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 Love Hina Generation [LB]

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Maeda Em

PostSubject: Love Hina Generation [LB]   Sat Apr 03, 2010 2:02 am

Love Hina Generation
A Love Hina Universal RPG

Come join us all at the famous Hinata Inn as Keitaro Urashima along with normal tenants Naru Narusegawa, Motoko Aoyama, Shinobu Maehara, Kaolla Su, Mutsumi Otohime, Haruka Urashima as the house mother of the in and Mitsune ‘Kitsune’ Konno! Here we all have loads of fun and are always welcoming new tenants to the dorms to join in on all the craziness. But be warned for you new female tenants, there’s been a boys’ dorm made next door to the girls. Other than that, don’t hesitate to stop on by and grab yourself a room! We have plenty and the rent is cheap!

Over the years, many new renovations have been made to the Hinata Sou Inn. The rooms in both dorms are big enough for more than one person, i.e. roommates, the rooms have been wifi enabled, there's a hotsprings and a steam room for everyone to use, guests are allowed to stay for however long they wish as long as they pay rent. Housemother Haruka will bug you saying that 'Your rent is due' until you pay it. Rent's due on the first of the month. Everyone, for the most part is generally nice. Many have made everlasting friends, others have found love on the grounds of Hinata. So, what will you do? Will you come?

*side note* You can RP more than just LH related characters here for some of us have RPed some of our Sailor Moon, Death Note, and Code Geass, Negima characters here others a few YGO but not many. As long as the characters are in realistic limits of the forum universe. ((We only have two arc up and that's the Death Note and Code Geass one but they're side arcs so it doesn't take up the entire forum. Anyone who knows of DN and CG are welcome to join it. XP))

Come, the world is yours and how you make it.
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Love Hina Generation [LB]
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