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 Final Fantasy: Sentient Confessions

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy: Sentient Confessions   Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:04 am

~-Final Fantasy: Sentient Confessions-~


After a time of peace, nothing can stay perfect. Sephiroth and Meteor have become inconsequential, Geostigma has been cured, Deepground has been neutralized. ShinRa has taken a turn for the better, beginning to rebuild using Junon as their base of operations. They decided that, instead of mako and killing the planet more, they would begin to use coal, wind and solar power. After fighting for a truce, they are now currently aligned with North Corel for coal. North Corel has began to boom, many people flocking to uncover coal deep in the mines. Some solar panels have been placed near Costa Del Sol and a handful of windmills have been added near the Chocobo Ranch.

Planning on investigating the companies evil deeds, ShinRa quickly finds that, luckily, all the roots were left in Midgar and mostly ended with the Ex-President. Construction of the World-Regencies Organization Head-Quarters was initiated in Edge. Reeve Tuesti headed the project and it was growing quite well. Mideel, having been ripped apart by the Lifestream, has almost finished with the towns repairs. Gongaga Village has also begun to fix itself up as well. Everything was moving smoothly.

That's when the Lifestream began to act up. It had taken to much damage from so many attacks that it could no longer keep hold of the dead. Many people have reappeared after dying, loved ones, adults that past during Geostigma, people murdered in the cold blood of ShinRa and more. As the dead begin to reappear, reports of a women in a pink dress and a man with a mane of spiky, black hair flicker hope in Avalanche's hearts. Someone or someones were trying to help.

But that's not all, Avalanche and ShinRa have a newer threat, aligned or not. The Nephilim, a group of out cast orphans with unnatural abilities that others have overlooked for a long period of time. But whether they define their powers as good or evil is as obscured as that very thin line that defines good and evil. Their deeds may be as simple as a phone call claiming that there will be a bombing in a important and public building or as criminal as robberies.

Another Group has tried to usurp ShinRa, almost mocking them. The only difference is that they own the hospital complexes instead of a power source. ShinRa is not threatened to much by this. Unknown to everyone, they actually have a base hidden from human eye. Some place no human wants to go since the area's destruction. The company also makes potions for distribution, using it on their patients if needed as well. The blood donations they receive from patients have been tainted by Jenova cells that they managed to collect from what remained of Hojo's lab. It seems Shinra missed some. Whoops. They are somehow linked to the Lifestream's tainting. Maybe it's the Jenova cells and failed experiments?

Avalanche is not happy with the beings that may emerge. This includes Genesis, Sephiroth, and Deepground. While ShinRa fears the appearance of former employees that defaced the company before. There is also rumors of Kadaj sightings. But that is not ShinRa's main worry. They are worried about a reappearance of their former President and the fact that they may pull up things better left buried.


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Final Fantasy: Sentient Confessions
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