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 Amatsurai finished

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PostSubject: Amatsurai finished   Sun May 16, 2010 2:30 am

Basic Information
Name: Amatsurai Fuukumu
Age: 900
Gender: Male
Arrancar or Espada:Espada
Number: 1
Looks: A short child-looking espada. His hair is blue and his height is 4'11". His muscles are small but he is stronger than he looks. Also, he has small wings made of hollow reishi but they do not allow him to fly(would be cool though). His Zanpaktou is only a foot long wakizashi without a guard. His feet have joker-like boots. (I'll just use avi as the picture once I change it)

Resurrection Information
Name: Devorando alma Murciélago (Soul Devouring Bat)
Represent: Bat
Family: Reiatsu

Techniques (Optional, but good to have)
Name: Alma Devarado (Soul Devourer)
Description: It is absorbtion of one's Reiatsu, Reishi, and Reiryoku. This only cuts off the availability of techniques and it weakens their strength and speed. Duration is 3 posts and cooldown is 5 posts.

Name: Alma Explosión (Soul Explosion)
Description Soul Eater needs to be used within the last 4 posts to use this. It uses the victim's absorbed reiryoku/reishi/reiatsu and re-inserts it into the victim. But, it is inserted at tremendous speeds straining the victim to stun them and moderately damage them. This is instant and can only be used after Soul Eater
Stamina: N/A

Name: Alma Corte
Description: This collects a massive amount of Reiryoku, Hollow Reishi, and Reiatsu within the air. Making a massive figure on Ama's blade, it would look like a white devilish sword. All attacks can pierce through defences for 2 posts but makes the blade heavier. The cooldown is 7 posts.

History and Personality:

History: Amatsurai was a child who always liked to travel. For up until he was 14, he would venture into deep, dark woods with few supplies. There was something special about him. Although he did not have the ability to see spirits, his reiatsu was advanced. On the day before his 14th birthday a hollow had brutally killed everyone in his household. He was the only one left. Several more hollow came. No notice of them until a image appeared. It was blurry though. Almost instantly Amatsurai was easily taken down. His human name was Raiga Amatsuku. When he awoke, he was a spirit. No hollow had come by since they were too weak. For years Ama had been trapped there next to his house on blood-stained grass. This was hell. Becoming a savage by going through hollowfication( becoming a hollow), he was instantly able to get revenge. Although, the hollow was actually somehow sent to the White Sand Desert. Devouring hollows one by one. Savage indeed. But when evolution came to become a Adjuchas, Ama had come to his senses. Only devouring those who fought him. Many challenged, many just attacked, many fell. Almost all fell to his might and few just escaped. Well, almost all who have fought him fell.

Ama was on the brink of evolution when a man came from nowhere and used a special device to turn him( Ama) into a arrancar. For a while He was a Numeros. A unknown numeros. Nobody knew him. But when the time came, Ama had proved his strength and had been evolved by this device to Vasto Lorde. When the previous Espada fell, he was called to be Primera. Ama accepted but had found he had to be tested. So when he turned 899, he was tested. The test was a big success! But alas, killing was a very bad habit as a espada. When turning 900, Ama had been officially become the Primera- the first espada. This man who helped him had been killed or defeated, which was unknown to him. For a while he had been going to a secret training grounds he made. Hopefully he isn't found out.

Personality: Only talks when he wants to. He is not quite nor loud. Ama places his opinions into public. Not all the time though. Also, he is a bit blood-thirsty when fighting. Nice when someone is nice to him, but usually scorns someone.

Role-play Sample:

The night was silent...No one had followed Amatsurai. He was walking down the hallway of Las Noches to go do some secretive training. Drip....drip....drip went some water coming from a crack in the ceiling. Rain? How is that possible? That did not matter but what mattered was not getting followed. Hearing silent foot steps, Amatsurai had unsheathed his zanpaktou and slashed at the wall while point his sword behind him. A large indent was made on the wall. It was about 10 feet long and 5 inches wide. A arrancar fell, silently though, dead. It was a girl who's head was just viciously chopped off. "Tch. Don't want anybody following me. Nor sneaking up on me." he said to himself and continued on. About halfway there, the road was blocked off. Amatsurai had taken out his zanpaktou and slashed his way through viciously. Having his training area found out was inevitable. So when Ama got there, he found 3 arrancar searching the place. "Hey! Get outta here!" He had said.

The arrancar were frightened but one shook his head. Almost instantly, that arrancar was knocked out by the fist of Ama. Why does he hate hollows? His memory of his past life was gone. Not knowing hollows caused his death, Ama had just ignored them. The next morning, he awoke to a irritating ringing nose. Suddenly it stopped. Ama got up and walked out half asleep. Waving to the younglings walking down the hall he went to go find someone to be his fraccion. It took all day and night, and no prevail. It was in vain. Ama had gone to bed tired. He thought that nobody liked him. His niceness worn away but could be brought back. Still...there is no reason people should dislike this being. Ama does not deserve it nor does he want it. He hates hollows but some could end up kind and loving. Loving... Ama thought. Thinking a lot, even pondering over excessively, was a weakness.

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PostSubject: Re: Amatsurai finished   Mon May 17, 2010 1:19 am

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Amatsurai finished
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