, it can absorb stronger attacks, so this is fair.

For your healing tech, it can ONLY work if you absorb an attack of theirs and break down its energy to heal yourself. Otherwise, you'd just be running around using their reatsu and healing yourself, which is frickin' op, you won't be able to die. The cool down on that is 6 per limb, if you want any other limb to be regenerated at the same time, it increases to 9, organs add a 10 post cool down; brain doesn't count. Minor wounds keep same cool down. And to heal shit it takes 2 post duration, so you don't go RAWRRR I have ARMZ NAW!!

Erase = no but if you really want it, then you have to have a few senses up, I say; you can have no one can see you, smell you or feel you or hear you but they can feel your reatsu, this makes it fair. 5 post cool down

Last tech I have no problem with.

I don't get Consume All tech, it makes no sense to me. Explain please and let me know if what I have stated here is fair. While its true I've been harsh but if yo have sooo many techs and go about spamming...>.> no chance of winning against yee.

Happy Hunting.
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Urufu Tatsumaki


PostSubject: Re: Tenka Inugami   Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:20 am

Actually, this char is on a few sites, accepted as is. It does seem like a god mod, but I can rp with him fairly. If you gave me a chance to prove it, you would see how..

And there is a chance to win. I have lost quite a few times.

As for Consume all, it basically gives him the ability to consume any type of matter. Usually in the form of one attack, or a pit in the earth. The amount depends on how much he has absorbed, and usually only enough to "fill" his sword, though the sword gets bigger the more reiatsu/reshi he absorbs.

Besides, he needs to be exactly as is, or else he doesn't work.

Either Accept or Deny.
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PostSubject: Re: Tenka Inugami   Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:55 pm

He -clearly- does need work, its not a charitable character, if you really want this character, its denied -heavily- on my part, then ask another member of staff as they seem to be far more welcoming. How you can loose with that level of power is beyond me, its virtually impossible.

- Produce garganta like gates to throw back a powerful attack at an enemy

- absorb his attack if its weak and heal yourself (any wound mind you, not even arrancar get this)

- destroy any elemental or attack

- have minuscule amount of cool downs.

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PostSubject: Re: Tenka Inugami   

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Tenka Inugami
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