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 Zanza's Charcter Registration (WIP)

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Zanza's Charcter Registration (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Zanza's Charcter Registration   Zanza's Charcter Registration (WIP) EmptyTue Apr 13, 2010 10:26 am

Basic Information
Name: Zanza
Age: 162 and appers 17
Gender: Male
Division: 11th
Looks: Avatar
Rank Vice Captin

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name: juushin
Zanpakutou Appearence
Shikai Appearence:
Shikai Ability:
My Zanpakto is in the gravity family. As such its powers are based around this. When in the shika state 15 meter radius. When im refering to the radius im refering to how ever many meter in all directions from the blade and and part of my body. This control on gravity is futher explained in my techniques.

Name: Gravity Fluxuation
Effect: It either increase the gravity in the area or decrease. It can lighten gravity to the point of weighing 1/10th your body weight. And increase to the point of weighting 3 times your current weight. This is onlyin a 5 meter radias around my body expaingin for my skin makeing it more of an oval shape It also comes from the Zanpakto itself.. Increaseing the weight to 3 times as much makes movements extreamly slugish and might make it impossible for one to stand if there to weak. However it wont do any interal damage unless they are in that weight for more then 15 minutes striaght. As for the low gravity allowing one to weigh less. The main issue with this is it makes it extreamly hard to contorl movements. and allows one to jump very high. But since it only affects peoepl withing a 5 meter radius of Zanza himself so once someone leaps out of that radius they fall flat on there face. Since Zanza is controling gravity he can make it where a wall or a ceiling of a room has more gravitational pull then the earth its self. By fluxuating the gravity he can walk on walls and ceilings and pretty much any surface strong enough to support his weight. This used to be a double edged sword. However through training Zanza has made it where even in triple his weight gravity he fights at normal speed. This makes him overly muscular like hes trying to show off but hes not its just from training in increased gravity. So the triple gravity no longer affects him. As for the lgiht gravity he has trained in taht to normally itmakes people sick to there stomachs however dude to the fact that hes a mass of muscle it doesnt affect him as much and his stomach has gotten used to it.

Name: Gravity Explosion.
Effect: This is a 2 part move. This is similar to gravity fluxuation however in this case Zanza is working with his own gravity. By increaseing the gravity in his palm and pointing it at something he can draw things into to him in a pulling motion. This can be done with other parts of his body and even parts of the blade it self. The other half to this is reverseing its effects. Useing the gravity control Zanza reverse its effects and can push something away from him. Both of these are limited to the 5 meter range around him and his sword just like the first power. When it comes to the pull he can pull up to 100 pounds right off the ground and up to 200 pounds without injury to himself but resistance. As for the pushing its the same limitations.

Name: Constant Release
Effect: I have enough spirt power that my zanpakto is constantly in the Shikai state. This Also means that my Zanpakto is unusually large. With tip on ground and standing stright up the blade steches up to my chin and then the handle past the top of my head.

Bankai Appearence: TBD
Bankai Ability: TBD

Zanpaktou Release Phrase: "Tip the scale, so all hell may break lose."

Background and Personality
History Zanza grew up in a small house hold it was just him, his brother, his mother and his father. His father was a libarian and his mother was a stay at home. Zanza had an older brother named kingyo. Zanza used to look up to his older brother alot. His older brother was a genius when it came to swords, he was learning advance techniques while still in his first few years of training untill that one day. Kingyo was trying to teach Zanza a skill he had learned earlyer that week. He was standing beside zanza adjusting his grip on the blade to help him the first few times the blade hadnt come out properly. Zanza was so excited to please his brother he overpowered the blade and when he swung out of the sheath he couldnt hold it and ended up killing his brother. After this incedent his parents shunned him and threw him out of the house claiming that they had no son. Thrown out of the house at the tender age of five Zanza spent 2 months on the street living on scraps befor being taken in by the shinsengumi's captin of the 3rd unit Saito Hajime. Saito taught Zanza all he knew about swords and life the one message he conveyed the most was "Swift Death To Evil" Zanza took this saying to heart. After a few years at the time of the revolutions start Zanza was allowed to join the shinsengumi as a junior member of the third squad. After travelling with them for a while the fateful day came. July 8, 1864 the Ikedaya Incident during the attck on the meeting some of the shinsengumi were killed Zanza was one of them. Once in the spirt world Zanza became a shinigami. Once assigned to one of the 13 units Zanza continued to train on his sword skills to this day he still does

Personality A genuis stratigest he know how to use what he know well the problem he runs into is exsicuting these master plans there always seems to be somthing unaccounted for that foils his plans. Other than that hes extreamly cocky and over confident. This can sometimes get him into trouble but he knows he strong and enjoys flaunting it. Due to his inate childhood he has quite an issue when dealing with his temper. He has devloped an issue with those around him. Not so much personal as general because of his high IQ and his past he has come to hate stupidity and has 0 tolerence for ignorance.

Role-play Sample:

Well im going for vice captin so im guessing you want one anyways. As For length i could give you a good one that roughly 6k words but id rather give you a short version. This is from a naruto site where the charcter i was useing was named eneshi.

