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 Kaname Tousen

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Captain of the First Division

PostSubject: Kaname Tousen   Sun Apr 04, 2010 12:21 am

Basic Character Info
Name: Kaname Tousen
Age: Unknown
Middle Twenties
Ex-Division: 9th Captain
Tōsen has dark skin and dark brown braids (purple in the anime). He
has pupil-less eyes, and has been blind since birth. Tōsen, like Sōsuke
Aizen and Gin Ichimaru, has changed his outfit after defecting from
Soul Society. He now wears clothing similar to the Arrancar along with
longer gloves, band-like visor, an orange rope coming from his right
shoulder running across his chest to under his left arm, and his braids
let down. He is usually seen carrying his Zanpakutō in his hand, but has
also been seen with it suspended from a string-like attachment on the
side of his clothes.

While a captain he wore the traditional Shinigami uniform with
the sleeves rolled up to the shoulder and his captain's haori over it;
the uniform is tied with a purple obi sash. He also wore an orange scarf
around his neck, white boots (instead of the normal sandals), and
black, fingerless gloves. He usually wore a clear goggles, although this
was not always the case. He kept his hair tied back in a ponytail.
Around 100 years ago, he wore the standard Shinigami uniform with
a long-collared white jacket over it. His hair was held backwards and
up (somewhat resembling Love
's current hairstyle), while a mask obscured his mouth and
nose, while large goggles covered his eyes and forehead, completely
hiding his face.

Tōsen's creed in life is to "take the path with the least bloodshed";
it was for this reason that he felt it necessary to follow Sōsuke
Aizen. Despite this, he knows of Aizen's plan to create the King's Key,
which will require the deaths of thousands of innocent people. He was
also willing to attack and kill members of his own division while acting
as the 5th seat, including Hollowfying his own captain. Tōsen, along with Gin Ichimaru was
identified by Kenpachi Zaraki as being afraid of death,
this is later confirmed with him saying he only feared being
assimilated into the Shinigami culture and dying a pointless death
His own description of himself as a "pure being" when explaining why
Wonderweiss Margera likes him shows degrees of pride and arrogance as
well. Also, despite stating many times how much his friend loved the
world, he himself never said so, and in fact hated the world that took
away his friend.
As Captain of the 9th Division, which is charged with the editing of Seireitei
, Tōsen was the chief editor of the journal. He
himself wrote a serialization titled "The Path of Justice", which was
not very popular, until he began to publish cooking recipes in his
articles, which made them more popular among female Shinigami. This also
indicates that his speciality is indeed cooking, his favorite dishes
being chicken stewed with carrots and other sophisticated ones. He does
not like pickled food.

Tōsen also has several unique relationships with the Arrancar.
Tōsen thinks of Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez in the same
manner as Kenpachi Zaraki; a killing machine that will
cause only more bloodshed in the world.
Wonderweiss Margera seems to have a
large affection towards him. Tōsen explains that this is because they
are both pure spirits, and that pure spirits tend to attract and follow
each other. In a recent omake, Tōsen takes over Gin Ichimaru's Arrancar
Research Time where he literally cuts Gin out of the picture. Tōsen goes
on to explain the use of the Hōgyoku,
ending with him patting Wonderweiss affectionately.


Tōsen dedicated his life to following the path with the least bloodshed
when a woman special to him died. She herself followed this path and
Tōsen idolized her for it. Her dream was to become a Shinigami
and use her powers to maintain a peaceful world. Soon after she was
accepted by the Shinou Academy, however,
her husband killed her because she scolded him for killing a comrade
over a petty argument. From that moment on Tōsen took vowed that he
would fight for justice without unnecessary bloodshed from then on.
Shortly after, Tōsen joined the Shinigami Academy and became a
Shinigami.Tōsen met his best friend, Sajin Komamura, while he was still in the Shinigami
Academy. At first Tōsen apologizes not realizing that anyone is in the
area only for Komamura to correct and state he was behind him. Tōsen is
somewhat surprised by his mistake but greets and introduces himself.
Tōsen commends Komamura on his ability to hid his spiritual pressure and
admits despite the fact that he can't see he has never been unable to
detect someone's presence before. Komamura apologizes stating its a
force of habit.

