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 Nnoitra Jiruga (Done)

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Nnoitra Jiruga

PostSubject: Nnoitra Jiruga (Done)   Sat Feb 20, 2010 1:17 am

Basic Information
Name: Nnoitra Jiruga
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Arrancar or Espada: Espada
Number: 5
Resurrection Information (Optional, but good to have)
Name: Santa Teresa
Represent: Praying Mantis
Family: Reiatsu

Santa Teresa Released

  • Techniques (Optional, but good to have)

    • Instantaneous Limb Generation: Nnoitra can grow an extra set of arms for a total of six, he keeps one set hidden, which he can grow out instantly to perform surprise attacks.

    • Weapon Generation: Nnoitra can grow his scythe-like weapons out of the folds of his wrists, allowing him to replace lost or damaged weapons easily.

    • Enhanced Strength: In this state, his strength is enhanced even further, allowing him to overwhelm Kenpachi Zaraki during their battle.

    • High-Speed Regeneration: Nnoitra has the rare ability to instantly heal injuries while in his released from.The power also allows him to regenerate severed limbs. However the weakness of High-Speed Regeneration is that it cannot heal injury to in the internal organs or the brain and will cease working once either scenario happens.
      History and Personality:
      History: Several years earlier Nnoitra held the rank of 8th Espada. He once laid waste to an entire colony of an Arrancar prompting Nelliel to ask him why as he was given no order to do so. Nnoitra stated that no one ever ordered him not to kill them. Nelliel reminded him that Aizen's order where to "seek the Vasto Lorde", she noted that murdering entire colonies stood against that order. He responds that not everyone is loyal to Aizen and if they resist they are rebels and killing rebels is like helping Aizen. He further reasoned that if he can take them out then they are not Vasto Lorde, stating that he is following orders just fine. He then informs her that she has gotten awfully uptight over a couple hundred hollows. Nelliel suggested that he should think before he speaks, as they themselves were once Hollows just like those he killed; it was their own good fortune that they evolved beyond that, nothing more. Nnoitra taunts her to attack if she felt she could beat him if it made her mad. She plainly responded that she was shocked as even becoming an Arrancar, Nnoitra was nothing more then a child. Nnoitra questioned her comment but is attacked and seemingly knocked unconscious. When he wakes up he sees she is sitting near him reading a book while a dead Hollow lies nearby. He asked her why she helped him, Nelliel simply tells him that she did not 'help him'. She simply prevented the Espada from losing a member by putting an end to his suicidal behavior. Nnoitra explains that he cant stand her and she would obviously know that, so why does she keep following him around. She simply stared at him and stated that its because he was weaker then her. Sometime later Nnoitra continued to kill Arrancar and Hollow alike, determining they were unfortunate for facing him. Nelliel noted to him that it was an Arrancar he just killed to which he responded he knew that and wanted to state as a fact something he would only explain once. Something he wanted her to know if she insisted to continually follow him around, that no matter who it was he would not be benevolent or merciful.

      Sometime later he challenges her to a fight to which Nelliel explains once again that she will not draw her blade against the likes of him. Stating that he will not draw her into his demented world. Nnoitra told her that she is over thinking as the only reason they needed to draw there blades against each other is for the simple sake of drawing their blades. Nelliel noted that she did not understand that reasoning. She then asks what drives hid blood lust. Nnoitra simply states that gasping for his final breath in the heat of battle to have his entire being defined by that moment. Nelliel questions this philosophy noting that it would be a temporary high. He agreed to the truth of that but states that nothing else can fill that void. He was given power and he will use it kill anyone standing in his way until he dies on his feet taking in his last breath.

    • During this time he would constantly challenge the then 3rd Espada Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck to battle, each time she would easily defeat him. It was during one of these battle she went to leave and he told her that it was a battle to the finish. When she asked him if he wanted her to finish him off she told him that she simply refuses and further said him to stop talking all big. She states that there was a time when they ceased being Human, and became beasts. Now, as Arrancar they have regained their sense of reason. She explained to him that rational people, when going to battle need a reason to fight and he had none. Nnoitra screamed at her that he had a reason, he could not stand her. Nelliel detailed that it wasn't a reason just an instinct as he is a beast and she didn't recognize him as a warrior. Therefore she had no reason to bear the life of someone not a warrior. After Nelliel left, Nnoitra is approached by Tesla who offers him a hand. In response he through his Zanpakutō at him hitting the structure behind the Arrancar. Nnoitra told him not to act friendly with him, just because he lost does not make mean they are of the same level. When Tesla asked why does he have to pick on Nelliel and no other Espada. Nnoitra explained that it is because he hates her, some female being able to out rank being greater then that of a man on the battlefield, that is his reason.
      Nnoitra holding a smaller Santa Teresa.