Enishi walked into the small room. It was filled with empty benches placed behind elongated tables. The entire room was stadium style seating with pale tan walls floors and furniture. The wall opposite the door was entirely glass windows looking out onto the village below. The door was in a corner to the left was the tables and on the wall to the right was a large chalk board. Enishi moved to the seat he used in class. The tables were 3 across with rows on both sides of each table. Due to his class size these tables were 3 people per a table some crammed 4 because of his classes size. 5 if necessary but that was without elbow room. His seat was at the table closet to the door on the side of the bench towards the window. The room was filled with other newly made genin. none of them sitting most were crowded around the front of the room admiring gifts from there parents and there shiny new head bands. As he sat the girl named Jessica walked up to him. "Were on the same team." She said with eyes closed and smile wide. Enishi just stared at her as she moved around the table and sat on the bench beside him oddly close. Enishi didn’t particularly care. A moment later a boy within the class named ace walked towards the bench stopping and striking a pose with his hands rolled into fists on his waist and his chest stuck out he looked at the Enishi and Jessica and spoke triumphantly. "You two have the pleasure and of basking in my greatness TEAMMATES!" He shouted the last word oddly loud before sitting on the other side of Jessica. Enishi just sat there in wait. Slowly but surely the students legs began to tire and they moved towards the benches. About 10 minutes after Enishi arrived the instructor did. Moving into the room he barked "EVERYONE SIT DOWN, PREFERABLY WITH YOUR TEAM MATES. IF YOU DONT KNOW WHO THEY ARE THE LIST IS UP HERE." Within minutes the genin took there seats. The instructor moved to the door and stuck his head out and made a wave motion whit his hand. Stepping to the side a single file line of Jounin walked calmly into the room. The proctor read off a list of names a team number and then a Jounin name. One team went another team went. After a couple of minutes of over excited genin and some just as over excited Jounin making there greetings and leavening the proctor said something that caught Enishi's ears. "Team 9. Consists of Jessica Hisui and her faithful companion Bruno her dog. Ace Yamanaka and last but not least Enishi Hyouton" Enishi knew he wasn’t meant offensively but the comment sounded like an insult to him. Brushing it off He looked up there was only 2 Jounin left in the room but according to Enishi's math there were 3 genin teams. "Your Jounin is..." He looked up and around. "Apparently not here." Just as he finished speaking a young women burst through the door black hair flowed like it was a second behind her in time. "Sorry I'm late the babysitter for Zanza was late so I was...." The proctor just glared at her "Your right anyways who’s my team?" The proctor took his glare from her to us "TEAM 9" he shouted unusually high "This is your Jounin miss Kayley Nara. Unfortunately for you her skills are just as bad as her ability to be on time. Lucky for us for now she’s still better than you three now get out of my sight." Kayley stepped out of the room as Enishi followed Jessica who was behind Ace in a single file line out of the room he noticed the proctor staring at him. As he moved out into the hall there Jounin was already at the end of the hall Enishi could tell from there she was on the verge of tears. Enishi just sighed thinking to himself Crap a weak Jounin Enishi and his teammates didn’t get close to her until they were outside the building by this point she seemed to have regained her composure. She was standing besides the building read a piece of paper. "Okay so according to this your team number is the same as the practice area reserved for your team." While she was speaking a small dog sat at her feet. Enishi thought that it was her dog meaning there Jounin was a Hisui which Enishi was no fan of he thought the clan was to weak to survive on there own so they used animals. Jessica next to him patters her leg and the dog ran up to her and leapt into her arm. Enishi breathed a sigh of relive to himself that the Jounin wasn’t a Hisui but he knew this didn’t mean she wasn’t weak.

Arriving at the training grounds it had been a silent couple of minutes walk from the academy. An even shorter walk from Enishi's home if he knew that ahead of time he would have just come straight here rather than go to the academy. One on the groudns they walked through a trail in the woods for about a half a mile before reaching a large clearing. The Jounin kept walking until she was in the middle of the circle. It was a harshly sunny day she turned and sat on the ground and then motioned for the genin to do the same near her. Enishi moved to her right and sat at a 90 degree angel from her. Jessica sat across from her and ace across from him. The for of them were sitting with knees forming a tight square. She looked at the 3 of then for a moment before speaking "My name is Kayley Nara I am your Jounin. My main goal is to teach you team work. As you all know you've been promoted but not to genin just graduates. This was news to Enishi but it didn’t surprise him. In order to become genin you must show signs of teamwork by completing a task of my choice. Anyways I don’t expect you to work with people you don’t know so go around and intro duce your selves and add little something if you cant think of anything just say your likes slash loves, dislikes slash hates and most importantly goal. Ill go first. I’m Kayley Nara I like all of you I love my son, as for dislikes I’m not a fan of sushi and my goal is to get your three to the rank of Chunnin." Enishi listened quietly not speaking a word. Within a second of her finishing the boy across from Enishi spoke. "I’m the one the only Ace Yamanaka greatest ninja ever. I like lots of stuff and dislike lots of stuff. My goal is to make Kumo as awesome as me by becoming the Raikage." Enishi was tempted to hit the child for his arrogance but he didn’t fell like wasting the energy so he just sat. Then the girl spoke "I’m Jessica Hisui and this is Bruno" She said pointing to the dog in her lap. "I like all of you and I dislike scary people my goal is to be better friends with everyone especially Bruno" As she spoke the last comment she got close to the dog and petted him. Enishi almost puked as the thought ran through his head GREAT the emo chick on my team is cheerier than the idiot is cocky Enishi was so in his head that he almost didn’t notice when all 3 were looking at him in anticipation. "I’m Enishi Hyouton I don’t particularly like anything and I dislike plenty." As Enishi stopped speaking ace chippered up again. "You forgot to say your goal." Enishi really didn’t like this kid. "My goal is going to be to ki-" before he could finish speaking he felt a presence on his leg. Glancing down he saw a black tendril resting on his leg. As he followed it with his eyes it lead right back to the Jounin who was still wearing a soft smile. Enishi knew that she knew what he was going to say and was trying to stop him from saying it. She was mainly trying to avoid tension since she expected us to work together in a few minutes. The tendril reseated as she stood. "Okay now for the task....

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Zanza's Charcter Registration (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zanza's Charcter Registration (WIP)   Zanza's Charcter Registration (WIP) EmptyTue Apr 13, 2010 10:48 am

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Zanza's Charcter Registration (WIP)
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