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 StarClan's Dream [LB]

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Rain --

PostSubject: StarClan's Dream [LB]   Thu Apr 08, 2010 7:21 am

StarClan's Dream...

The Clans have moved to yet another home. This one is similar to the first home the Clans had, and the cats are all very happy here. Firestar and the other great leaders are long gone, at least two hundred years ago.

Soon after they moved, the Clans discovered something. In an area of territory nearby where they had settled, four other Clans lived, all with their own warrior ancestors; SkyClan. These four new Clans are called WinterClan, LightningClan, MountainClan, and ForestClan. When discovered, the eight Clans fought. Eventually, things settled down. It has been more than one hundred moons since the last great battle between the Clans, and all has seemed to be at peace.

But with LightningClan's previous two leaders dead, Old wounds are being reopened. The new leader has a mean streak, and some would say he is downright evil. He joined up with a few warriors from each Clan, and plans on taking the whole territory for himself.

Will you help LightningClan drive out the other Clans? or will you fight against them?

We are just starting out and looking for active, friendly members. We are also looking for all sorts of cats, from every Clan.
Most Clans still need deputies and medicine cats. WindClan still needs a leader.

Features Include:
Friendly, active staff who are always willing to help.
A close-knit roleplaying community.
Extensive territories to explore.
A high activity level; IC posts are made every day.
"Quick Characters" -- a very simple bio option, so that you can create cats to kill off for the plot!
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StarClan's Dream [LB]
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