      Sometime later Nnoitra teams up with
      Szayel Aporro Granz (who was not an Espada at the time) to perform a sneak attack on Nelliel as well as test a device he created. As Nelliel is searching for her Fracción she is confronted by Nnoitra who asks her if she is looking for something. Nelliel stated it was none of his business and asked is revealing his weapon a form of intimidation. She advised him if he didn't want to look weak, to keep it and move on. There is an explosion which gets Nelliel's attention, once the smoke settles she sees the her Fracción, Pesche Guatiche and Dondochakka Bilstin, gravely wounded. She turns to Nnoitra and asks him if forcibly removed their masks as she becomes enraged.They initiate in a fight and during a device made by by Szayel created a fake image of Nnoitra and distracted Nelliel's attention. By exploiting the opportunity, Nnoitra attacked Nelliel and she is hit from behind causing her a wound to her head and her mask to break on the front left side. The attack scars her forehead and leaves her unconscious. He takes her unconscious body and states that she would probably call this an act of a beast but it didn't matter any to him. He is approached from behind by Szayel who asked if there was anything else to which Nnoirta responded that his job is already over. Szayel asks him if he needs to be so cold as they worked as partners, for that he should at least be allowed to admire their end. Nnoitra details that he doesn't remember being his partner and they just happen to have the same motives. Nnoitra Nelliel off the side He threw her out of Las Noches so that he could increase his power by the time she returned. Nnoitra tells Szayel they are going, but Szayel tells him that he would appreciate if he lost the presumptuous tone, but Nnoitra tells him that he isn't even an Espada anymore. Szayel states that if not for the equipment that he prepared Nnoitra wouldn't even have had the chance to attack Nelliel and then asks if he should really be speaking to him that way. Nnoitra looks over the side of Las Noches at Nelliel and her Fracción's prone bodies and is surprised as she reverts into a child. Szayel notes that he had not anticipated this and he had never seen anything like it before. He deduces that her Reiatsu is leaking out of the wound on her mask, her spiritual body shrank as a result. Nnoitra states he didn't care why it happened as he gloats over her and states that as it was unlikely for them to get the chance to cross swords with each other again noting that it was a shame.


      Personality-wise, Nnoitra is extremely rude and lecherous, accented by his snake-like eyes and perverted attitude towards Orihime, rudely referring to her as "pet-sama". He even went as far to ask
      Ulquiorra Cifer how well he "disciplined" her. He is quite possibly the most foul-mouthed character in the series, even more so than Grimmjow. He is also a firm believer in male chauvinism and openly insults (and regularly attacked) the former 3rd Espada, though it's unknown if he holds the same grudge toward Tia Harribel. His overall goal is to prove himself to be the absolute strongest of the Espada and does not wish to waste his time killing those he dubs "weak". However, he has no qualms attacking stronger opponents who are already injured, a trait both Ichigo Kurosaki and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez berate him for. He also loathes looking weak, and thus, will refuse all forms of assistance offered to him during an ongoing battle, as seen when he struck his lone Fracción, Tesla, for running over to his side (and releasing Orihime Inoue in the process) after Nnoitra was blasted by Nelliel's Cero Doble. He does, however, appear to have at least some amount concern for his sole Fracción's well-being (unlike Grimmjow, who did not even mourn for his deceased companions), having attempted to warn Tesla to withdraw from battle after he determined via his pesquisa that Kenpachi Zaraki was stronger than he had initially anticipated.

      One of Nnoitra's most notable characteristics is his insatiable bloodlust and hunger for battle, which exceeds even
      Grimmjow's and rivalled only by Kenpachi Zaraki's philosophy of literally living to fight time and again. Nnoitra's idea of a fulfilling end to his life would be to die on his own two feet while drowning on his own blood. Because fighting is his way of life, he continually strives to be stronger, and it is later revealed that he considers himself indebted to Aizen for allowing him to exceed his natural fighting limits. To appease his craving for a good fight, he even defies a direct order from Aizen to patiently lie in wait for Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends when they try to infiltrate Las Noches in a bid to free Orihime Inoue.

    • In his later moments during his battle with Kenpachi Zaraki, he begins to show signs of weakness and desperation, and becomes increasingly frustrated over his inability to overcome the powerful Captain. This stems from an inferiority complex he developed while serving as 8th Espada, due to his apparent inability to beat his opponents. Whenever his opponents refuse to kill him during a battle, particularly Kenpachi and Nelliel, Nnoitra takes it as a direct affront to his pride, because in his mind, neither Nelliel nor Kenpachi seem to think of him as their equal or superior. This shows a more honorable side of him as even he wishes to be treated as equally as every other opponent he has treated. Ironically, he treated virtually everyone of his opponents the same way, unfairly and through dishonorable methods. He also does not hesitate to use any means -even unfair ones- in order to prove his superiority in the battlefield.