They took to each other quickly, because at that point Komamura was
ashamed of his wolf head and Tōsen could not see it. Komamura joined the
Shinigami and they became close friends, though by time they reached
positions in the Gotei 13 they didn't see each other as often as
normal. Upon one such meeting Tōsen is happy to see Komamura has joined
the Gotei 13, he then asks that Komamura spare some time to visit his
Division, making note of how they have a good officer that he knows
Komamura will like too. A little later Tōsen asks Komamura why he became
a Shinigami. Komamura explains it was the to repay a obligation that he
owed, to a great man who save him. When Komamura asks him what was his
reason Tōsen finds himself at a lost for words.
At some point later he transfers from the 5th Division to the 9th Division.

Approximately 100 years ago, Tōsen was the 5th Seat of the 9th Division under captain Kensei Muguruma. Tōsen is sent alongside his captain,
lieutenant Mashiro Kuna and his 3rd, 4th and 6th seats; to
investigate the mysterious disappearances in Rukongai. Mashiro
constantly complains about the fact that they have to investigate
something and not even know what they have to investigate, noting that a
vanguard of 10 others were already sent prior to their arrival. Her
incessant whining only irritates Kensei causing him to have to be
physically restrained from attacking her by his subordinates.

Shortly they are alerted to a hollow attack. Tōsen and the others
proceed to attack the large Hollow to protect the citizen's of the
Rukongai, Kensei releases his Shikai and attacks the hollow which
completely obliterates the Hollow. Kensei then addresses Mashiro who
while absent from the battle finds 10 empty shihakusho close to where
the Hollow attacked.
Kensei then gives orders to his men to contact central command,
requests a researcher from the 12th Division and then has his men set up
a camp for the night. Kensei resolves that if there is someone or
something attacking Shinigami they will eventually go after the
Seireitei and that a stand must be made before they make it that far.
When Tōsen asks what he should do, Kensei tells him to come along with
him to search the area.

Later that night Tōsen is standing guard and when the 6th seat Todō Gizaeimon returns from the 12th Division
headquarters, Tōsen mentions that he is late. Todō apologizes and tells
him that he will relieve him but Tōsen states that is not necessary as
the three of them are there so they will all keep watch.Shortly Tōsen and the other 9th division are attacked and seemingly
killed by some unknown assailant.

It is later revealed that Tōsen was behind the betrayal of the 9th
Division having stabbed Kensei in the back and killed Kasaki, Shinobu Eishima and Todō, who were accompanying Kensei. He
subsequently subdued the team sent to locate the missing 9th Division members
using his Bankai. When captain Shinji
of the 5th Division, asks him why he betrayed his
captain. He is surprised to be answered by his own lieutenant Sōsuke Aizen, who states that Tōsen didn't betray anyone,
because he is very faithful, and he just faithfully followed his orders.

After Aizen explains what has happened to Shinji he orders Tōsen to
finish off those left. Tōsen critically attacks Hiyori Sarugaki and Shinji who in mid-Hollowfication, goes
to attack him but Tōsen blocks and leaps away, he then asks Aizen what
he should do and Aizen gives him leave to finish Shinji off. The two
battle with Shinji gaining the upper hand when he knocks Tōsen down
sending him crashing into the ground below. Tōsen gets up exhausted and
apologizes to Aizen promising he will finish him off shortly, but Aizen
dismisses it and tells him it is okay and decides to take out his
captain himself.

Kisuke Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi arrive to stop Aizen from dispatching his captain. Aizen proceeded to leave
the scene of the crime with his henchmen, stating that "there's nothing
more to do there". To stop them from retreating, Tessai performed a
high-level Kidō spell against them, only to be countered by Aizen's own,
allowing them to escape.

