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 Naru Gods Rpg

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PostSubject: Naru Gods Rpg   Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:19 pm

Shuujin, the God of Peace, is the last remaining deity in the universe. The other gods and goddesses had long since left our plane of existence. He has been sealed in a nefarious prison for countless centuries. Over time, Shuujin wore the strength of his prison down. Without the maintenance of another god, the prison was growing weaker and weaker. It was then that Shuujin would try to free himself. It was that bid for freedom that would spark one of the greatest disasters the world had ever experienced.
The ground shook in the world above, as the large, purple crystalline prison shook violently. Shuujin's massive power collided with his crystal prison. Over and over, they smashed against each other. And each time, Shuujin would be smashed back, and a small crack would force its way onto the crystal prison. The massive godly cloud collided in a final smash into the prison, and everywhere, shards flew and smashed, crashing outwards in an explosion of crystalline spikes. There was a flash as the prison exploded...But Shuujin was not free. The God of Peace was not free, even after thousands of gruesome years...Two shards fell towards the large body of the mortal universe that day. Two single shards that would determine the fate of the world. One shard contained the mind and body of the Peace God, Shuujin, the other, containing a fragment of the destructive forces of his prison. As the second shard sped into the atmosphere, it warped into a meteor of the world's hatred. It became the great meteor that would bring the Zenta Virus to our world... This is where the world’s trouble began…

After the initial blast, the meteor was not done tormenting the world. A strange radiation began to permeate through the world. The effects were not instantaneous, but slowly, the Zenta Virus began to spread. The virus began to twist the minds and bodies of the afflicted, causing them to regress to merely animalistic states. Before people knew what was happening, numerous Shinobi were killing one another in fits of rage. Many survived the effects of the Zenta Virus, but many passed and were lost to insanity as well.

The immediate reaction to the spreading Zenta virus was a mass quarantine. The hidden villages immediately closed their gates, even those lucky enough to be guaranteed entrance via special connections had to be severally evaluated by medical professionals to enter a village. They immediately expelled anyone who seemed suspicious without a second thought. Many were left out in the wild like this. More and more hidden villages adopted this type of action as the virus spread, infecting more and more. Eventually, some villages became so distrusting as to shut themselves off from the world entirely, letting nothing in...And nothing out...

Now! Join the Ninja World and fight back the swarms of Infected Souls, or join their ranks! Aid the Ragged Coalition and Hidden Villages fight them, or destroy the villages themselves! You...Can shape the world!

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Naru Gods Rpg
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