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 Sieraku Kuroyami (W.I.P) please no comments -_-

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PostSubject: Sieraku Kuroyami (W.I.P) please no comments -_-   Fri Apr 16, 2010 10:52 am

Basic Character Info
Name: Sieraku Kuroyami
Age: 150 years old
Visual Age: 19 years old
Gender: Male
Ex-Division: 13th division
Appearance: Sieraku’s physical appearance is similar to Soren slightly but he has jet black hair which falls in his face somewhat his eyes give away most of his emotion by giving a hateful look from his blood red eyes. His skin tone his a very sickly pale color and although his body his muscular he always looks sick and cold personality wise. His height is about 6 feet on the spot and he weighs about 155 pounds and he wears a pure black kinimo with his zanpaktou resting behind him the hilt facing towards his right side.

He also keeps a pure black double edged knife whose blade is serrated on the left side of his belt. He also wears a cross whose design makes it seem like it was crumbling away. Finally he wears a black rosary on his left hand it is not known was he has this or where it came from but one can feel a deep evil coming from it.

Personality: Sieraku has a dark, decrepit personality that was once good and had a sense of right and wrong but slowly began to change into the endless cycle of darkness and hate with only a few decent qualities about him. Such as a willingness to spare the weak life only because they are pathetic or bound to die anyway. However this is over taken with a spilt personality to kill everything he see’s to bring the pain to this world the only time he ever laughs he when someone even mentions redemption or to turn his ways for the better.
His overall mood is dark and insane having a close sense of pain and death not feeling sorry for anything treacherous he has done and he does not allow himself to have any happiness he does not smile or laugh for anything good just evil anything good has died his this person. He uses other people to push his plans forward and only thinks of himself allowing his allies to die in battle if it is needed although sometimes he will save them due to their powers he also never allows them closer then allies. Finally he is very manipulative trying to get everyone to bend to his command to see his views and bring his new painless world into play.

Background/RP Sample
human arcSieraku’s history begins when the day he was born it was a dark stormy day and his mother was having birth pains so it was without a doubt she was going to give birth that day. However there was a report of a fire sweeping across the town and it was rather close to the hospital where she was giving birth while Sieraku’s father had well been at the house weeting everything down so it wouldn’t burn as bad. However he was burned alive during the fire and a few hours later his mother gave birth to Sieraku a red eyed black haired boy. In the frantic process of getting them both moved out of the hospital the fire had surrounded the place the doctors and nurses who were on the bus just up and left them to burn for the reason being they had their life to fulfill. Knowing that she was alone Sieraku’s mother looked at him and smiled lightly. Sieraku my dear boy you was my dear son and yet I caused us both to die…on the day you was born…but you are strong I can feel it… the fire erupt throughout the hospital burning them both alive.
RP Sample: (A sample of how you RP,if you want to be a Vaizard Commander, if not delete this.)

Zanpakuto Information
Name: Fenikkusu
Release Phrase: Scream, Fenikkusu.
Element/Family: Black fire/Darkness
Manifestation: The manifestation of his zanpaktou his a rather large black fiery bird with blood red eyes with a white beak and white legs that almost look like bones with razor sharp black claws. It’s tail is not short a stubby and a long blackish purple flame color a part on it’s beak looking like it has fangs.
Sealed Zanpakuto: His sealed zanpaktou is a pure black katana and it’s guard is shaped like ovals intersecting to make a triangle in the middle a circle holding them in place with a small opening the hilt wrapped in a black fabric with red underneath.
Shikai: His sword does not change in shikai although a darkness begins to emit from his zanpaktou and this darkness had a heat to it and ne can hear a popping sound if close enough. Also his uniform changes into a doubled layered uniform with black on top a dark red underneath. Sieraku’s shirt also forms into a cape thing as well with flared out ends.
Shikai Ability:
Black fire Manipulation- With this ability Sieraku’s zanpaktou is able to manifest black fire from his zanpaktou and manipulate it from his zanpaktou usually giving it a concentrated form to where it is not loose like a flamethrower but more of a beam that can burn about anything. A effect of his black fire is it doesn’t rightly eat a shinigamis physical form but eats their reiatsu away.

Darkness manipulation- With this ability Sieraku is able to manifest and manipulate Darkness with his zanpaktou often fusing it with his reiatsu to give it a physical form to use with and also he can make it similar to a beam just fusing it with reiatsu.

Enhanced Reflexes- Sieraku’s eyes change in a red in the pupils and black everywhere eyes a design similar to his zanpaktou hilt appears in his eyes and with this ability the ooponents reflexes to somewhat slower his eyes while reactions are quicker.

Bankai Name: Shounetsujihoku Fennikusu (Burning Hell Phoenix.)
Bankai: In his Bankai He seems to grow a armor like reiatsu about him making it in the shaped of black fire wings coming down in a tail and onto his hands as claws (yeah I know think similar to Hitsugaya’s I was bored lol.) if the wings touch anything it can cause black fire to spread onto anything it touches usually he does this to trap his opponent in a fiery trap.
Bankai Ability: Spirit summoning- Like Soren, Sieraku can summon a large form of his zanpaktou’s sprit to fight in battle with him. And it also has the powers of the zanpaktou and such although it can be destroyed and sap Sieraku’s reiastu.

Hollow Mask
Name: Daikirai Yokkyuu
Manifestation: The manifestation of his Hollow is a calm just white version of him with hollow like eyes except for he had red eyes where the yellow is supposed to be and bits of his face seem missing as if part of him is missing.
Enhanced reaitsu- When Sieraku summons his mask his reiatsu takes a boost and depending on what form he is in it can over power a captain and a vasto Lorde Arrancar with no trouble.

Hollow Mask Appearance:
Duration/Cooldown: Duration: 8 post Cooldown: 10 post
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Sieraku Kuroyami (W.I.P) please no comments -_-
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