Much later on in the day when Kenpachi Zaraki came into Seireitei
and killed the former captain of the 11th Division, ever since that day, Tōsen saw Kenpachi as a
monster who served no purpose but to create chaos and would eventually
break the tenuous peace of Soul Society.

Tōsen later becomes captain of the 9th division. During this time, he
becomes a mentor to Shūhei Hisagi. One day, after Hisagi leads a a field lesson
on performing the Konsō with Freshman Class One, which ends with a group
of giant hollows taking the class by surprise. However, the event
scares him to the point where he is afraid whenever he unsheathes his
blade. Tōsen responds that "it is for that very reason Hisagi must
strive to become a seated officer." He further explains that the most important thing for a soldier is not
power but a heart that knows its limitations.

At some point during their captaincy, Tōsen, Aizen, and Ichimaru
secretly visit Baraggan Luisenbarn, King of Hueco Mundo and Lord of Las
Noches. When a large Hollow attacks Aizen, Tōsen steps in and kills the
creature with very little effort. Baraggan then welcomes them to his
palace of Las Noches. Tōsen comments that it's interesting that Baraggan
calls a place without walls or a ceiling a palace, asking if it's a
joke on his part. Baraggan plainly states that he has no need for a
ceiling, as he is a king and the very sky of Hueco Mundo is the roof of
his palace. Aizen chides Tōsen and tells him he didn't want to get into
an argument. Aizen tries to convince Baraggan to join him. Baraggan
laughs and tells Aizen that there is no one higher than him. Aizen
releases his Zanpakutō and shows Ichimaru and Tōsen decimating
Baraggan's army.

The Rest is History....

RP Sample: Not Needed

Zanpakuto Information
Release Phrase: Cry
In its sealed state, Suzumushi looks like a regular Katana. The crossguard is in a
tear-drop shape, with the base of the drop arcing over the top of the
blade, and the point of the drop pointing below the cutting edge. A row
of several tiny tear-drop shaped holes decorates the bottom of the
curve, and a small ring, maybe 2" in diameter, dangles off the tip of
the tear-drop. The ring itself plays a vital role in the activation of
Tōsen's Bankai. It is unknown whether this is the Zanpakutō of Tōsen's
own soul or the one he took from the grave of his friend.

Unlike most Zanpakutō, Suzumushi has two Shikai commands, each producing
a unique automatic effect.


Suzumushi Nishiki: Benihikō (清虫二式紅飛蝗, Cricket 2nd Movement:
Crimson Flying Locusts
; Viz "Bell Bug Type Two: Flying
Locust"): Suzumushi's technique which changes Suzumushi into its
Benihikō form. Suzumushi vibrates momentarily and, after Tōsen moves the
blade around him in a circle, a trail appears from the sword's path.
The trail turns into hundreds of blades that rain down on his opponents.

Shikai Special Ability
: Suzumushi maintains its
form of a regular katana. Suzumushi's release command is "Cry"
(鳴け, nake), which has the automatic effect of projecting a
high-pitched tone over a wide area, overloading the hearing of anyone in
range and knocking them unconscious. (This comparatively humane and
painless technique fits with Tōsen's self-presentation as a proponent of
The ring tone is produced by the vibration of Suzumushi, which Tōsen
used to free his sword from the chains of Hisagi's Kazeshini.

Suzumushi maintains its form of a regular katana, though without the
small ring.

