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 Joyful, messy, chaotic: big love for free speech at Toronto Pride

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PostSubject: Joyful, messy, chaotic: big love for free speech at Toronto Pride   Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:16 pm

Under the scorching sunScrubs Season 9 box set dvd, in the glaring eye of the straight media, with aNip Tuck box set million of our closest friends watching live from Yonge St, theNip Tuck dvd city of Toronto pulled off a tiny miracle of civility, joyfulness and downrighNumb3rs dvd seasont gaiety.From my vantage point at theNumb3rs box set front of the Pride Coalition for Free Speech contingent — the group with Numb3rs dvd the yellow and pink signs — the parade was a love-in. As sunscreen-infused sweat dripped down my forehead, we chanted, over and over, "We're sexy. We're hot. Censorship is not." I wore a yellow marshal T-shirt with star trek complete seriesthe softest free-speech slogan I could conjure: "Talk to me like lovers do."We danced. We chanted. We even sang "Stand By Me." As we made our weeds dvdway down Yonge, those on the sidelines clapped and grinned. The Forgotten dvdThere was roaring applause for us just before Wellesley.Charlie and Lola dvd For a few blocks, spectators chanted along with Ugly Betty dvdour call-and-answer, “4-3-2-1. Free speech is for everyone.”A lUgly Betty box setittle more than two weeks earlier, I became an unlikely organizer of the Pride Coalition for Free Speech's parade contingent. At an evening meeting at Ryerson University, the consensus from 80-odd Coalition volunteers was: we wantThe Golden Girls dvd to march in the Pride Toronto parade. But The Golden Girls dvd box setnone of the existing leadership had the The Golden Girls complete seasonenergy to take the project on. So a group of 10Californication dvd box set volunteers and I struck a committee. Planning Californication dvdbegan in earnest immediately. I also became a part ofcharmed dvd the Coalition’s safety-and-security crew. Along the way, Doctor Who dvdI changed the email signature on my personalDoctor Who box set account to "PS: Do you have a megaphoneDoctor Who season I can borrow on July 4?"Parade day started out Big love dvdcalmly enough, as a small group Pride Coalition volunteers ferried 750 signs, 450 sticks, cardboard, paint, markers and two much-in-demand staple guns to George Hislop parkette at 11 in the morning. Blockorama had agreed to let us use Big love box seta patch of grass to assemble both ourselves and our signs.The mood was convivial. Some quietly sipped coffees while others inked signs, altered T-shirts and practised songs on their guitars. Yawns gave way to clapping as dvdscollectionthe first group of about 80 left for the parade's staging area on Bloor St.They took piles of signs — most saying simply “My Pride includes free Disney dvdspeech” to distribute to other groups, many of which had asked for them in advance. I waved them off, staying behind at Hislop to direct stragglers and clean up.Shortly before 2pm, I headed Alias dvdover to Bloor St with another organizer and two armloads of signs. Walking up Church St, we got a call: "Something's going on here. Can you please come?Criminal minds dvd"The Coalition marched directly in front of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid; in the staging area the two groups milledthe big bang theory season 3 dvd around together. Many in the Coalition have no position on the Middle East — or have opinions that diverged from QuAIA’s. But the coalition was formed out of opposition to QuAIA’s ouster, so there were goodtrauma dvd vibes between Ghost Whisperer box setthe two groups.
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Joyful, messy, chaotic: big love for free speech at Toronto Pride
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