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 Yuuki Ishiyama (complete)

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Yuuki Ishiyama/Kokkai


PostSubject: Yuuki Ishiyama (complete)   Fri May 14, 2010 10:55 am

Basic Information
Name:Yuuki Ishiyama

Special Ability (Only if you have a special Ability.)
Name: Ice manipulation
Description: She can control ice itself. for example she can create ice spears,form a sheild,or can blast a ray of ice that can freeze its target into place if struck by it. Her power is useless against fire itself.

Background and Personality
History: As a child,Yuuki was always scolded and yelled at by her parents who could never be happy for anything that she did.Even though she was a straight A student and a remarkable athlete.Her parents always said that she could do better,and they hated the fact that she didn't dress like other girls at her school did.Her Father who was a lazy drunk who grounded her for every little thing that wasn't perfect,and her mother who never even smiled at her daughter.One day Yuuki had enough and decided to run away from home when she was sixteen,raising enough money,she bought herself an apartment and moved in Karakura town with the help of her rich aunt that lived there.But when she was unpacking her things and moving it in to her apartment she was attacked by a hollow which gave her a large gash on her arm.Yuuki,furious and confused,tried to fight back but when the hollow pinned her down then she pulled her bleeding hand free did she acidently froze the arm of the hollow which instantly shattered.Howling,the hollow ran away and disappeared into the darkness.Trembling.Yuuki sat there on the enterance of the apartment,bleeding and now aware of her powers she decided to keep it a seceret when neccassary and she decided that she would try to protect whoever she can from Hollows aor anything else that posed a threat to Karakura town.Her goal is to try and live a normal life and possibly make some new friends and get a boyfriend.

Personality:Yuuki is a friendly individual with a laid back and somewhat sarcastic attitude.She loves playing sports and she hates wearing skirts and blouses.She is serious during difficult times and manages to keep calm when others aren't. Yuuki is somewhat bad tempered and will attack anyone that harms the innocent,or underestimates her because she is a female and a human she usually rarely shows her true feelings to anyone unless she is really close to the person..she does care for people if they are kind to her and those who know her true personality knows her as someone who loves to laugh,smile and make jokes.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuuki Ishiyama (complete)   Fri May 14, 2010 6:27 pm

Okay, all read. Done.
Welcome to Bleach Unified! Have fun!
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Yuuki Ishiyama (complete)
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