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 Yuuki/Yuuko Feralis (WIP)

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PostSubject: Yuuki/Yuuko Feralis (WIP)   Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:27 pm

Bount Applications

Character Information

Name: Yuuki Feralis & Yuuko Feralis
Alias/Nicknames: Yuu
Gender: Male & Female
Age: 900
Visual Age: 18
Birthday: July 17th
Birthplace: Germany
Natural Race: German
Family/Relatives: Juugo Feralis & Juugi Feralis
Likes: Pizza, Shinigami Souls, Juugo/Juugi, Katharine, Sex
Dislikes: People who hurt Kathy and Juugo, Shinigami, Arrancar,
Fears: Being Alone and losing Kathy and Juugo
Goals/Dreams: To Forever help her brother and Kathy.


Female Version (Yuuki)

Male Version (Yuuko)

Personality: For the most part yuuki is a outgoing girl and tends to be on the receiving end of Jugi/Jugo's plots and always a follower. Yuuko is more resillient in his resistences to his brother/sister, but in the end always falls to his brothers resillience. Yuuko is shy, but also perverted but he likes to hit on beautiful women. Yuuki enjoys doing the same though its less serious.

Background: Born and raised in, what would be currently, Berlin, Germany. Along side her twin brother Juugo she would become one of the more predominate bount figures later in life. She discovered her powers to feed off souls when she one day got picked on by a older boy for not wanting to have sex with him. Juugo beat the shit out of him and sucked his soul out with a sinister look about them. Yuuki was scared, but Juugo guarunteed that nothing would happen to them and that everything would be alright.

It was around this time their powers as bounts surfaced, they began to study bounts and learn more about them. They found out that they had the powers to change their gender by touching each other, and more importantly they learned that every bount had a special type of weapon called a Doll. These dolls would protect and be their friend, or so the book said. So they searched out ways to form their dolls. Eventually they succeeded in creating their dolls, which they promptly named Lieselotte and Karlheinz.

Years passed and they slowly began to realize that they were truly alone in the fact that neither of them had anyone. So they began to experiment amongst themselves and became rather close to each other. Eventually becoming lovers with eachother, however this didn't go well with their personality so they sought out a third lover to spend their time with. Eventually they came across a woman named Katharine that they found in Karakura town. This gave them the chance to get rather close with this woman...

Character Abilities

Name: Gender Swap
Description: Using this ability Yuuki and Juugo can change to their alternates Yuuko and Juugi or vice versa. It is required that the user touch their twin so that their body changes. The user must firmly place their hands against the chest of the other and Once done the user will change from male to female or female to male.
Build Up: N/A
Cool Down: N/A

Character Equipment

Name: Seiryuu Lance
Description: A Powerful lance that allows the user to absorb Reiatsu, once absorbed with Reiatsu the blade becomes sharp enough to cut through anything and a very deadly weapon
Special Attributes: Reiatsu Absorption.

Doll Information

Dolls Name: Lieselotte
Dolls Age: 800
Dolls Gender: Female
Dolls Birthday: July 21st
Doll Release Phrase: Ihre Augen öffnen, Lieselotte (Open their Eyes, Lieselotte)
Likes: Yuuki/Yuuko, Juugo/Juugi, Fighting, Kharlheinz
Dislikes: Kathy, Yuuki & Juugo's Attitudes.
Goals/Dreams: To serve Yuuki until the end of time and make her happy.


Personality: For the most part she is like Kharl, she is serious and for the most part condescending towards the attitudes that Yuuki and Juugo have. With how they sleep around and do nothing but want to have sex she has to work hard and train the two 'fools' as she calls them. Though deep down she finds that she wants to protect them and care for them as if they were her own children.

Background With Master: WIP

Doll Abilities

Build Up:
Cool Down:

Build Up:
Cool Down:

Build Up:
Cool Down:

Build Up:
Cool Down:

Doll Equipment

Name: Sword of Peace
Description: A Long and powerful sword that grows stronger the more reaitsu that the Seiryuu Lance Absorbs.
Special Attributes: N/A

Roleplay Sample
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Yuuki/Yuuko Feralis (WIP)
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