      Role-play Sample: "No. It's going to take both of to eliminate it." he said continueing his on slaught against the hollow. With one final swing he decapitated the final one and looked to Hito. "Division Three is the only resistance against that thing. Me and you, are the only resistance." he said not wanting to believe the words he spoke. Kazeshini flew back to his hands and he stood there eteing the Vastro Lorde. "Let me attack first, after I attack, follow up with your own." he said kicking off the air toward the target. It was going to take alot to beat it, maybe they couldn't...Maybe this would be their final battle together. Yet, Mikaru wasn't sad at all. Who better than one of his greatest friends, his Lieutenant. Mikaru got close the Vastro Lorde and swung his right blade at it hoping to cleave it's arm off. The Vastro Lorde easily took the blow, but didn't flinch. It turned it's head toward Mikaru and squinted it's yellow eyes before slamming it's fist into Mikaru's stomach. Mikaru was taken by suprise and hit the ground hard, tossing in the air and hitting it over and over as he flew hundreds of yards. Finally, hit feet touched ground during the roll and he kicked upward, doing a back flip.

      He laned on one of the very few buildings that weren't destroyed, a cresent moon shining in the background. "Maybe I've underestimated myself." he thought as his grip on the right chain tightened. He manuvered his hand above his head and made Kazeshini begin spinning. His body glew with a green aura as he fired his right blade at the Vastro Lorde. It launched through the night sky, turning toward the right in sort of a loop and went to slam against the Vastro Lorde's neck. He caught the rod of his Zanpakutou and threw it right back. Mikaru caught it in his hand and grinned. "So, that wont work eh?" he said leaping after him again. This time he was launching through the air. He threw his left blade and watched as it spun around the Vastro Lordes hands and Legs, leaving his chest open.

      Mikaru shunpod above him and began his decen, his right blade rose high into the sky. Mikaru was now in range, and swung down on the Vastro Lorde's chest. He instantly ripped into it, grinding down to it lower abdamon. The power he put behind it made a gash behind the Vastro Lorde where Mikaru cut him, everything behind that slice was engraved with a massive slice. "You lose." he said with a small laugh. He turned around and began walking back to Hito. "Hey! It wasn't that bad after all!" he shouted to Hito. A few seconds later, a cero blew through Mikaru's chest and he began falling down toward the shattered world below.

      Mikaru's eyes were wide. "He..got...me...?" he thought as came to a decision. "I'm going to fight until i die, before I lose air, before I die from blood loss." Mikaru tugged hard on his left chain, watching it unwrap from the Vastro Lordes legs. When the blade reached, it sliced off the Vastro Lorde's right leg from the knee down. "Get Inoue!" he shouted to Hito as he leaped back toward the hollow. Mikaru and the Vastro Lorde clashed, each sending fatal blows to one another. Each strike they made sent shockwaves through the air. It began to rain, it dripping down his body soaking him with a cold fealing. Blood fell to the ground below, his bleeding not stopping as each blow brought him closer and closer to his death.

      "Hito! I hold him off for as long as possibal, if you want me to live...get Ino-!" he stopped as he lost the last of his breath. He continued fighting, getting dizzy and losing his vision. He threw oth of kazeshini's blades as he fell to the ground below. The Vastro Lorde took hold of both of them causing Mikaru to stop falling because of the chains he was holding. The Vastro Lorde began to slowly reel him in until he finally had him. He grabbed him by the throat and squeezed. Mikaru tried to scream but couldn't due to loss of air.

      A flash of lightning could be seen in the background as he let Mikaru drop. While he was falling, Mikaru only had one resentment. "Suzume, I'm sorry for failing you...I wish I could have given you the life you deserved...but I couldn't. Farwell..." he said staring up at the hollow as he fell. The Vastro Lorde gripped Mikaru's Zanpakutou in his hand, then chunked the right one down toward Mikaru. It sliced through rain drops on it's way toward him. Kazeshini's right blade sliced into Mikaru's left arm, then cleaved it off before he could even bleed. Mikaru continued falling, not able to feal anything. he hit the ground hard, fealing his leg break on impact. He got up after a few seconds and began limping away not sure of what he was doing, he didn't know where of who he was by this point. Mikaru looked up at the Vastro Lorde, seeing Kazeshini's left blade flash before his eyes before seeing nothing at all. A large crack of thunder lighting the sky, as Mikaru's limp body lay there in the rain

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PostSubject: Re: Nnoitra Jiruga (Done)   Sat Feb 20, 2010 3:45 am

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Nnoitra Jiruga (Done)
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