Tōsen holds up his sword in his right hand, and places his left palm
against the ring on his crossguard. The ring begins to spin as it
releases spiritual energy the faster it spins the circle then grows
bigger and bigger till its the same height as Tōsen. The ring then
splits into 10 large glowing rings that encircle around Tōsen. With a
slash of his sword the circles go flying to various corners forming a
circle perimeter of a large area. Once in position they begin to
generate a black void which grows in size till it creates a large, black
dome centered at Tōsen's location and anchored to the ground with 10
rings. The dome creates a vacuum that nullifies the senses of spiritual
energy, sight, sound, and scent; what Tōsen calls Mumyō (ignorance). The
only sense they retain is that of touch. Unlike with some Zanpakutō's,
Suzumushi does not convert itself into the massive dome that it
materializes during Bankai. Instead, the dome serves as a separate
extension of Suzumushi itself, allowing Tōsen to still wield its sealed
form to be used as a weapon while inside the dome, but cannot use its
abilities. The technique's main shortcoming is that anyone touching
Suzumushi's hilt, not just Tōsen himself, is immune to the dome's
effects, so anyone able to grab Suzumushi recovers their senses. The
dome only exists as long as Tōsen wills it too or if he happens to
become seriously injured, in either circumstance the dome shreds apart
and dissipates


Name: Unknown
Power Augmentation: While wearing the mask, Tōsen's Hollow
powers supplement his Shinigami powers, giving him a vast increase in
both strength and speed.

Enhanced Strength: While wearing his Hollow mask, Tōsen
has shown that he has greater strength, which he uses to effortlessly
block Tenken and kick Komamura, sending him crashing into the buildings
Enhanced Speed: While wearing his Hollow mask, Tōsen has
shown enhanced speed, which he uses to overwhelm Hisagi and Komamura.
High Speed Regeneration: While wearing his Hollow mask,
Tōsen is able to heal his mangled arm to the point where it does not
show any signs that it was injured.

Hollow Mask Appearance: Tōsen's Hollow mask covers most of his head, neck and throat with the
exception of small hole in the back for his hair. It has a plain smooth
white surface with the only feature being a bilateral line down the
middle, separating the mask into two portions. Tōsen's outfit also
changes: he loses the orange strap upon his shoulder and gains a chest
plate and a pair of small slim shoulder guards with designs similar to
his mask.
It is able to open up at the mouth area. When it does, vertical lines
appear on the top and bottom, giving it the look of teeth.


  • Resurrección: Suzumushi Hyakushiki:
    Grillar Grillo
    (鈴虫百式狂枷蟋蟀 [グリジャル・グリージョ], Gurijaru Gurījo;
    Spanish for "Cricket Hundredth Ceremony: Chirping Cricket,"Japanese
    for "Cricket Hundredth Ceremony: Lunatic Shackles Cricket")
    The release causes Tōsen to become enveloped in darkness, transforming
    him into a bestial Hollow-like form. In this form, he becomes
    hunched-over and his entire body is covered in black fur, with a large
    Hollow hole in his torso. He also possesses four insect-like arms with
    clawed hands. Out of the hunch on his back are two large long spiral
    horns, each adorned near the points with two rings with chains hanging
    from them. His head takes the form similar to a cricket with a bilateral
    line running down the center, with large bulbous eyes (which allows him
    sight) and large rings hanging from the side protrusions. At the bottom
    of the head is a small opening where his mouth is, which he also has
    jagged teeth. He has a long bushy tail and a double pair of insect

  • Resurrección Special Ability: In this form, Tōsen
    has enhanced versions of his sound-based abilities.

  • Immense Strength: Tōsen's Resurrección grants him
    increase strength, as he could grab hold of Sajin Komamura's Bankai
    when it attacks him and crush a portion of its blade with one hand.[60]

  • Los Nueve Aspectos (九相輪殺 (ロス・ヌウェベ・アスペクトス), Rosu
    Nuwebe Asupekutosu
    ; Spanish for "The Nine Aspects", Japanese
    for "Nine Pagoda Finials Kill"): Tōsen draws circles in the air
    with his claws, causing a massive burst of sound-based concussive force
    to reverberate out with crushing power. The strength of this technique
    is such that it is capable of dealing a fatal blow to Sajin Komamura's Bankai with relative ease.[61]

Cero: Tōsen gains the ability to generate two Ceros
in front of each of his eyes that is attached to each other similar to Cero Sincrético in its first stage.
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Approved ^^

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